Entering the Light

Persephone AltarAnd again I face my Persephone Painting (the big one) and decide to create a smaller version before going any further (a linoblock print is next). And again I pull a Norse Rune to help me connect with Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld.

Channeling Persephone ~ A Ghostly Taleansuz - A God, Mouth

Persephone: "Meet me in the Circle" (there are ghosts everywhere), but we go deeper and deeper into the center, which is blood-red.

Persephone hands me a sphere also colored blood-red. "Drink, drink," she says and so I do and the sphere empties of colour and glows clear. "Now, you are one of us. You can see/hear/feel everything down here."

She puts a paintbrush in my hand and I'm back in the cave, as before, waiting to be guided to what I need to do. Persephone helps me stay focused on my purpose and not get distracted.

Me: (I realize this is how I like to work). A sunflower lights my way and I hold it with one hand and ask the dark spirits what to draw.

Dark Spirits: Go on.

Persephone: Your way is lit, your eyes shine through mine. March on, march on, march on.

Me: I see endless trails of white leading to souls; unhappy, trapped.

Persephone: Be with them, reassure them, show them the light - the source. Hold up your sphere. The sunflowers light your way.

And then, like a vacuum cleaner, or a moth to a flame, the soul's eyes open and they are sucked up and into the light by force of their will and their desire to be One with Source.

Me: What am I?

Persephone: You are the witness.

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul

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Mutants and Mystics: Science Fiction, Superhero Comics, and the Paramormal

Mutants and Mystics: Science Fiction, Superhero Comics, and the ParanormalLately I've been investigating aliens and monsters  and no, not due to any premonitions of doom, but because I believe they have something to teach us about ourself, the "other", alienation and our shadows. I'm reading a fascinating new book  by Jefferey J. Kripal and here are my favorite bits so far:

Favorite bits excerpted from Mutants and Mystics: Science Fiction, Superhero Comics, and the Paramormal

The mythical themes and paranormal currents of popular culture are generally transmitted through two modes intimately working together: words and images...In the spirit of the conclusion of my last book, where I suggested that we think of an "author of the impossible" as someone who can bring online both sides of the brain, I have transmitted my ideas here through one left-brain-dominant mode (writing) and one right-brain-dominant mode (graphic art).

Rene Warcollier (author of Mind to Mind publ. 1948) who was first awakened to the subject (of the secret life of popular culture) by his own telepathic dreams, believed that telepathic communications most likely reveal a from of psychical operation that employs paranormal processes, predates the acquisition of language, and reveals the very "substratum of thought" in what he called "word-pictures." As Warcollier demonstrated through a series of drawings and his own text. condensed, telepathically communicated word-pictures are often creatively expanded on, exaggerated, and added to by the recipient's imagination until they become words and pictures, and finally stories - in essence, minimyths.

In order (for Alan Moore, creator of the self-conscious occult comic, Promethea) to recreate the sefirot or spheres of consciousness in his art, he first attempted to actualize each sphere in himself through a magical practice, an actualization that he then recreated as the comic. It was in this way that the pages of Promethea became "meditational tools" and potential "triggers fro altered states of consciousness," and the comic itself has become a spiritual tool." Reading is magic.

illustration from Promethea by Alan Moore

The closer we approach such a prime moment, singularity, or Omega Point, the more we will realize - with John Keel, I would add - that "the vague mythological beings of the past that have focused into the aliens of the present will son become ourselves as we become the very time travelers whose shadows haunt all our history, including the present, In effect, we are haunting ourselves in the present from the past and the future via the ghost and the alien.

Indeed, whatever they are, the visitors are likely "responsible for much paranormal phenomena, ranging from the appearance of gods, angels, fairies, ghosts, and miraculous beings to the landing of UFO's in the backyards of America". They may be extraterrestrials, "managing the evolution of the human mind," or they "may represent the presence of mind on another level of being". The key for (Whitley) Strieber is that we cease being so passive and admit that we do not know what or who the visitors are. In other words, we must stop kneeling before the gods, quit "hiding in our beliefs," and begin actively, even aggressively exploring "a real relationship" with the visitors, whoever or whatever they are.  Put a bit differently, we must "demythologize" them and evolve past "the level of superstition and confusion that has in the past blocked us from perceiving the visitors correctly" How, after all, can we recognize ourselves if we keep projecting those selves into what are essentially religious cartoons? When will we realize that we ourselves are our own authors?

