My Story: About Kathy

Kathy Crabbe - Guiding Your Creative Soul

Kathy Crabbe - Guiding Your Creative Soul

Kathy Crabbe is an artist, writer and Creative Soul Guide who has devoted her life to exploring spirituality and creativity with passion and integrity. Kathy works with women to help empower their intuitive, creative selves through one-on-one creative soul readings, classes, and online resources. Her services are infused with a rich background in the arts and inspire her clients to live the life of their dreams. Kathy's art is seen all over the world at museums and galleries and her writing has been published in numerous magazines and books. She also keeps a regularly updated blog and website where she shares her experiences exploring the psychic, intuitive aspects of the self and the world of art making.

I have always been a dreamer; seeing visions that shed light into the dark places of the soul, where guidance, potential, answers and prophecies regarding past, present and future happenings can be found. Over the years I have kept this skill alive and continue to hone and enrich it on a regular basis.

Why I love what I do:

Connecting with women on a soul-deep level for heart-to-heart conversation, healing, inspiration, and creative breakthroughs – what more is there?

My Story

I have always been intuitively involved in the creative arts: painting, drawing, making music (I'm classically trained in flute and piano), writing, journaling, reading especially art history, graphic design, illustration and dancing and have pursued these passions with intensity and focus, often preferring my own company to anyone else. Living creatively opened a door for me into the world of imagination.

At thirteen I began a dream journal which helped me connect with other realms of consciousness, but more importantly taught me how to trust my intuition and my dreams in response to the important questions in life.

In my early twenties I was guided towards meditation to further my spiritual quest and joined a group led by a wonderful teacher called Om who had been trained by the spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy. I continue to practice meditation, yoga, dream journaling, moon musing and creative expression and this forms the basis of my intuitive and spiritual development.

Because I have learned how to access and trust my inner voice and visions I am able to connect with the Divine.

Turning 30

Shortly after moving to Southern California (Laguna Beach) at age thirty I experienced a re-birthing session during which I envisioned an entire business scheme for my new venture, LuLu Design that involved selling and marketing my artwork as cards, prints, clothing, earrings and originals. Soon after I discovered silk painting, the perfect medium and within one year I had attended fifteen art shows where I presented and sold my work. I was also accepted into Laguna Beach's Sawdust Art Festival where I showed my work for eight years. My architect, builder husband built me a two story booth every year for this two month long (10 am - 10 pm) 35 year old renowned art show with over 200 artists participating. What an incredible, fun, successful, beautiful, creative 60's inspired community!


During this time I continued to celebrate the seasons with sacred circles, ritual, tarot, dream work and meditation and my visions increased. Laguna Beach is a mecca for astrologers, another passion of mine so I had the chance to study firsthand with Steven Forrest, Jeffrey Wolf Green, Donna Cunningham and privately with Patty Davidson.

Goddess Zodiac Book

I also spent an intensely creative month creating, painting and writing a Goddess Zodiac Playbook based upon channeled meditations for each of the zodiac signs in combination with the moon. As the moon entered each zodiac sign where it stayed for two days I created a sacred circle filled with all the symbols, foods and colors associated with that sign. I researched goddess lore for each sign, meditated, wrote, painted and channeled the energy of the sign - an incredibly powerful experience! I also included poetry, stories and myths into the book and then gathered together a circle of friends to experience it - the book truly was created to be an interactive experience.

Left Hand Drawing

Me, Michelle Shocked & Lefty: Ginny is a Rocker

Me, Michelle Shocked & Lefty: Ginny is a Rocker

In early 2000 I started drawing and painting exclusively with my non-dominant left hand, also known asthe intuitive hand because it is guided by the more emotional, intuitive right hemisphere of the brain.

I drew more than 500 Lefties over a five year period and discovered that my intuitive, psychic abilities were increasing to the point where I had to share these gifts by offering intuitive readings with the Lefties as oracle cards or Creative Soul Guide® cards

Turning 40

During this time of increased intuitive development I turned forty and Uranus Opposition kicked in to help push me to really, really stretch and grow. I realized that I had absorbed and learned all I could for now and that I MUST share it by giving psychic readings incorporating my art. It was the Lefties who suggested in a dream that I turn them into Lefty 'Tarot' cards and give psychic readings online along with encouragement from my life coach. The very next day I started offering free mini readings in the Etsy forum where previously I had set up shop selling my art. This was a great way to learn how the internet worked in regards to giving readings and 100's of free readings were gifted to get the ball rolling.

Intuitive Readings

I started offering psychic readings at a local new age store, but soon discovered that distance readings where I never met my client face-to-face were more effective because it allowed me to connect and channel the Divine without distraction. To prepare for each reading I practice yoga, meditation, flute playing and crystal healing to become as clear and focused as possible.

I receive clairvoyant visions and sometimes smells, words and feeling sensations in my body which I immediately write down.

I am also guided towards specific healing crystals and oracle cards (of my own design). More about my technique can be found here and you can read what clients are saying about their readings here.

It's been a lifelong journey of discovery, creation and intuitive, spiritual awakening so to be able to share with you and connect others of like mind is a gift I will always be grateful for. We are all intuitive, creative beings, for truly, we are one.

My Psychic Training

Psychic-Mediumship: I received psychic-mediumship training with renowned English channel and trance medium, Adam Higgs.

Crystal Healing: I received crystal healing certification from Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy in Kapaa, Hawaii.

Astrology: I have studied privately and in group settings with Steven Forrest, Patty Davidson, Laura DesJardins, Donna Cunningham, Jeffrey Wolf Green and Barbara Hand Clow.

Yoga & Meditation: I learned meditation in a group setting based upon the teachings of Sri Chinmoy and have meditated and practiced yoga since 1992. I also practiced yoga with Amanollah Ghahraman & Atma Khalsa.

Herbalism: I studied herbalism in the Wise Woman Tradition offered by Susun Weed as part of the Green Witch Intensive.

Celtic Shamanism: Misha Maheo

Toning: Krista Kirkwood

Life Coaching: Jennifer Lee (Artizen Coaching)

Reiki: Jenny 'Star' Wright

Therapeutic Touch: Joyce Fournier, RN

Art Training

The Arts: I received my Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and later received a three year Diploma in Graphic Design from St. Lawrence College. I pursued my love of the arts by becoming a professional artist, and establishing a fine art business in 1993 called LuLu Design to help market my cards, prints and original paintings. Painting, printmaking, life drawing, exhibiting and selling my work have been major influences upon the way I envision and live in the world. Currently I am working on a series prints and large expressionistic paintings  titled Journey Into Intimacy.


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How can I help you?

Nurture! Creative Soul Readings to expand your horizons, heal and grow.

Awaken! Divine Feminine eClass to strengthen your inner wise woman; monthly moon-guided virtual sessions.

Shine! Creative Soul Spotlight shining a light upon creative souls everywhere.

Stay on track! Creative Soul Museletter to keep you on track with Mama Moon, includes creative soul affirmations.

Joy! Inspirational Art to uplift your soul with silk, watercolor and acrylic illustrations of mermaids, fairies, cats, dogs, and goddesses inspired by the lovely artist's community of Laguna Beach, California plus my very newest paintings ~ Journey Into Intimacy.