Love Happens

Kathy Crabbe, Love happens, 2013, pen on paper, 5 x 6.5”.Grimlet says: "Love Happens"

Welcome to my newest offering: Kill the Darlings! (kicking against the pricks) - a comic-surreal about love, floating marshmallows, souls-in-the-machine, knees and healing. More coming soon!

Grimlet was inspired by my recent visit to Los AngelesKathy at Mohawk Bend to take in the Giant Robot Biennale at the Japanese American Museum, the Giotto exhibit at the Getty, an art opening in Chinatown at L2Kontemporary featuring the work of Simone Gad called Facades and Exploding Fu-Dogs plus I purchased some pens and paper at Kinokuniya Bookstore  in Little Tokyo (I like drawing in public - see photo to the right) and last but not least it was a weekend to celebrate twenty years of wedded bliss - yes indeed.

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Sketching at Mohawk Bend, Echo Park >