Excerpted from Mutants and Mystics: Science Fiction, Superhero Comics, and the Paranormal by Jeffrey J. Kripal



Psychic Medium & Documentary Film Producer: An Interview with Jamie Best

This month's special guest in the Creative Soul Circle is a good friend of mine,  Jamie Best who is both a psychic-medium and a documentary film  producer.  To speak with Jamie personally, please check out the Circle Soul Circle where you can connect with women-of-like-mind such as Jamie and many more special guests for in-depth conversation. Behind the Scenes

Tell us about your role in making a film.

Originally I was contracted to do writing on the film The Spirits of Bourbon Country. As the project progressed, we found my abilities as a medium came in more handy and my role changed and I actually was in the film sharing my experiences on camera with the many spirits we encountered. We have a small team, so my duties also included lugging around equipment and running a camera from time to time.

What films  have you been involved with so far?

I've been involved in one completed film; The Spirits of Bourbon Country. This film is an in depth look at three of the most famous haunted locations in Bardstown, Kentucky, USA. We delve into the history and film our investigations of the locations. I'm currently involved with a cryptozoolical film in production titled The Spottsville Monster: Kentucky's Bigfoot.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of working on a film?

My favorite part is interviewing the people willing to share their personal experiences with us. I love meeting the people and hearing their stories.

My least favorite part is how long the editing process takes. I'm not too involved in the editing process, so I get impatient waiting for the result of our filming expeditions! I'm always excited to see it put together.

Evidence: You Decide...

What are your future plans in films?

I hope to continue being involved in documentary film making, mostly in the paranormal genre. It's a topic that interests me and is close to home since I've been having these types of experiences since I was a young child. It's fantastic for me to get the stories of these types of experiences out there! And to know (and to let others know) we're not alone having these events occur in our lives.

What is your ultimate dream movie project?

I don't really have a "dream" project. Which ever project is on the table at the time is always the best one I could be doing!

Do you prefer the term 'movies' or 'films'?

I usually refer to them as films because they are documentary style and 100% true and accurate based on the evidence provided to us as a team. Whenever I hear the term "movies", I think more of the entertainment industry. While our films are entertaining, they are also informative.

What originally got you into films?

I have a friend who belongs to a paranormal research team that I belong to who had done documentaries previous to me getting involved. He followed my blog and enjoyed my writing style so asked if I'd be willing to write for his next film. But as I said, my role in the film changed as the project progressed.

jamie bestLinks for Jamie Best

Spirits of Bourbon County: Film credits Film trailer

The Medium Next Door – Maureen Hancock, Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer

The Medium Next Door by Maureen HancockI'd like to introduce you to ghost whisperer Maureen Hancock, author of the new book, The Medium Next Door.

An Interview with Maureen Hancock

1. How did you first realize you had the ability to communicate with the dearly departed?

As a child, I had lead paint poisoning and was in a coma. I spent three years in and out of Boston’s Children’s Hospital. When I came home from the hospital at the age of Five, I could see spirits roaming around my house. One of my sister's said they would take me back to the hospital if I kept talking about “The invisible people,” so I shut it off. Cut to 1992, I fell asleep at the wheel and broke several bones in my face, including a fractured skull. After the accident, I didn't need any surgery and I believe my recently deceased grandmother was watching over me. I then started to hear voices from beyond while volunteering with cancer patients.

2. You are truly, “The Medium Next Door.” You’re a wife, mother of two young boys—a soccer mom with a twist. How do you explain what you do to your children and how do you balance family life with the demands of your work?

My children are very open to spirit and the work I do. When they were younger, they couldn’t understand why I left the house with amplifiers and microphones to do shows. When my younger son was Six, his teacher asked each of the students what their mother did for a living. My son proudly exclaimed, “My mother’s a rock star.” Now, we talk openly about spirits and their guardian angel in heaven—their cousin, Sean.

It’s not easy balancing my work and being home for the kids. My top priority is being here for my children. I make sure I’m home four nights a week, helping with homework, cooking and eating at the table (like when I grew up). Family time is so important. I do most of my non-profit work during the day when they are in school and perform to sold-out crowds three nights a week.

