Visit with the Angels

Kathy Crabbe, She who dwells, 2012, acrylic, charcoal and pastel on canvas, 48 x 48. This morning I requested one last vision in honour of the Scorpio Super Moon and the Angels showed up (Glory Be!) They took me all over the planet and I saw and learned and absorbed and asked many questions until finally I'd earned my wings. What did it? Well, when I gave it all up - surrendered - stopped trying. And then all that was left was a voice and a vision. I could see beauty everywhere and in everything and I know my responsibility is to share this. I'm not giving up!

What I saw: Cages and boxes and prisons of criticism and guilt and pain and commerce that we've built with our thoughts, minds and hearts.

Why I'm not giving up ~ Bragsheet

  • LOVE (first and foremost)
  • Been a full time professional artist since 2000
  • Been onstage in Hollywood with Michelle Shocked and one of my 'Lefty' characters called "Ginny" enlarged to life size as part of her International Women's Day Show
  • Founded a very popular writing group, "The Writer's Cafe" and an artist's critique group
  • Exhibited my art for 7 years at Laguna Beach's renowned Sawdust Art Festival
  • Created and taught the most popular Divine Feminine eClass of the year at the Wise Woman University
  • As a Creative Soul Guide I have given 100's of clairvoyant and mediumship readings including written and illustrated transcripts
  • Demonstrated silk painting on HGTV
  • Written, illustrated and published many chapbooks and ebooks including The Goddess Astrology Playbook
  • Created 4 decks of oracle cards including The Creative Soul Cards
  • Participated in 20 plus annual art fairs over the past 20 years (which means at least 400 and counting)
  • Participated in many gallery & museum shows with work in permanent collections of museums and libraries
  • This year (as of June 2012) have participated in 10 art exhibits, including 3 library exhibits in May alone
  • I am the messenger ~ are you ready?

The Creative Soul Guides® aka Lefty Oracles


Kathy Crabbe, her Lefty Art & Michelle Shocked onstage in Los Angeles: Campfire Show Me, Michelle Shocked & Ginny (a Lefty)  at The Campfire Show International Women's Day, Hollywood, 2003.

In 2001 I began drawing exclusively with my non dominant left hand. I called these drawings 'talking heads' because they all had funny little names and no necks. Five years later I had enough Lefty drawings to inhabit a whole world  and I had completely lost track of which hand I was using when I picked up a brush or pen. I like to tell people that I began the Lefty Series because my overly dominant right hand lost it's sense of humour, but really I just needed to shake things up a bit.

Left handed people are disproportionately represented in the creative professions - Turning on the right brain is a skill and one that grows stronger the more you work at it ~ Martha Beck, Oprah Magazine.

A Lefty drawing & a Polaroid of Donna posing as a Lefty.

Facing Fears or Stuff the Lefties Got Me Into

- Guided by a dream I turned my Lefty drawings into an oracle card deck for giving online psychic readings.

Over a five year period of painting more than 500 Lefties I discovered that my psychic abilities were increasing to the point where I just HAD to share these gifts by giving Creative Soul Readings.

- Participated in a six month long psychic-mediumship circle or English Traditional Healing Circle to hone and develop my intuitive skills PLUS overcame a lifelong fear of merging onto freeways (at age 42!).

- Started writing poetry again. I created projects such as Gadfly, a series of Lefty Chapbooks that morphed into Songs of the Lefties, a Postcard Zine (sixteen  issues in all with monthly subscribers) and a book titled Odds & Ends - A Collection of Friends - Recipes, Rhymes & Incantations.

- Started a Writer's Group to meet writers and showcase the Lefties. The group became quite popular and was featured in the local newspaper.

Action words for right brain thinking: compassion, an open heart and a willingness to be supportive, joyful and at one with the universe.

- Started signing my art as Kathy Crab rather than Crabbe and introduced myself as 'Kitty' at various writing events - it just fit in a Lefty kinda way.

- Invited by Los Angeles musician and activist, Michelle Shocked along with Martha of The Muffins, an NPR (National Public Radio) talk show host, and the Radical Teen Cheerleaders to speak out about our art processes at Michelle's 2006 Campfire Series in Hollywood, California in celebration of International Women’s Day. I was absolutely terrified when Michelle first suggested I speak to a large group, but then she introduced me with her song, 'When I grow up I want to be an old woman'  and I was just fine.

- Began a performance art project during which I snapped Polaroids of local people posing as Lefties  (see Donna in the photo above) and had them sign their Polaroids with a funny nickname while using their non dominant hand.

