A Leo Eclipse Healing Insights Exercise

This eclipse in Leo is a big deal. The unconscious, hidden side of life is coming to the surface now and this can help accelerate the beginning or ending of something important in your life.

I channeled this exercise to help you find healing, wholeness and holiness during this important time.

A Healing Insights Exercise Using the 5 Elements

During this Leo New Moon and Solar Eclipse it's a perfect time to go within and ask your body, mind and soul: "What needs healing?"

You can work your way through the 5 elements while using their power to help you in the search for healing, wholeness and holiness.

The 5 Elements are: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit.

During your meditation approach each element and ask for healing guidance in regards to any issues that relate to that element. Here are examples from my own life along with the healing guidance I received. I hope by sharing my own story that it will inspire you to do the same.

Earth Element: I wish to be more present.

Earth Healing Guidance: Be in the moment more by unhooking from social media in the morning and instead sit on my front porch with my husband and enjoy the birds, trees and sky.

Air Element: I wish for greater focus.

Air Healing Guidance: This moonth my focus will be starting construction and renovations on our property along with landscaping. There won't be much time for anything else so I need to focus on that as well as on my clients and painting (if time permits).

Fire Element: I wish to follow my passion.

Fire Healing Guidance: Since I'll be uber busy and exhausted from construction I will not be able to fully focus on my passions this month, but I will find a way to paint whenever I can because I must, that is a given.

Water Element: I wish to love with all my heart.

Water Healing Guidance: Because this is a Leo New Moon, it's FULL of passion, so I will use this energy to open my heart even wider by listening to it and paying attention and by asking the Divine, my guides and ancestors for extra guidance in helping me to be passionate and in love and open to new joys and old and to be quiet in this love so I can truly absorb and appreciate life.

Spirit Element: (personal).

Possible Difficulties I May Encounter

  • Social Media distraction
  • Exhaustion
  • Working in the heat outdoors

I Will Find Healing Through

  • Awareness learned in doing the above
  • Focusing on passion, not distraction
  • Asking for Divine Guidance
  • Sharing practicality and passion online

If the Healing Process above has helped you in any way you may want to consider a Soul Reading to bring more clarity, healing and practical tools into your life so that you too can LIVE your passions, EXPRESS your true gifts and BE AMAZING just as you are.

The paintings above are from my newest series Spirit Animals