New Moon in Virgo ~ a perfect party

It's the New Moon in Virgo on August 25th at 7:13 am Pacific and I've pulled a Creative Soul Card from my deck and channeled a New Moon Challenge to go with it.  Here is a snippet from the challenge.  The full challenge will be offered in my upcoming Creative Soul Class (both online and in-person - coming soon!)  In the meantime, feel free to join my Creative Soul Circle on Facebook where I release private moon meditations for those who are interested. Creative Soul Card & Challenge for the New Moon in Virgo

Jacko invites himself to all the best parties by Kathy Crabbe

This New Moon we're going to journey deep, deep, deep within our hearts to seek and find what lies within.

So, take a moment to envision the color of love, whatever color that may be for you. Then feel it pouring over you and enveloping you like a waterfall, like snow, like a warm, plush blanket, like a clear blue sky.

I pulled this card (to the left) just for this New Moon and although it's more of a Gemini card we'll stick with it to see where it takes us, keeping in mind that Virgo and Gemini share the same ruling planet, Mercury.

So, the stage is set for a party; not usually Virgo's style, but definitely in her bag of tricks - she is mutable after all and loves to talk!

Now envision yourself at a Fall Party; the perfect party while asking yourself some questions: What kind of party is it? who is the host? describe the guests, the food, the decor, the setting, the music, the conversation, the time of day, what you're wearing, the theme etc. Make it your perfect party. Don't over-think it either - whatever pops into your head.

Could you perhaps make this vision a reality in some way or another? It doesn't have to be to the letter. What parts of your your party could you implement and when could you do it? So do it! Then report back in your journal or in my Creative Soul Circle with all the juicy details titling your post "My New Moon Perfect Party".

Prints of Jacko are available here.

Virgo's Creative Soul Song We are all perfect as we are in this moment in perfect grace We shine We dance We dine We are perfection Perfection Divine

Affirmation: "My perfect party awaits. I'm off!" Affirmation: My perfect party Virgo Altar Suggestions from my Zodiac Goddess Playbook Color: green Gemstone: sapphire Herb: valerian Food: oats Animal Spirit: cat Goddess: Changing Woman

And last, but not least don't forget to set your New Moon intentions for the moonth ahead. I'll be checking back in with all of you at the next Full Moon to see what's flowered!

Blessed Be.

Kathy Crabbe Guiding Your Creative SoulABOUT KATHY CRABBE I am a Canadian born, self taught intuitive artist and creative soul guide currently living and working in a desert valley of Southern California surrounded by ancient oaks and an elfin forest. I live in a home created by my husband that we share with our cat and dog muses, Spartacus and Abby. I’ve been drawing since age two and offering creative soul guidance since 2008.

What is Your Gift?

Kathy Crabbe, Ande was ready for any adventure, 2003, mixed media on paper, 8x10”.Kathy Crabbe, Ande was ready for any adventure, 2003, mixed media on paper, 8x10”. 

This blog post has been a long time in coming folks, so thank you for caring. There have been many tears,  many goodbyes and much love and prayers shared with family and friends in the last two months, but as Denis says, "life goes on" and so it does, and so too does this blog.

I said goodbye to my birth mother Sally (I'm adopted) and to my Grandad (her father) over the last couple of months and I also spoke at my Grandad's Celebration of Life.

But, my news is, that my newest project is to be dedicated to Sally. It is both new and old; a project near and dear to my heart since it's infancy in 2000. As you may have guessed from the artwork above, my newest project involves the 'lefties' as they are affectionately known, or more formally as the Creative Soul Cards.

These cards meant a whole lot to Sally and me and to Sal's New Moon group of best friends. One Christmas I presented Sal with a New Moon Kit based upon my New Moon Class and we meditated, pulled cards and shared intentions at the New Moon during that visit. Afterwards Sal started her own New Moon Circle with several good female friends. The 'lefty' cards were a big part of this.

At Sal's Memorial I met up with these friends and we cried and talked a lot about Sally. Her friends told me how much this spiritual group meant to Sal during her last months and how much the Creative Soul Cards touched all their hearts and encouraged them to write and share their hopes, dreams and intentions with each other every month.

So, I'd like to dedicate these Creative Soul Cards to you, dear mum and I will continue to teach this class and share these cards with others just as you shared yourself with us by showing us what love is and how to be in love. That was your gift and this is my gift to you.

