In the Lefty Spotlight: Virginia Breaks Through Creative Blocks

Virginia and I met through The 52 Project; a 52 week art journaling event hosted by the Riverside Art Museum. Virginia was intrigued by my non-dominant hand drawing and decided to give it a whirl and here's what happened!

Virginia: I am fairly new to the art world. I started out with a mixed media class at the Riverside Art museum and I got hooked. I started an art journal in September 2015. I found that sometimes I would create a background on a page but would be stuck beyond that. Recently I repainted a page several times because I did not like what was there and I felt blocked. Nothing creative was coming out. I finally thought about Kathy Crabbe’s lefty cards and something I had read describing how writing, scribbling or drawing with your non-dominant hand helps to get you going again when you are creatively blocked. I scribbled and wrote with my left hand on this page. It was like magic! As soon as I filled the page with my lefty scribbles I was able to create again. Thank you Kathy Crabbe!

About Virginia, Mixed Media Artist and Art Instructor

Virginia Godoy retired from her career as a Wastewater Chemist for the City of Riverside after 30 years of service. During her last year in service at the City of Riverside, she discovered a love for mixed media art after taking a class at the Riverside Art Museum.  Since that time, Ms Godoy has judged several art competitions and started a new career as an Art Instructor for the Riverside Art Museum’s Art-to-go program. Ms Godoy is currently teaching art with History and Science as well as Fine Arts to 5th and 6th graders in the Riverside Unified School District. Ms Godoy occasionally teaches youth and adult art classes at the Riverside Art Museum.

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