How To Connect With Your Ancestors (mediumship)

Mugwort by Kathy Crabbe Begin with dreaming.

Choose something dear that belonged to your ancestor or something that reminds you of them.

Bless it (with water or sage) and place it under your pillow at night along with a request for your ancestor to appear in a dream with messages of only the highest, deepest and most blessed good for your soul and for all concerned.

Have a pad of paper and pen by your bed at the ready.

Later, have a cup of tea to induce and jog dream memories.

And if nothing comes to you, blow 3 times on the object placed under your pillow and try everything all over again for the length of one moon (a month).

If you do connect with an ancestor be sure to bless them and the Divine for allowing your ancestor to come through.

And that is ALL.

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