So, stay tuned folks, I'm working on getting this Creative Soul Deck published along with a guidebook. It will probably accompany my class which I currently teach online but would like to teach in person next.

P.S. The Creative Soul Card pictured above, "Ande was ready for any adventure" was one of the last cards I pulled for Sally and so it was fitting that Ande turned up today for my first "Lefty" post. And, just like Ande, Sal was ready for any adventure and I trust she's on her next big adventure right now.

Sal and Denis Manitoba Rapids, OntarioSally & Denis

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul

Visit with the Angels

Kathy Crabbe, She who dwells, 2012, acrylic, charcoal and pastel on canvas, 48 x 48. This morning I requested one last vision in honour of the Scorpio Super Moon and the Angels showed up (Glory Be!) They took me all over the planet and I saw and learned and absorbed and asked many questions until finally I'd earned my wings. What did it? Well, when I gave it all up - surrendered - stopped trying. And then all that was left was a voice and a vision. I could see beauty everywhere and in everything and I know my responsibility is to share this. I'm not giving up!

What I saw: Cages and boxes and prisons of criticism and guilt and pain and commerce that we've built with our thoughts, minds and hearts.

Why I'm not giving up ~ Bragsheet

  • LOVE (first and foremost)
  • Been a full time professional artist since 2000
  • Been onstage in Hollywood with Michelle Shocked and one of my 'Lefty' characters called "Ginny" enlarged to life size as part of her International Women's Day Show
  • Founded a very popular writing group, "The Writer's Cafe" and an artist's critique group
  • Exhibited my art for 7 years at Laguna Beach's renowned Sawdust Art Festival
  • Created and taught the most popular Divine Feminine eClass of the year at the Wise Woman University
  • As a Creative Soul Guide I have given 100's of clairvoyant and mediumship readings including written and illustrated transcripts
  • Demonstrated silk painting on HGTV
  • Written, illustrated and published many chapbooks and ebooks including The Goddess Astrology Playbook
  • Created 4 decks of oracle cards including The Creative Soul Cards
  • Participated in 20 plus annual art fairs over the past 20 years (which means at least 400 and counting)
  • Participated in many gallery & museum shows with work in permanent collections of museums and libraries
  • This year (as of June 2012) have participated in 10 art exhibits, including 3 library exhibits in May alone
  • I am the messenger ~ are you ready?

Enter Goddess No. 1 or How to dream a new reality

Kathy Crabbe, Goddess No. 1, 2012, acrylic, charcoal & pastel on canvas, 48 x 48” I can feel a new series of paintings coming on and as usual, the idea came to me at a low point when I needed it the most. After a very dark conversation with a good friend I penned an equally dark blog post, then after 24 hours I realized that it didn't even sound like me so I nixed it and began to go deeper.

As I sat and stared at my current painting in progress I asked for a vision and then I meditated. Next, I found myself in a swirling, milky green crystal where I encountered a fire spirit and so I dallied a while and when I came to I had the idea for a new series to be called: The Lost Goddess Series and of course my last painting (see below) just had to Goddess No. 1

Connecting with the fire spirit reminded me of all the work I've done in the psychic realms and as a Creative Soul Guide and teacher of the eClass, Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul and it made me wonder why I had not brought these 2 realms together in my new work. And when I asked that question, POOF everything fell into place and it made sense why this last painting had a female face within it.

I am hoping to commune further with this Goddess to see if she will tell me her name and what kind of magical qualities she has, so stay tuned!

My Facebook friends suggested these names for her: Egyptian Pagan Alien Samurai TimePiece Silent Dancer Horns of the Moon Torn Coatlicue Gently Rising Inner Currents Trip to the dentist

*This painting is available for purchase, please email Kathy Crabbe for more info*

Notes from The Seth Material

Subjectively speaking, you are everywhere surrounded by your own greater reality, but you do not look in the right places. You have been taught not to trust your feelings, your dreams, or your imagination precisely because these do not fit the accepted reality of facts.

They are the creator of facts, however. In no way do I mean to demean the intellect. It is here, however, that the tyranny of the fact world holds greatest sway. The intellect has been denied its wings. Its field of activity has been limited because you have given it only facts to go on.

Each event of your life is contained within each other event. In the same way, each lifetime is contained in each other lifetime. The feeling of reality is "truer" then in the dream state. You can become consciously aware of your own dreaming. You can also allow your "dream self" greater expression in the waking state. This can be done through techniques that are largely connected with creativity.