3. You are co-founder of two charities. Tell us about them.

"Seeds of Hope” is a foundation that provides support for those suffering with debilitating and terminal illnesses. We provide holistic healing support such as massage, Reiki hands on healing, reflexology and meditation. I help clients with their fears of death and help them pass with less pain and fear. We also support parents who have lost children through support groups and private sessions. This work is all offered free of charge.

My other non-profit is, “Mission for the Missing.” It was co-founded with a private detective two years ago. We offer help to families of children and adults who are missing and/or murdered. The detective is a ground-search coordinator and together we facilitate large-scale searches incorporating the efforts of many volunteer teams such as cadaver dogs, divers, horses, atv’s, Fish and Game, State Police, ground searchers and more. We also offer training scholarships to dogs for continuing education, as well as equipment needed for searches. I use my intuitive skills to assist in search efforts and receive calls from all over the country for assistance.

4. You help authorities in various cases, including missing children and adults. Tell us about that.

I receive requests from various parts of the country now on missing persons and murder cases. Currently, I’m assisting a female homicide detective in North Carolina on a few cases. More and more law enforcement divisions are opening up to using mediums and psychics to assist on cases, especially when the case goes cold. I also belong to a few private investigative associations in New England, and assist on cold cases. I’ve also helped find missing dogs and worked on a missing horse case (who loses a horse?)

5. Tell us about your work with parents who have lost children. We understand you don't charge for these private sessions.

Other than my work with the sick and dying, helping parents who’ve lost children is a top priority for me. I receive at least 10 new requests per week from parents who have recently lost a child. Since my sister, Rosie’s son passed, we decided to work together to help other parents to go on after the devastation of losing a child. Rosie runs a support group that meets monthly at my office and I provide free sessions to connect families for closure and peace. It feels really good to say I never charge for my private medium sessions.

6. You grew up in a strict Irish Catholic household. How does religion come into play with your work? Are there people who say this is "devils work?"

It was very hard for me to find the right words to tell my mother, a devote Catholic and playfully called, “Head of the God Squad,” that I was communicating with spirits. It didn’t take long for my mother, who is my best friend, to come on board and be my biggest fan. I trust and believe in my heart that my ability is strengthened in faith. I have been witness to many miracles and profound healing. Over the past year, I’ve had 4-5 Catholic priests and nuns attend my demonstrations. I was even asked to speak at a Catholic Church. My visit was stopped by the efforts of one “Bully” Catholic who attacked me in her “spiritual, loving” blog. She called the Cardinal, Bishop and no-doubt, a deceased Pope or two. She wanted to give me an exorcism in the church parking lot. To watch the face of a parent who has buried their child, go from extreme grief to smiling with a knowing that child is happy and at peace, is anything but evil.

7. We understand your nieces also have this ability. Are they like the "Sorcerer’s Apprentices?"

My nieces, Anastassia and Candace, are both “Mediums in Training.” After Anastassia’s brother, Sean, passed, they both started communicating with him and began helping other people. I didn’t have anyone to help me understand and embrace my abilities, so I made it my mission to assist them in learning how to handle the stresses that come with the territory.

8. You've been a witness to many deaths. In your experience, what happens when someone dies?

Maureen Hancock

Well, I won’t exactly know until I get there, however, what I’m shown and told by numerous spirits is that the moment we pass, all of our relatives and friends who have passed before us are waiting for that ultimate reunion. I’ve been present when many physically leave their body, and often, they are reaching out and calling to a parent or spouse who is waiting to take their hand. I’ve seen people in comas or non-verbal; begin to talk and say, “Can’t you see them? They are standing right there.”

Spirit tells me that not long after the physical death, they are shown their, ‘Book of Life,” which acts as a life review manuscript, so to speak. We are shown our triumphs, challenges and failures. Depending on how we lived our life here, will determine the level we are on in heaven.

