You are goddess, witch, moon mama (Peacock Ore Meditation)

Bird Goddess painting by Kathy Crabbe I am the peacock of your soul.

Sharp and sensual,

I inspire you to hold your head high

and remember who you are.

Repeat after me:

I am goddess

I am witch

I am moon mama

Carry this knowing in your heart.

Be proud my sister.

We are Divine, you and I.

peacock ore

Peacock Ore opens the third eye and stimulates psychic vision and inner knowing. This helps us learn to trust our psychic abilities and manifest them through visualization.

Excerpted from Gemstones A to Z by Diane Stein

Today's painting was inspired by the Moon in Aries and the gemstone Peacock Ore.

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About the Creative Soul Guides ~ Art to Awaken Your Creative Soul

Creative Soul Guides help us enter into other realms; realms where inspiration, quirkiness, love, and being different are okay.

Kathy Crabbe painted the Creative Soul Guides with her non-dominant left hand. This awakened Kathy's intuition and she started giving Creative Soul Readings using a deck of 88 cards.

NEW! Soul Essence Portraits - a Creative Soul Reading combined with a painting of your soul's essence.

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Kathy Crabbe is a Creative Soul Guide, artist, author and educator who has devoted her life to exploring spirituality and creativity with passion and integrity. Kathy empowers soul-seekers to live the life of their dreams through online resources, inspirational art, Divine Feminine eClasses, eBooks, and Creative Soul Readings infused with a rich background in the arts.


Entering the Light

Persephone AltarAnd again I face my Persephone Painting (the big one) and decide to create a smaller version before going any further (a linoblock print is next). And again I pull a Norse Rune to help me connect with Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld.

Channeling Persephone ~ A Ghostly Taleansuz - A God, Mouth

Persephone: "Meet me in the Circle" (there are ghosts everywhere), but we go deeper and deeper into the center, which is blood-red.

Persephone hands me a sphere also colored blood-red. "Drink, drink," she says and so I do and the sphere empties of colour and glows clear. "Now, you are one of us. You can see/hear/feel everything down here."

She puts a paintbrush in my hand and I'm back in the cave, as before, waiting to be guided to what I need to do. Persephone helps me stay focused on my purpose and not get distracted.

Me: (I realize this is how I like to work). A sunflower lights my way and I hold it with one hand and ask the dark spirits what to draw.

Dark Spirits: Go on.

Persephone: Your way is lit, your eyes shine through mine. March on, march on, march on.

Me: I see endless trails of white leading to souls; unhappy, trapped.

Persephone: Be with them, reassure them, show them the light - the source. Hold up your sphere. The sunflowers light your way.

And then, like a vacuum cleaner, or a moth to a flame, the soul's eyes open and they are sucked up and into the light by force of their will and their desire to be One with Source.

Me: What am I?

Persephone: You are the witness.

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul

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Monday's Moon-Ra Meditation: a Creative Mermaid Visualization

I refuse to take sides. Watercolor on paper, 8 x 10 inches. © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe Join with me every Monday for a Moon-Ra Meditation & Visualization to honour Mama Moon and Papa Sun (Ra).

It's the Libra New Moon so I've chosen a special Libra stone and an oracle card from my hand-painted Creative Soul Guide Deck to help ring in a whole new week, spread the love and even test out a few ideas I'm playing around with for a future Creative Soul eClass - sound like fun?

Libra Gemstone: Lepidolite

Creative Soul Guide: I refuse to take sides (see image to left)

Moon-Ra Meditation & Visualization

You understand the Sea and journey deep, deep into her depths to play and laugh and swim amongst the mermaids, octopi and the dolphins.

You are the mermaid and you call upon Lepidolite to aid you on this journey into her depths.

You swim and are completely at ease in the water and amongst the water sprites. The water is your home and you return with Lepidolite held close to your heart as you chase the waves, feel her depths and are at peace with your emotions as you dance happily with the water sparklets.

You refuse to choose between this life (underwater) or that life (on land) and your heart willingly accepts this challenge.

Lila Mermaid Collage © 2010 by Kathy V. Crabbe

Questions to Ponder:

1. What does the element of water mean for you?

2. Have you befriended a mermaid lately?

3. What does you inner mermaid look like?

4. What is the name of your inner mermaid?  (if you haven't found her yet, try out the Moon-Ra Meditation  above and you just might!)

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Aquarius Full Moon Musings

Full Moon In Aquarius – July 25, 2010.

This month’s Full Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, a fixed air sign.

