Butterfly Girl

Last weekend I was reading a fashion magazine (ummm...actually, reading isn't quite the right word for it!) and noticed that the new spring collections featured alot of butterflies so I decided to paint a young girl and her new friend; a butterfly of no particular kind (i made it up) but it does have the colours of a Monarch although not the shape of one.  This painting was created with acrylics on reclaimed pine board and I've also painted a matching wooden necklace to go with it. Both are available in my shop: http://KathyCrabbeArt.com ~ Enjoy! Butterfly Girl paiinting and necklace on wood by Kathy Crabbe


Kathy Crabbe author box


I am a self taught intuitive artist currently living and working in the desert valley of Southern California surrounded by ancient oaks and an elfin forest. I live in a home created by my husband that we share with our cat and dog, Abby and Spartacus. Gnomes, aliens and fairies have also been spotted here. I’ve been drawing since age two and giving intuitive soul readings since 2008.