Summer Solstice Creative Fire

Summer Solstice (June 21) marks the peak of the solar cycle. In the midst of the longest day of the year we begin our return to the dark half of the year. The Earth is fertile, and the womb of Mother Earth grows ripe with Life. Honor and celebrate the many ways you manifest creativity in your life. How will you feed your creative fire?

This year creative fires are fueling my paintings, inspired by my highly personal, explosive, joyous and sometimes painful journeys into the intimate emotions within my own heart and shadow side.

Journaling connects me with the Moon as I track her lunar cycles in tune with the Zodiac and in concert with my Divine Feminine Moon Musing students as we share our experiences online creating a community of wise woman healers.

My soon to be released Soul Guided Package is ripe with beauty, joy, integrity and honour as I figure out the most effective way to inspire and empower your  own creative soul's journey.

What sparks are flying within your own creative soul? What are you manifesting and how are you nurturing, sustaining and protecting lives through your life's work and your activism? Where is passionate energy focused in your life? How are you a "Mother/Maker/Creatirix"?