9. How are some ways our loved ones in spirit try to communicate with the living?

There are many ways our spirit loved ones try to communicate with us. The most popular is through dreams. Almost everyone, skeptic or not, can confirm they have had a dream of a deceased friend or family member. These dreams stay with us as lasting memories for years to come. Spirits also use things such as coins (pennies & dimes) to remind us they are with us. Sometimes they use familiar scents (clairoma) to make their presence known. Some other signs include songs on the radio, lights or anything mechanical going off, random phone calls and even texts from heaven! Birds, butterflies, dragonflies and hawks are also important reminders of spirit.

10. You are a former stand-up comedienne (sometimes referred to as the "Comedian Medium") how do you incorporate humor with such a heavy subject matter?

I think what differentiates me from many other spirit mediums is that I believe our loved ones in spirit enjoy coming through with a celebration of life and not reliving another wake. Being a former stand-up comic, I enjoyed making people smile and forget about their daily stress and heartache. When I bring through a spirit, often times the validations are so on point (names, dates, exact way of passing) the person loses it and starts to weep, sometimes uncontrollably. It is at this exact point of the reading that I jump in with humor and help the person left behind know that it’s okay to continue living, laughing and celebrating these great memories. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Maureen Hancock, Medium, Ghost Whisperer

11. Is there a heaven and hell?

I believe we create our own heaven and hell, depending on our attitudes, actions and inactions. Being Catholic, I was always taught about heaven and hell. For me, I do believe there is a heaven…a place where there is unconditional love, non-judgment, and profound peace. I believe the “bad people” resonate at a lower level based on the free-will choices they made.

12. Are you constantly hearing voices? How do you shut it off?

When I first realized I had this ability (which I do believe we all have), I constantly heard voices. I couldn’t sleep for months and I hated what was happening to me. It took me a long time to figure out that I could control the voices, and use a “switch” to turn them on and off when I chose to. Now, other than the occasional “drifter” in the super market, I decide when I’m going to tune in and tune out.

13. Obviously many people are skeptical about what you do. How do you handle the skeptics?

I'm a former skeptic. I refused to go to psychics when my friends would try to get me to go to either do tarot cards or tea leave readings. It's not my job to convince anyone. I can deliver the info and let them process it and decide for themselves. I've turned many skeptics into believers by giving very detailed information. My job is to deliver detailed information and hopefully, plant the seed of hope.

14. Tell us about your television show? What do you hope to achieve by being on TV?

I'm so excited about the TV show. I have an outstanding team of producers, Sander & Moses who executive produced the Ghost Whisperer, as well as some great producers from ABC Medial Productions and Disney. I'm traveling around the country, stopping in small towns offering my assistance with a variety of "matters" such as assisting detectives on missing person cases, helping a family who has lost a child, helping people to understand death and using my humor to deliver impromptu readings all over town.

15. You have a new book out. What's the book about and where can viewers get the book?

My new book, "The Medium Next Door" is about the adventures of a real life ghost whisperer. It's basically part memoir about my life as a medium, yet I'm just like your next door neighbor…only I hear and see dead people. I write about my work with the sick and dying, helping people pass, assisting detectives to help find missing children and adults, and some profound readings that have changed families’ lives. Each chapter has a reflection or suggestions to apply to your own life for healing and knowledge.

Viewers can get the book at Amazon or from Maureen's website, www.maureenhancock.com

A Soul Reading for Jennifer

This article originally appeared on Jennifer Leonard's Blog - I'm Just A Gurl. I had done a soul reading for Jennifer quite some time ago and was deeply honoured and touched that she decided to share it with others. Jennifer's Blog Post:

It started with a tweet about 10 months ago. One day, feeling stuck and tired, I typed “I need a psychic!” I got a Direct Message from Kathy Crabbe (soul reader and artist) and thought, why not?

I have an open mind about all things and I’ve always been curious about psychic readings. I tried an introductory reading. I didn’t tell Kathy anything. I didn’t ask any questions. I never met her in person. Our only communication was through a couple of tweets and emails. Whether you believe in this kind of thing or not, let me tell you about her reading for me, and why one name, Regina, really struck home.

What’s in a name?

When I got Kathy’s reading in my inbox, we were on vacation in Idaho for my husband John’s first Ironman. We got back to the hotel room one night. I decided to check my email. I was excited when I saw a message from her. I opened it up. One of the very first things she wrote was:

I also sense a ghost (earthbound spirit) around you by the name of “Regina”– have you encountered her yet? She likes to stomp around a lot!

