Snake-Charmer (Chinese Year of the Snake)

Kathy Crabbe, Snake Charmer, 2013, ink, pastel & gouache on paper, 5 x 7”.The Year of the Snake begins on the new Moon of February 9, 2013.* The snake is a universal symbol of healing and rebirth. The Chinese Serpent Goddess, Nu Kua, formed the first people using yellow clay from the banks of the Yellow River. Because of Serpent's wisdom, Serpent year is a time of introspection, planning, and seeking answers.

If you were born in a Snake year (2012, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929, 1917, 1905) you are extremely determined and strive for success. You accomplish goals through careful planning and calculations, like a coiled Serpent waiting for the exact time to strike. You will follow your desires regardless of circumstances. You are also enchanting, creative, spiritual, attractive, and talented. A Snake can be very sociable when she wants to be, but can appear cool and aloof at times; she won't reveal her thoughts to just anyone.

*The Chinese New Year begins on the 2nd new Moon after Winter Solstice.

Excerpted from the We'Moon Datebook 2013.

*Image pictured above by Kathy Crabbe: Snake Charmer, 2013, ink, pastel & gouache on paper, 5 x 7”.  Prints and cards available here.