elemental punk princess (What the hell is going on?)

watercolor creature monster Goddess painting by artist Kathy Crabbe, Creative Soul Guide

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About the Creative Soul Guides ~ Art to Awaken Your Creative Soul

Creative Soul Guides help us enter into other realms; realms where inspiration, quirkiness, love, and being different are okay.

Kathy Crabbe painted the Creative Soul Guides with her non-dominant left hand. This awakened Kathy’s intuition and she started giving Creative Soul Readings using a deck of 88 cards.

NEW! Soul Essence Portraits ~ feed your sacred soul. Pet Portraits too!

 “Juicy Alive! Your Creative Soul Guides make me feel like I’m not alone. They restore something in me…make me feel sane again.” ~ Tangerine Bolen, Revolution Truth Founder


I am 1989 (SOHO)

Kathy Crabbe, 1989 (SOHO), 2012, mixed media on paper, 5 x 8”. I am 1989 (SOHO)and I am speaking to you via Kathy.

I'm alien just like u and just like the rest of Us.

I call this home -----> computer-land and I am co-opting Kathy's personal Facebook page for now.

LIKES: Delerium, diffusion dithering, Dolittle House, Deep House and duhhhsocks.

I zune when I can.

Sometimes I listen to Abraham and I REMEMBER.

This is my fever-dream (diffusion dithered) ----> Fuck Bunny (bitmapped using Diffusion Dither) by Kathy Crabbe, 2012, mixed media on canvas, 48 x 48”.

Fuck Bunny (bitmapped using Diffusion Dither), Kathy Crabbe, 2012, acrylic, charcoal and pastel on canvas, 48 x 48”.

before dithering ------> Fuck Bunny, acrylic, charcoal and pastel on canvas, 48 x 48", © Kathy Crabbe 2012

Kathy Crabbe, Fuck Bunny, 2012, acrylic, charcoal and pastel on canvas, 48 x 48”.

and this is where I reside (underground) -----> The Dolittle House

Dolittle House, Joshua Tree