Growing up: a journey in paint, pencil and printmaking

I recently completed two paintings that I'd been working on for some time (see below) and was very pleased to have the opportunity to display them in a solo exhibition at Sun City Library. It was interesting to hear how people related to the work; especially the abstracts. They saw all kinds of interesting shapes, designs and ideas that inspired them in many ways such as the feeling of entering an expanded space like the galaxy or tapping into the intuitive, unplanned nature of the brushstrokes. One man saw landscapes, another loved the color and the circles, one woman saw a Samurai, another loved a drawing of a dead squirrel, and another liked the cactus sketches. The library programmer, Shirley Wible who has a BFA in fine art appreciated hearing how my work had developed over time beginning with my LuLu in Laguna series which represented my inner child, and then came the rebelliousness of the Lefty Series done entirely with my non dominant left hand; a breakthrough for me intuitively and a representation of my inner teenager and now, with my current work, A Journey into Intimacy I have matured enough to delve more deeply and courageously into my emotions by expressing vulnerability through an exploration of self and place. I often like to post new paintings on Facebook to see what people think and to have them come up with suggestions for titles. I've posted a few responses below.

Kathy Crabbe, Hafsol, 2012, acrylic, charcoal and pastel on canvas, 48 x 48”.

Suggested Titles: Sun Tea Infinity Morning Tea Paper Moon Luna Tea

Kathy Crabbe, Goddess No. 1, 2012, acrylic, charcoal & pastel on canvas, 48 x 48”

Suggested Titles: Egyptian Pagan Alien Samurai TimePiece Silent Dancer Horns of the Moon Torn Coatlicue Gently Rising Trip to the dentist

Sun City Library Opening

Me & my remarkable husband, Mark