Moon in Aquarius calls us to the circle, away from private concerns and intimacy reminding us of the sacredness of collaboration. We become deeply aware that what affects one, affects us all. It’s time to tend the web of community, to network, review our philosophy and find a way to walk our talk.

More Aquarian Tidbits Aquarius – Water bearer Time of Year – Winter, Imbolc Quality – Fixed Element – Air Ruler – Uranus Anatomy – Bloodstream, circulation, shins, ankles Natural sign of – 11th house Opposite sign – Leo Color – Electric blue, turquoise, silver Gemstone – Obsidian, opal, sapphire Tarot card – The star Goddesses – Feng P’O P’O, Freya, Ix Chel, Nut, Tien-Mu

More About The Moon Phases

The Full Moon invites us to peer deeply into our emotional, intuitive selves as we direct our attention to manifesting the hopes, wishes and dreams that were seeded at the New Moon.

The Moon changes signs approximately every 2 ½ days, going through all twelve signs of the Zodiac every 29 ½ days. The sign that the Moon is in reflects qualities of your inner self and being-ness.

Each month there is at least one Full Moon that will rise at sunset and set at sunrise and is visible all night long from moonrise to moonset. Astrologically speaking this means that the Sun and the Moon are in opposition (opposite each other in the sky and in opposite signs of the zodiac.)

Learning to work in concert with the phases of the Moon is an excellent way to add structure to your life because you are not only connecting with Mother Nature through the Moon’s reflection of the Sun and the Earth, but with human nature and especially with feminine nature.

Aquarian Full Moon Musings

In honour of this month’s Full Moon in Aquarius I am going to guide you through an intuitive, healing, creative exploration into body, mind and soul so that together, we can shift, transform and heal each other and the planet during this time of great change and awakening.

Aquarian energy can be felt by tuning into the energy of the Full Moon that is passing through the astrological sign of Aquarius from July 25 – July 28, 2010.

Independence, detachment, contrariness, outsider perspectives, artistic ability, humane and altruistic behaviour are all key Aquarian concepts that describe energy accessible to all of us right now.

One of my favorite ways to tap into these lunar energies is by attuning to gemstones and crystals, such as the Aquarian ruled gemstone, Sapphire. I begin by holding a small Sapphire in my left hand as I place it on my third eye along with a little help from a double terminated, Isis Lithium Quartz Crystal that I place at my feet while meditating. If you don’t have access to these stones you can work with their images instead.

A Sapphire Meditation

Allow your body to flood with joyful feelings of being-ness as you ask your heart to expand, expand, expand, inviting warmth and happiness into your energy field. Let steep for a few minutes and then say aloud:

“Today I reward myself with happiness.”

Now, envision an image that brings you sheer joy.

Next, you will focus your attention upon two Aquarian images, one is pictured below and the other at the very beginning of this article. Allow yourself to stretch, stretch, stretch – really push yourself! You are entering another world, yet you will remain connected with this one by placing your hand over your heart to feel your heart beating.

This kind of consciously aware being-ness is absolutely essential as you enter into the whole new world that we are creating right now as a society.

Now, take another moment to ask yourself:

“ Am I happy?”

“ What can you, the Aquarius Moon, teach me?”

Next, ask yourself what steps you could take to help yourself.  List three. Be concrete, realistic and include a timeline.




List three obstacles that you might face.




Good for you! You’ve stretched, stretched, stretched – I can feel it! So now it’s time to reward yourself. How will you reward yourself for each step you have taken?




Sparkly Blessings to All for sharing this Aquarian Full Moon with me, I bless and surround you with joy, fulfillment and magic.

Kathy Crabbe is a soul reader artist who has devoted her life to exploring spirituality and creativity with passion and integrity. Her art and writing have been published and shown throughout the world at museum shows, galleries, magazines and books. Through online resources Kathy is able to help other soul seekers express their unique gifts and talents in empowering ways. She maintains a blog and website sharing her experiences with the psychic, intuitive realms and the world of art making.

The artwork above is from Kathy’s Goddess Zodiac deck and Lefty Oracle deck, two of the four decks she incorporates into her soul readings.

Kathy is currently teaching  Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul at the Wise Woman University. “Celebrating the lunar cycles is an important part of building a spiritual framework. Each month we can tune into her cycles to keep ourselves on track. At the new moon we plant our intentions for the month ahead, at the full moon we watch them flower, and at the waning moon we release and share our wisdom with the world. As women we are naturally able to resonate with these cycles in deep and meaningful ways.”