Kathy Crabbe, Carya (detail), 2014, mixed media on paper, 7×10” - See more at:

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I am a self taught artist currently living and working in the desert valley of Southern California surrounded by ancient oaks and an elfin forest. Gnomes, aliens and fairies have been spotted on my property. I live with my husband, cat and dog in a home hand built and designed by my husband. I’ve been an artist since age two and a professional Soul Reader since age 40.

Star Cat

I painted Star Cat on pine board cut by my husband; a very nice soft and light wood to paint on and to ship! Most of my paintings were painted with metallic and iridescent paints which can never be fully appreciated online so hopefully you will get to see them in person one day, or when you purchase one! Star Cat is from a city on Planet Flutonius devoted to raising cats to be Totem Animals and Guides for the Dream Priestesses, mystics and magicians who live in Athanet.  The strange objects surrounding Star Cat are emitting EMF's (electro magnetic frequencies) which will attune the cat's nervous system to a higher frequency so it can perform it's magical function with greater ease and speed.

Star Cat acrylic painting on wood by Kathy Crabbe

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I am a self taught intuitive artist currently living and working in the desert valley of Southern California surrounded by ancient oaks and an elfin forest. I live in a home hand built and designed by my husband that we share with our cat and dog, Abby and Spartacus. Gnomes, aliens and fairies have been spotted here. I’ve been drawing since age two and giving intuitive soul readings since age 40.


Abraxia & Ceanothus: A Planet Flutonius Tale

After I finished this watercolor it still seemed incomplete and so I began writing a story to accompany it. I may continue on with this story, or I may not...I've already got another painting in the works, but it's also from the Planet Flutonius Series. Take note folks, a new series is born! Kathy Crabbe, Abraxia & Ceanothus, 2014, mixed media on paper, 7x10”.

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Abraxia & Ceanothus Part 1

Abraxia and Ceanothus the magickal feline were a pair. They lived in the women-only section of Athanet, a small city of mystics, healers, magicians, elven cat people (called catwifs) and humans on the deep purple-coloured planet called Flutonius. Abraxia had been groomed since birth to become a Dream Priestess for her people; her magickal powers had been evident since birth, but not accessible until her initiation at age sixteen. Abraxia lived apart from her people so that she could devote herself completely to the intense preparatory rituals and study involved in this important task. She was the only Dream Priestess of her age, and only one of two on the planet.

Each day Abraxia sat before her bruling bowl which was steaming with essential oils prepared for her by the Healers of Flutonius to stimulate and balance both sides of her brain so that their latent magickal powers would be in complete harmony when they manifested. Abraxia and her long-lived Power Animal and Sacred Geometry Teacher named Ceanothus would soon be fulfilling their destiny but without a moment to spare since Flutonious’ current Dream Priestess was deathly ill with a mysterious disease that not even the Healers could cure.

Although planet Earth had been quarantined since 2021, humans had been secretly inter-breeding with off-planetary beings since the 1980’s in preparation for just this sort of thing. Abraxia was a product of this inter-breeding. Her mother was an Elfin Priestess from Flutonious which had been (secretly) discovered by the American government in the 1990’s. Her father was human, an engineer and magician with advanced degrees in both magick and electrical engineering.

There were three Guardians; a cat person, a magician and a healer that conferred regularly about Abraxia’s growing abilities. They were able to monitor her progress through remote viewing via the bruling bowl which was set to heat and emit healing magickal steam for 1 hour 8 minutes twice a day at 8 am and 8 pm. During this time Abraxia fell into a deep dream state, often with eyes wide open during which very ancient and guarded secret teachings were imparted to her. Ceanothus helped by gently sitting in Abraxia’s lap purring in tune with Abraxia’s heartbeat which became slower and slower until it was barely noticeable. This was when the deepest of deep secrets were imparted to her.

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