- The Lefties offer guidance to students of my Divine Feminine eClass being offered at the Wise Woman University online and in person in lots of other places where they are known as Moon Muses. They are intuitive guides and question askers that offer  insight and wisdom along with exercises to heal and inspire.

Moon Glory. Watercolor on paper, 8 x 10 inches. © 2005 by Kathy Crabbe

I will always call the Lefties best friends.  They continue to inspire, amuse and guide us all. I feel that many spiritual practices and people are lacking in humor. Many of us long for laughter and lightness to express our inner joy and playfulness  so that's what myself and the Lefties are here to do.

The Lefties and I enjoyed these comments very much:

"You must travel to some secret place when you create them" ~ Jennice Hyden, Acupuncturist

"Zen-like" ~ Mary Fleener, Cartoonist.

"The world needs more of your kind of clever silliness" ~ Linda Brunker, Sculptor

"Self esteem boosting" ~ Los Angeles Times, Calendar Section

"I've never seen anything like it...I laughed out loud" - Michael Pontacolini, Spoon Magazine

"Beauty, colorful, pretty, delicate, Murano glass come to life almost too beautiful to touch...I fall in love with the Klimt-inspired drawing...I am charmed. An aging art snob with a guerilla aesthetic. I flip through card after card and start scheming ways to steal K. Crab's work. Beg her to keep drawing!" Andree LaChapelle, Broken Pencil Magazine

"They're so delicate, succinct, playful, refreshing" ~ Susan Mrosek, Artist/Author

The Creative Soul Guides gently and intuitively encourage us to face our fears and experience creative breakthroughs.

Creative Soul Guide Cards - Set of Four is 15.00

You can check out loads more Lefties on Flickr, order a Creative Soul Reading here or purchase your favorite Lefty  originals and prints here.

Kathy Crabbe Bio Drawing  NEW shop!

LeftyLand ~ Art by Kathy Crabbe ~ where inspiration grows in unexpected places

Money Healing with Crystals - "Today is a Giving Day"

Featured Etsy Jeweler of the week: Barb from Strands of Light

Touching the earth in any of its forms is healing and powerful for me.

I sincerely appreciate the beauty of gem quality cut stones but my heart opens a little wider each time I experience the energy of organic earthy stones filled with inclusions and matrix.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher in my other life. If you would like the stone you select energized with Reiki prior to shipping to enhance its natural healing energy please let me know and I will be happy to do so for you.


Theme: Money Healing
Mantra: “Today is a Giving Day”

Crystal Healing is a powerful and intuitive method for healing yourself, but the best part is you get to wear a beautiful gemstone in the process! Gemstones can be worn, carried, dreamed with or placed on the body for healing.

Always cleanse your stones first before using them for healing with moonlight, sunlight, running water or sage. Watch out for fading or chipping with the more delicate stones.

Third Eye Chakra Healing:
Begin by lying down and placing a piece of green Kyanite on your third eye - between your eyebrows.

Let yourself be guided towards practicality in the money realms and tell yourself, "money is neutral." Ask yourself the question, “What can I give and what would I like to receive?”

It is difficult to give without any attachment to receiving. Feel your body release and relax into non-attachment, let your shoulders drop and feel a newfound sense of freedom – the freedom of non-attachment. But what if (the mind gremlins chime in!) no one wants what you have to give?!

Heart Chakra Healing:
Place green Kyanite over your heart and experience how the act of giving without expectation feels. Just giving may feel odd at first - you may feel like you have to get something back in return.

Root Chakra Healing:
Place green Kyanite on your pelvis area and repeat the words, “today I am practical” and then ask yourself, “how am I supported?”

Are you supported by your faith?

Polarity Balancing
While holding the stone in your left hand feel beauty.
While holding the stone in your right hand feel spirituality.
Believe in Yourself.

Dreaming with Kyanite
Ask yourself this question before placing Kyanite under your pillow and going to sleep, “what are the practical real-life benefits of sharing?”

Green Kyanite Healing Poem
A stone speaks,
A jeweler listens,
fashioning beauty,
for all to see.

Today I gifted a Soul Reading to someone who I discovered at random in the Etsy forums and in doing so have made a new friend - she has hearted my Etsy shop, become a follower of my blog, signed up for my newsletter, sent me a video of Michelle Shocked singing my fave song (the one she introduced me with when I joined her on stage in Hollywood with one of my Lefty characters) and also wished me this as well, "May the Reading be a wonderful and blessed experience for you as the Reader also." All this from one tiny act of giving! It kinda feels like I put out a call for the perfect person and she heard it and replied! Now, imagine doing that on a much larger scale, the possibilities are amazing!

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