Full Moon in Aries Art Update + Oct. Cat GIVEAWAY!

Since it is the Full Moon in Aries and Aries just LOVES to start something new I'm super excited to tell you about a new project I'm working on so that you can be in the loop from the beginning and perhaps even get inspired to try it out for yourself.

A shamanic classmate of mine invited me to join Patreon recently to help her and her partner get their new fantasy inspired graphic novel off the ground. Patreon is an ongoing crowd-sourced funding platform that allows supporters or Patrons to donate anywhere from $1 and up monthly in exchange for awesome goodies such as: digital downloads, tutorials, q & a sessions, original art, prints, private calls, online group sessions or hangouts, glimpses behind the scene, input opportunities, studio visits, etc. - the sky's the limit. This kind of ongoing support allows the creator to fund their project(s) and expand upon it based upon pre-determined outcomes and goals.

So, this past weekend as I was pulling some oracle cards I determined that Patreon could very well work for a new zine (illustrated book) subscription service I'm working on featuring monthly collections of my art and writing. The first issue would be titled "If Your Spirit Animal Could Speak" (Subtitle: "Plus Charms To Help Find Them"). If you're interested, KEWL - email me! At this stage I'm just gaging interest levels.

Here are the latest originals from the Spirit Animal Series which are for sale in my shop or by clicking the images below.

More News
My watercolor "Trois Soeurs" (3 Sisters) was recently published in the Creative Cronies 2016 Moon Calendar and is now available in my shop.

HUGE Cat Print Sale + FREE Shipping
These are the last of my silk art cat prints which were all painted in Laguna Beach, California. Once they're gone they're gone! You can find all 19 designs in my Etsy Shop in 3 sizes.

October Cat Silk Art Print GIVEAWAY!
Sign up here to be entered in a raffle for October Cat, an 8.5 x 11 print of a silk painting. If you're interested in purchasing this print it also comes in 2 other sizes with mats here in my Etsy Shop.

Oracle Deck Update
I'm still working hard on finishing my Lefty Oracle Deck and am shooting to have the Deck and Guidebook written and the images finished and ready for proofing by the end of October. For more info please check out my Lefty Deck page or my Instagram for daily pix.

Soul Readings: To purchase a soul reading, past life reading, astrology report or ancestor reading please click here.

Sparkly Blessings!
Kathy Crabbe

About Kathy Crabbe

Kathy Crabbe has been an artist and writer forever and a soul reader since awakening her intuitive gifts at age forty after five years painting with her non-dominant left hand. This awoke her intuition in a big way. In 2008 she created a Lefty Oracle deck and started giving intuitive soul readings that have touched many lives in profound and playful ways. Kathy lives in sunny Southern California with her pet muses and architect husband in an adobe-style home they built themselves.

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