If you know me, or have read any of my blogs, then you may know that I miscarried a child about three years ago. When John and I were thinking of baby names, he really liked the name Regina for a girl.

I wrote Kathy about this. She replied,

I am sure that the spirit of your baby was around for this reading, she came in loud and clear at the very beginning (and esp. the fact that her name was mentioned – because I do find that it is very difficult to get exact names – so that is why I’m saying that her spirit was coming through and connecting with you – through me – in such a strong way)

I never really thought a reading would go so deep. I was hit with a wave of emotion. I cried for at least a half hour. I woke up during the night several times with just one name on my mind.

Other “Sparkly Blessings”

Aside from being moved, there were lots of things in her reading that resonated with me. I’m sharing my reading with you below. It was very nicely done. I liked her approach.

About your reading: An intuitive reading will often contain some information that is correct and some that is not. My readings are usually quite accurate, but if anything I say feels wrong to you, it probably is. You know your own information, intuitive and otherwise better than anyone else, so please don’t give that power away to me. You are here to get a different perspective – not the “right” perspective. Anyone who tells you that they know more about you than you know yourself, or that they are 100% accurate is someone to be very wary of. A reading is never set in stone, your free will is always the final determinant.

The reading was signed with “Many Sparkly Blessings…” — enough to make anyone smile.

Well, here it is. My reading in full. Enjoy!

A Soul Reading for Jennifer

- The very first thing I was drawn to in your reading was a gemstone called “Tiger’s Eye.” Tiger’s Eye enhances one’s ability to understand and mediate between the two sides of an issue. It can help one find the middle way of balance, the trademark of a true spiritual warrior.

- I also sense a ghost (earthbound spirit) around you by the name of “Regina” – have you encountered her yet? She likes to stomp around a lot!

- Your energy feels so pleasant, fulfilling, calm and bountiful – I could sit with it for a long time and just rejuvenate…

- Now a dachsund breaks in on things and suggests that I pull a fairy card for you (this is kind of unusual actually – I’ve never had a dog pop in on a reading before!)

The card I pull for you is from my Fairy Herbal Healing deck and is called “Fennel.” The Fairy Herbal deck consists of eighty oracle cards that I created from my Fairy Herbal paintings. Their energy is light, ethereal, airy, and sparkly plus based in the green world, so add in some earthiness and green energy as well.

Fennel has the ability to protect one’s home and family. It was also used by the Saxons and is useful for those who practice meditation. Taking Fennel as a magical tonic will bring the ability to have a long life, face danger and be strong in the face of adversity. It is also said to help maintain fertility and virility.

- Now I am sensing you becoming a bit impatient and anxious that we move along.

- The next stone I suggest that you work with is called Black Tourmaline. It will help you center, stay calm, ground and focus. When Black Tourmaline appears it is encouraging you to undertake a ritual of purification. Perhaps you are holding onto old patterns that no longer serve you. When you purify your self and release worries and resentments, you are making room in your life for spiritual gifts to be received.

- Perhaps it’s this card and what it represents, or the next card I’m about to pull that is causing you some irritation, but I’m also being shown a man, someone you “can’t stand.”

- We’ll put him aside for now as you are asking me about your future.

This next card I pull is from my Lefty Oracle deck and will take a look 6 months into the future and it is called “Nambia pleasantly present”.

- So I ask you this question, “Where do you want to be 6 months from now?”

- I sense that you don’t want to be stuck here. So I ask you, “What part of yourself are you cutting off?” Well you need to do it and give yourself 3 years to develop it.

The next question you ask me is, “What is it?”

So I pull a card called “The Aries Goddess” from my Goddess Zodiac deck.

Aries embodies spring fire; she is erotic and independent, a primal rebel with revolutionary thought. Aries asks us to wake up and remember who we truly are, even if it bothers those we love or work for.

- You need to stay with it…focused and inspired. I see you strong and shining brightly, like the Sun. Your inspiration helps others in a really practical way ie. women that are down and out. Your spirit and strength are put to good use. You are secure and doing a great job.

I am ending your reading by sending you a prayer for good works and feisty determination. (Plus swimming whenever you can – the blue water is good for you.

If you are interested in booking a soul reading please click on the link.