Prosperity Thinking: March Forth

Welcome to Prosperity Thinking, a brand new column written for my blog by Kate Walsh, financial planner. Kate is also a member of the Creative Soul Circle, my free social network  for women-only where you will find Kate's Money Magic thread which has already helped many women gain a better understand of their relationship with money.
While reading "my daily dose of sanity" by Alan Cohen I was intrigued by how he changed March 4th to "March Forth."  I loved the idea of marching forth from old limited ways of thinking. Marching forth from fear and doubt and marching forth from blame and guilt.  Can you imagine yourself marching forth leaving old habits behind and marching forth to becoming who you know you are?
Think about being a visionary marching forth seeking a solution to old problems. Discovering that the only purpose of a problem is to motivate us to find an answer that will lift us beyond the consciousness that created the problem.
So, let's march forth and do what is in front of us.  Let's do the inquiry of looking upward and onward, celebrating our strengths rather than analyzing our weaknesses.
Let's march forth in our quest for abundance knowing that abundance is a state-of-mind.  It is a relationship, and this relationship grows by marching forward with our quest for success, prosperity, abundance.  When we march forth and realize "what" our relationship with money is-we can move upward and onward to achieving our desires, dreams and wishes.
So the question for today as we march forth to a better understanding is: What is your relationship to money?
Today is the day to march forth to your prosperity.
About Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh has been involved in the financial world for over 40 years. Kate’s passionate about her work, which is "To bring financial clarity to women, and assist them to develop Prosperity Thinking."

Kate holds numerous certifications, licenses and is committed to her personal philosophy "to be in a continual process of improvement."

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