I'm Published in the 2019 Moon Diary! By the Creative Cronies of New Zealand

Creative Cronies 2019 Moon Diary

Creative Cronies 2019 Moon Diary

Two of my illustrations will appear in the 2019 Creative Cronies Moon Diary - Woohoo! This is a delightful New Zealand publication that I am so proud to be a part of. It includes astrological predictions & guidance. gardening by the Moon, inspiring art, and Mayan Calendar Ninth Wave Spiritual Days and Nights.

About Creative Cronies ~ Minerva, Arafelle and Robyn

Besides compiling the Moon Calendar and Moon Diary, astrologers Arafelle and Minerva live on co-operatively owned land in the Far North. Robyn lives in the Coromandel. We all three produce the Moon Calendar and Moon Diary and are now celebrating our 27th year of production. We feel it is a gift from the Goddess and it is our privilege to have an avenue to present some understanding and astrological guidance in these tumultuous and transformative times.

Click here for the 2019 Moon Diary/Calendar