The Night Speaks: Purple Nightshade Goddess painting

I hadn't painted in a while, but last night I had some time to myself and felt inspired to paint a night Goddess.  I'm also thinking ahead; cause I've got 2 art shows coming up and I'd like to have some brand new Moon Goddess paintings to show off.  When my friend Tony heard about my new painting and it's title "The Night Speaks" he asked if she could perhaps be a Nightshade Fairy or Goddess and methinks she is; her hair matches the wild purple Nightshade growing in my front yard (pictured below). The Night Speaks by Kathy Crabbe

Nightshade Lore: Deadly Nightshade also known as belladonna, is one of the more dangerous herbes of the practitioner. It was Deadly Nightshade which Juliet took as a potion, and brought sorrow and death to herself and was also used to invoke Bellona, and other Goddesses of War..may be used to invoke Circe, and is the appropriate herb to consecrate ritual tools made of lead...may be used in the consecration and charging of onyx. They do well stored together. ~ The Master Book of Herbalism by Paul Beyerl

Deadly Nightshade & Abby-girl

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