Artists Around the World Blog-Hop

I am honoured to participate in this blog hop featuring artists around the world. I was invited by talented artist and intuitive reader Adrienne Vita along with the illustrator Marta Berk to participate. Why do I create what I do?

I never know exactly what it is I'm about to create next actually. I let spirit guide me and am often surprised by what comes out, but this is all part of the creative process, non? I do know that whatever I create is exactly what i need at that moment to grow my creative soul.

kathy crabbe creative soul reading

How does my creative process work?

My creative work anchors me to the Divine and is often exactly what i need to help guide me along my path emotionally and intuitively.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Which work? I have so many different styles: cartooney...abstract...detailed realism...whimsical children's book illustration style...etc.

LuLu in Laguna art prints by Kathy Crabbe

Trois Soeurs by Kathy Crabbe

bring you back (FARMGIRL) by Kathy Crabbe

For Per by Kathy Crabbe (48x48 inches)

What am I presently working on?

Currently I'm developing a new class called "Awaken Your Creative Soul"; a creative, spiritual class where students create affirmation cards using their non dominant hand along with moon collages! I find that developing a class and teaching is an incredibly rich and satisfying experience creatively. I also continue to create more 'lefty' drawings combined with collaged words/phrases that may end up being published in upcoming Creative Soul decks that I hope to put out every year. I also channel healing songs, affirmations and Creative Soul Challenges and Body Movement exercises every New and Full Moon to accompany a Creative Soul Card chosen specifically for that Moon and shared with my class.

Inspiration counts by Kathy Crabbe

Who inspires me to create?

The Divine spark within. Two blogs or artists that inspire me:

Francesco Clemente: Inspired by India ~ his latest exhibit at the Rubin Museum.

francesco clemente

An inspiring quote:

When in doubt, twirl!" (by modern dance pioneer Ted Shawn).

Up next

I recently discovered the beautiful green goddess inspired photography and jewelry of Astara Lak'ech and would like to invite everyone to hop on over to Astara's Sacred Spirit of Gaia blog as we continue on with the worldwide artist blog-hop ~ enjoy and please support artists everywhere!