Gemini Full Moon ~ Pink Sweater Cuddle-Party

Relax...Calm...Quiet...Peace This is what I'm most in need of now and I bet you are to!

So, to celebrate this Gemini Full Moon, instead of a Geminian mindblast (all in good fun, of course) we're going to use our minds to induce calm. How does that sound? p.s. The material within this post was all channeled specifically by me for this Full Moon and if you're interested in experiencing the Body Movement Challenge pls. sign up for my free Facebook Circle here.

aquamarine sphereGemini's Stone: Aquamarine ~ A Healing Song

O Great Mother O Proud Papa Bless this work I do now May we sing and dance in Your name. For God/dess is Good. Show us the way, the path of Peace a place where dreams are all fulfilled Let us sing (repeat).

Pink Sweater by Kathy Crabbe

Today's Full Moon in Gemini Creative Soul Card: Sometimes all we really need is a big pink sweater

Believe. Believe in you.

This is the Full Moon in Gemini ~ what is fruiting for you right now?  Are you happy? Give thanks. And lastly, thank yourself for being in tune with the Moon, the flow and the Divine wisdom you are a part of just by being present in celebration and ritual RIGHT NOW. Blessed Be.

For me: What is fruiting for me right now is my brand new job as a psychic reader at Gypsy Luv in Pomona plus my brand new meetup group ~ Moon-Circles and the students/Moon Musers who have already signed up for my Dec. 19th Moon-Circle (Temecula) and for my Dec. 21 Creative Soul Class (San Diego) where we will honour the New Moon and the Winter Solstice. Plus, the 2 art exhibits I just got into; the first on Jan. 27th at Crush and Brew's Artist Showcase (Temecula) and the 2nd at Art off the Walls first Friday event (Feb.) in Temcula's Truax Bldg. plus my Dec. showing of original mermaid silk paintings at Girl in the Curl, Dana Point. WHEW!!!! That's alot. And yes, I'm very happy, but also really in need of this Moon Circle and time spent writing, channeling, musing. Thank you thank you thank you with all my heart and soul!

Moon Circle Altar Suggestions from my Goddess Zodiac Playbook

  • Color: yellow, silver, pale green
  • Gemstone: agate, aquamarine, beryl
  • Plant/Tree: chestnut, hazel, nut bearing trees
  • Herb/Spice: aniseed, caraway, marjoram
  • Food: nuts, peas
  • Animal Spirit: butterfly, deer, monkey
  • Tarot Card: lovers
  • Goddess: Feng P'O P'O, Hina, Iris, Tatsua-Hime


Moon Circles & Classes

  • Catch the latest updates & RSVP at Moon-Circles (my brand new meetup group)
  • Yoga For Life Temecula ~ 3rd Fridays New Moon Circle ~ 6:30-7:30 pm (luv donation)
  • Mount San Jacinto College, Menifee Campus ~ Intro on Feb. 7 (Sat), 2015 from 10am-11pm and 4 week Class from February 28 – March 21 (Sat) from 10am-1pm
  • Inspire San Diego Studio ~ 3rd Sundays New Moon Creativity Class from 1-4 pm

In-Person or by Phone ~ Soul Readings/Past Life Readings/Astrology

  • Gypsy Luv, Pomona (Mon. and Thursdays starting soon)
  • By phone ~ email me (I just got my land line back for this very reason)

Art Exhibits

  • Dec 2014 ~ Girl in the Curl, Dana Point ~ original mermaid silk paintings in hand painted frames
  • Jan 27, 2015 evening ~ Crush & Brew, Temecula ~ Featured Artist ~ I'll be bringing my Moon Goddess art & cards
  • Feb 6, 2015  evening ~ First Fridays Off The Walls, Truax Bldg., Temecula, California ~ I'll be bringing my Moon Goddess art & cards

Find Kathy’s Art at These Shops Chakra Shack * Laguna Beach Karma Boutique * San Diego Girl in the Curl * San Clemente  NEW ~ Original Silk Mermaids Dec. only Mermaids * Carlsbad Mermaids * San Clemente  NEW! The Cat House * Calgary

Creative Soul Moon Circle on Facebook This is a public group on Facebook for creative souls seeking a spiritual and intuitive community of like-minds. Click here to join and yes, it’s free of charge. For the Gemini Full Moon I'll be sharing a Creative Soul Expressive Body Movement Challenge for those interested.


Where's the Moon? Gemini Full Moon ~ Dec. 6, 4:27 am PST

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