Is there a Facebook Anonymous?

Is there a Facebook Anonymous like AA? If not, I'd like to start one. Have you found that many of your friends are addicted to Facebook? I know I am, and so are many of my friends and friends of friends and so on. I'm looking for insight. Suggestions:

  1. Close Facebook NOW
  2. Blog instead (why give FB all your precious time and insight if you've got your own site?)
  3. Turn off the computer or your phone
  4. Start a Facebook Anonymous group
  5. If nothing works, try picking up a stone (any kind) & hold onto it until you feel centered and grounded

Happy Ostara! (my garden in spring)

Spring Cactus photo by Kathy Crabbe

My favorite (Ted Talk) videos of the week:

This video is very moving.

This one made some interesting points that I could definitely relate to.

Happy Easter! (my favorite sacred cave near my home)

Kathy Crabbe: Sacred Goddess Cave