Winter bird

Cactus Flower photo by artist Kathy Crabbe, Southern California I'm originally from the Far North ie. Canada, and not so far North really...just above Lake Ontario. We called it the 'banana belt' because we didn't get that much snow or super cold weather, but still, it was winter there for a looong time; it could snow as early as late October and as late as early May, at least when I lived there before 1992.

Since then I've been blessed to find myself in Southern California where winters are not really winters and most of the trees don't change colour. Seasons are less evident here and (inland) we rarely get snow and when we do people run outside in wonder and amazement.

This morning as I looked out over yet another beautiful, blue, sunny sky and enjoyed my cactus' first flower of the year (see photo above) I could feel my roots crying out; 'where are you...when will you return home?'  and I'd like to answer by saying, 'soon, soon, I will return'.  But for now the best I can do is paint from my roots and so I present to you today's Lefty: Winter Bird. To me she has a bit of an Inuit feel (the Inuit do live in the true North, close to the pole) and I'm a very big fan of their printmaking and sculpture.

Winter bird painting in gouache by artist Kathy Crabbe

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