Of gods and angels

Accessing one's inner male, testosterone subverted, not in producing war, violence, hate, but instead passion, love, intensity, driving, pounding, insistent, revolutionary, effecting change, mythical, noble, of gods and angels. "But love is not what you're thinking of" from "Please" by U2.

"If God would send you his angels" ~ U2.

I'm more afraid of lack then of plenty. Curing lack by giving.

Waiting for the painting to speak...telling me what to do next; what direction, what line, what colour, texture, flavour, emotion, it needs to express through me.

Angel wings like fingers, tentacles of fire and water, devouring, engulfing.

Of gods and angels - 3.5' x 3.5' - acrylic & pastel on silk

Wings of strength, like legs.

Musical Ambiance: "Zooropa" by U2 and "Pop" by U2.