Hallowe'en Kick-Off Samhain Seance

I love Hallowe'en because it's the most magickal and mystical time of the year. I can feel it's potency, its power, its drama and its ancient pull upon my Soul. The Ancestors are there and I can't wait to say hello, to honour them, bless them, and see what they have to say. But this year, it's going to be different, because this year I'm sharing it with you!


Hallowe'en or Samhain (Sowen) was originally a Celtic/North European pagan seasonal celebration that marked the halfway point between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice. It was the Celtic New Year and the beginning of the dark half of the year. The veil between the worlds of the living and the dead are thinnest at this time of year and the usual barriers are lifted making it the very best time of year to attempt to make contact with our Ancestors and retrieve ancient knowledge, as well as honour the memories of those who have passed over. Dressing up for Hallowe'en is like a Celtic New Year's Resolution, so have some fun and dress up in a costume that reflects what you would like to achieve or who you would like to be in the coming year.

Join with me in forming a Virtual Online Samhain Circle on Hallowe'en. By joining together at a specific hour we can increase our strength and powers of perception just by joining forces. Together we will read or listen to the Guided Meditation I will be sending you (via email) and together we will light a candle, burn incense or sage ourselves in preparation for this special Worldwide Samhain Circle. I will be holding energy for the entire group and in cases of unwanted Spirits, all that are unwelcome will be requested to leave at once. Afterwards you are welcome to share your experiences and questions with me, personally, or with the entire group via an email exchange.


What can I expect from my Ancestors and how will I know I am hearing from them?

It is a good idea to come prepared with a list of Ancestors you would like to make contact with along with some questions you would like to ask them (to make sure who they are.) The Ancestors will usually show up with a specific message just for you because that is the whole point of them 'coming through' so to speak.

Do these answers from our Ancestors come through via signs, thoughts, voices? Are we able to ask them questions?

It depends on how the person receiving the message will tune in - most times the Ancestor will be seen with the mind's eye, but it is also possible to sense them by hearing them or feeling them as well. Yes, you can question them and you can request that they come closer so that you can see them more clearly.

Do you recommend having photos of them close by?

Yes, photos can be helpful to look at beforehand.

Do we verbally question them out loud or do we say it to ourselves?

Either way is fine - whatever works best for you - you will know what works by how comfortable you feel doing it :)

What was it like the first time for you?

It's hard to remember, because I have been communicating with the Ancestors and Guides for a long time. But the first time I officially did it, in my class - I just stood up in the middle of our circle, closed my eyes and almost immediately saw someone - then I described them and asked specific questions relating to everything about them - the point was to describe the person in enough detail so that someone in our group absolutely, and without a doubt, knew that the person was their for them - we had to give 3 specific pieces of info about them and be right on - then we requested a message from them.


Myself and one virtual friend explored the Realm of the Ancestors together on Hallowe'en day and afterward shared our experiences. C___ experienced all kinds of magical enchantments during her Guided Meditation but unfortunately was not able to connect with her Ancestors. Practicing at a set time and set place on a regular basis will help but sometimes it can take years to make contact. "Practice makes perfect," was my psychic teacher's favorite piece of advice and this still applies even in the nether realms!