Museletter: Full Moon in Cancer - Opening to Inner Wisdom

Full Moon in Cancer - Opening to Inner Wisdomby Guest Astrologer, Emily Trinkaus

The Full Moon on January 19th (1:21pm PST) animates the watery, feminine, sensitive sign of Cancer, stirring up strong feelings and intuitive insights. Cancer the Crab rules the inner realm of home, family and deep emotions, and this lunation highlights what you need to feel nurtured, supported and secure.

At the Solar Eclipse on January 4th -- a super-potent New Moon -- ambitious new beginnings were set into motion. In earthy, pragmatic Capricorn, the Eclipse focused intentions on professional goals, long-term commitments, material success, and taking on greater power and authority. The Eclipse ideally served as a catalyst to activate your higher purpose, your true work in the world, and to inspire concrete steps to bring your vision into reality.

Now, the Cancer Full Moon asks: Is your outer-world mission aligned with your feelings and intuition? To effectively pursue worldly ambitions and fulfill your purpose, what kind of foundation, container, support system do you need? How can you create a balance between nurturing your personal life and achieving your goals?

Magnifying the power of this lunation, the Full Moon forms a harmonious trine (120-degree angle) with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces. Uranus is the Great Awakener, the principle of revolution and liberation, while Jupiter expands what he touches. This aspect opens the potential for flashes of intuitive awareness, magical synchronicities, and freedom from old emotional patterns and programs.

The shadow expression of all this watery energy is emotional overwhelm, leading to depression, crankiness, and the desire to escape into your favorite addictions.

Cultivate the higher expression of this Full Moon by calling in and honoring your favorite goddess; nurturing yourself and loved ones; nesting and devoting yourself to home-improvement projects; taking a long bath or otherwise communing with the water element; and, most importantly, taking time to simply feel your feelings.

emily trinkaus, guest astrologer for kathycrabbe.comEmily’s Bio

I fell in love with astrology when I was 13 and read Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. Suddenly the world made sense! I’ve been a passionate student of the cosmic science ever since. The more I learn, the more I’m humbled by its elegance, power and profound mystery. I started giving readings professionally in 1999.

I also have a background in creative arts – writing, painting and movement – and founded Portland Women Writers. I love working with other artists and writers to offer support for breaking through blocks and increasing access to the creative flow.