Hidden Truth

Untitled. Acrylic, pastel & charcoal on canvas, 48 x 48 inches. © 2012 by Kathy Crabbe One of my best friends suggested that my newest painting series, Journey Into Intimacy is all about penises and vaginas. If so, than this latest in the series is right on target although that was not my intention when I started it.  But I can say that having one of my best friends, Tangerine Bolen, an academic activist, writer and founder of Revolution Truth stay with me for 10 days really changed my life and exposed me to the hidden, bloated underbelly of the capitalist system over-running our country; we are in a sorry state and we need to wake up. I recommend Pulitzer prize winning author, Chris Hedge's book Death of the Liberal Class and his Truth Dig column to get you going.

All we have, as Vaclav Havel writes, is our own powerlessness. And that powerlessness is our strength. The survival of the (Occupy) movement depends on embracing this powerlessness. It depends on two of our most important assets—utter and complete transparency and a rigid adherence to nonviolence, including respect for private property. This permits us, as Havel puts it in his 1978 essay “The Power of the Powerless,” to live in truth. And by living in truth we expose a corrupt corporate state that perpetrates lies and lives in deceit. ~ Chris Hedges, Occupy Draws Strength from the Powerless