Money only grows when it is circulating!

Welcome to Prosperity Thinking, a money magic column written for my blog by Kate Walsh, financial planner. Kate is also a member of the Creative Soul Circle, my free social network  for women-only where you will find Kate's Money Magic thread which has already helped many women gain a better understanding of their relationship with money.

Transforming our dreams, desires and passions into our reality takes vision, commitment and money.

Many of us are great at the dream, desire and passion process and we can even envision our success, yet we seem to fall just a little short of manifesting the funds necessary to honor our commitment to ourselves and build  success.

Realizing that money and creating cash flow is about taking action by gathering information, identifying and understanding what resources will be needed. It is this action process that allows the commitment to your vision to actually manifest itself. It is not a passive process. It is about understanding how money works.

So what do women do? We network!  We then start asking our friends ”Who do you know?" Then we gather the information, do the research and analyze the information. It is all about the process of growing money. Next, we transform our new powers into our vision and then we manifest the money needed to build our dreams, fulfill our desires and realize our passions. Yes, there is much more, such as building your Vision Statement, Business and Marketing Plans, forming your organizations, finding key players to support your dream and growing money to pay for it all.

The fact is money only grows when it is circulating.  As a Financial Coach when my clients have asked me “what” to do to raise money for their business, I suggest a variety of ways, but the one that is the most fun and allows you to learn the most about money is a Money Club. I have suggested many times that my women clients form Money Club’s.  It is a great way to build financial knowledge and learn how to invest.  Use the power of the group; this is a case where “more is better.” You can build the wealth needed to fulfill all your incredible dreams, by beginning the simple process of creating a Money Club.

There are several books you can purchase online, or you can Google search to see if there is a Money Club in your community.

About Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh has been involved in the financial world for over 40 years. Kate’s passionate about her work, which is "To bring financial clarity to women, and assist them to develop Prosperity Thinking."

Kate holds numerous certifications, licenses and is committed to her personal philosophy "to be in a continual process of improvement."

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