Creativity connects waking and dreaming reality, and is in itself a threshold in which the waking and dreaming selves merge to form constructs that belong equally to each reality. You cannot begin to understand how you form the physcial events of your lives unless you understand the connection between creativity, dreams, play, and those events that form your waking hours. In one respect dreams are a kind of structured unconsious play. Your mind dreams in joyful pleasure at using itself, freed from the concerns of practical living. Dreams are the minds' free play. The spontaneous activity, however, is at the same time training in the art of forming practical events.

From The Nature of The Psyche, A Seth Book by Jane Roberts


March Update: Creative Soul Museletter

Dear Creative Souls, So much has happened since my last "Museletter" and I've got loads to share! Key word being DISCIPLINE!

Cactus and adobeEach day I sketch plein air (outside), often at my neighbour's home who has incredible grounds to explore. It's just like visiting a botanical garden - all sustainable and water-wise too, lots of cactus (a few of my drawings can be found here). After that I lift weights, suntan (plenty of vitamin D to be had in Southern California), drink a smoothie with about 15 different things in it, work on the internet (I'm trying to keep this to 1 hour minimum to break my addiction, ya know what I mean?...hint, hint Facebook!) Then I work on printmaking and painting, take a walk at sunset with my black dog Abby and finish off with situps and pushups. I've also come to realize that I need to draw and paint EVERYDAY and I'm hear to tell you that the well does not run dry! ie. keyword being discipline. I also still love giving astrology and creative soul readings, so if you're wondering what's become of me, I'm still here!

It's almost Spring ~ Woohoo! (Fall for my friends down under). Also, future Museletters will be much less chatty and more announcement-style to keep you posted on my upcoming art exhibits because I know your time and mine is precious! If you want more 'Chatty Kathy" please do subscribe to my blog where I've been posting at least once a week, by signing up here (look on the right hand side of the page). Now for the good stuff: where to find me and my current work!

Exhibitions Read-Red Fallbrook Library V1, monoprint, 6.25 x 10.25 inches. Dixon Fish has organized an exhibition of fine art prints at the Fallbrook Library featuring artists from the North County San Diego Printmakers group and surrounding areas.

I'll be exhibiting hand pulled prints from my BodyPrint Healing Series. These prints are part of a process of healing I've undertaken through art-making.

Exhibition dates: March 8 - April 27 Reception: March 16, 5-7pm


Local Author ExhibitMoon Musings Volume 1 San Diego Public Library

This is an annual event open to local authors. The physical exhibit is now over but selected books will be available for viewing at the San Diego Library.

I exhibited two books, Moon Musings Volume 1 and the Goddess Zodiac Playbook which are currently available as ebooks. Moon Musings Volume 1 was written over one year's time in conjunction with each month's new moon. Affirmations and creative exercises were originally shared on my blog and in my Divine Feminine eClass. The Goddess Zodiac Playbook was written and painted over one month's time in conjunction with the moon's passing through each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. I interpreted each zodiac sign as a goddess rather than the more typical male interpretation.

Online Exhibit


PNET Member's Print II Exhibit Paradise Bird, aquatint, 4 x 6 inches. Riverside Art Museum

The Printmakers Network of Riverside County organized this exhibition.

I am exhibiting an aquatint created at Palomar College in their now defunct printmaking program. This print was an early experimental piece incorporating several techniques I was in the process of learning including the use of non toxic waterbased Akua inks.

Exhibition dates: February 2 - April 7

ArtscapeOf gods and angels, acrylic, pastel and charcoal on silk, 48 x 48 inches. Riverside County Administrative Center

The Riverside Arts Council organized this ongoing exhibit of local artists.

I am exhibiting two pieces from my Journey Into Intimacy Series. This current body of large abstract acylics is based upon my exploration of embodying intimacy through every part of my life so as to welcome and invite greater intimacy into my life.

Exhibition dates: October, 2011 - March, 2012

Save the Date

March,  Verse to Image Exhibit, RCAA Gallery, Riverside, California May 6 - June 24, Solo Exhibition, San Marcos Library, San Marcos, California

Recommendations & Links

New gallery in Temecula: Wine Country Art Gallery at Van Roekel Winery Dorland Mountain Arts Colony ~ Spring open house photos (painting plein air with 2 artist groups) My eClass: Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul is now self-study Creative Soul Readings Facebook


Sparkly Blessings!Kathryn V. Crabbe Kathryn V. Crabbe

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