Grandad's Nibs

Grandad's nibsToday I sorted out my grandad's nibs and started using them for the cartooney drawings I recently got back into. Here's what I found:

Gillott's 170, 290, 303, 404

Hunt Extra Fine 22, 512, 513 Hunt Imperial 101

M. Myers & Son 6

Geo. W. Hughes 776F

Signature 6

Ross F. George (Hunt) "Speedball" A-2, B-0, B-1

Pedigree Round 3

Heintze 1, 3, 4

3 Unidentified

Sometimes when I'm drawing 'cartooney' I feel like I'm channeling the lines, as if they are coming through me and flowing that feeling! So, now that I've got out my grandad's nibs we'll see what happens...i did a coupla drawings of faces earlier today and am testing out papers with pen and ink but didn't like much of what I did due to the paper, although the bristol board wasn't too bad unless I want to apply more than just a light touch of gouache. To check out my newest cartoon work please click here.

Jim Simpkins

Me & Grandad