Stand up for YOU and Let Go of Negativity: New Moon in Libra

New Moon Circle in Libra It's the New Moon in Libra on September 23 at 11:14 pm Pacific time. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, the Goddess of Love so it's time to take a good, hard look at all your relationships, including the one you have with yourself.

As usual, I have pulled a Creative Soul Card from my own handpainted 'lefty'  deck and written/channeled a New Moon Challenge to go along with it along with a song for Libra's Healing Gemstone, the Bloodstone. I was also inspired by the beautiful setting (see photo to your left) where I held this New Moon Circle; a place where the Green Goddess is very happy, content and thriving.

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Libra's Song & Meditation *to be sung outside if possible*

Listen Listen Listen to the wind. Become the wind. You ARE the wind.

Does it chill you? Warm you? Relax you? Frighten you? Take note. Relax your bones, letting the wind carry you until you are everywhere all at once - at one with the wind.

Breathe in Breathe out Breathe in Breathe out

This is the energy of the Libra New Moon.

Balanced. Beautiful. Becalmed

bloodstoneSong of the Bloodstone ~ a Libra Healing Stone

I am first I am glorious I am healed I am Bloodstone flowing and in tune with Mama Moon.

I cherish I hold I love fierce and true and proud.

O New Moon, take me break me make me whole as I sing your song and I bloom I bloom I bloom.

O Bloodroot, take me down to the depths where each seed I plant is true.

Blessed Be.

Creative Soul Card & Challenge for the New Moon in Libra

Libra New Moon Card: The liar at the crossroads

Affirmation: I stand up for me, not neg-a-tiv-ity.

The Liar at the Crossroads by Kathy Crabbe

This card challenges you to seek and find where you're out of balance. To gather with those of like-mind and to let go of negative energy and negative people who feed on your energy and who bring you down. Help them, yes, but don't let them feed on you energetically. Take notice of how you feel after being with them and distance yourself when necessary.

This card accepts and takes from you all that negativity, so let it roll right out of you and into that black ball within the "Liar at the Crossroads". Your choice.

At this New Moon, along with setting your intentions for the moonth ahead, I challenge you to let go of one negative person, thing, feeling, energy, vibe - whatever it is. Make sure to get some support along the way, either from your Moon Group, in the Creative Soul Circle (my free Facebook Group) or from close friends or a counselor.

Libra Altar Suggestions from my Goddess Zodiac Playbook

  • Quality – Cardinal
  • Element – Air
  • Ruler – Venus
  • Anatomy – Kidneys
  • Natural sign of – 7th house
  • Opposite sign – Aries
  • Color – Shades of blue, pale green, pink
  • Gemstone – Bloodstone, jade, jasper
  • Tarot card – Justice
  • Goddesses – Athene, Benzaitan, Maat, Minerva, Nemesis, Themis

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Kathy Crabbe Guiding Your Creative Soul

ABOUT KATHY CRABBE I am a Canadian born, self taught intuitive artist and creative soul guide currently living in a desert valley of Southern California surrounded by ancient oaks and an elfin forest. I live in a home created by my husband that we share with our cat and dog muses, Spartacus and Abby. I’ve been drawing since age two and offering creative soul guidance since 2008.