Virgo Full Moon o Plenty o Cats

This Full Moon blog post is bound to come out, whether I'm ready or not! All night it wrote itself into my dreams.

Happy Full Moon in Virgo,
Luv, Kathy Crabbe
Soul Reader + Artist

As per my spiritual mentors' advice I'm continuing to ADD to my website not SUBTRACT because...ALL is Goddess.

So, that means I'm very busy adding the artwork that is by far the most loved and popular work I've ever created and that's my LuLu in Laguna series painted on silk during my 8 years in Laguna Beach, California - a paradise I found myself in during my 30's and where it all began.

During a re-birthing session during my Saturn Return (around the age of 30 when we all experience this major astrological transit/turning point) my entire business plan came to me. During that first year of business I did close to 30 art/craft shows with my handpainted silk art clothing, journals, silk earrings, prints, originals and cards. Then I got into the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach and things took off like CRAZY! I did that show for 7 years until we moved to Temecula, California where we currently live.

Below are my LuLu in Laguna CATS to start with and dogs, fairies and mermaids are being added daily.

Kathy & Spartie

About Kathy Crabbe

Kathy is a soul reader, artist, teacher, author, and witch who’s mission in life is to be of service, both through the healing heart magick of her artwork and her spiritual readings.  She finds magick everywhere but especially in the quiet of nature, books and amongst the wild things; her constant companions in both Temecula, California and in Ontario, Canada where she lives part of each year with her architect husband and two dogs, Abby & Djinn Djinn.

Kathy Crabbe @ Irvine Fine Arts Center - Holiday Faire

Irvine Fine Arts Center Holiday Faire featuring Kathy Crabbe & others

Kathy Crabbe, Mittens, 2004, silk dyes on silk, 5 x 7".

I will be exhibiting and selling work from my LuLu in Laguna Series; hand painted silk cards, prints and originals inspired by the mermaidalicious Laguna Beach, California where I spent 8 delightful years frolicking with mermaids, water-dogs and garden cats. I also participated in the Sawdust Art Festival, a two month art show originally started in the 1960's by Laguna Beach artists.

30th Annual Irvine Holiday Faire @ Irvine Fine Arts Center Nov. 2, Friday, 5-9 pm Nov. 3, Saturday, 9-4pm 14321 Yale Avenue (in Heritage Park) Irvine, California Directions *I'm by the front desk reception, as always*

Kathy Crabbe at Black Cat Gallery

Black Cat Gallery in San Juan Capistrano is now selling a HUGE selection of originals, prints and cards from my LuLu in Laguna Series. This series was inspired by eight years living in mermaidalicious Laguna Beach, California where I spent much time frolicking about with artsy types, red-headed mermaids, water-dogs and garden cats as well as exhibiting my art for eight years at the Sawdust Art Festival.

Kathy Crabbe @ Black Cat Gallery 26755 Verdugo San Juan Capistrano, California, 92675 949-422-4959

Boxed card sets can also be purchased online in my Etsy Shop.

Visit with the Angels

Kathy Crabbe, She who dwells, 2012, acrylic, charcoal and pastel on canvas, 48 x 48. This morning I requested one last vision in honour of the Scorpio Super Moon and the Angels showed up (Glory Be!) They took me all over the planet and I saw and learned and absorbed and asked many questions until finally I'd earned my wings. What did it? Well, when I gave it all up - surrendered - stopped trying. And then all that was left was a voice and a vision. I could see beauty everywhere and in everything and I know my responsibility is to share this. I'm not giving up!

What I saw: Cages and boxes and prisons of criticism and guilt and pain and commerce that we've built with our thoughts, minds and hearts.

Why I'm not giving up ~ Bragsheet

  • LOVE (first and foremost)
  • Been a full time professional artist since 2000
  • Been onstage in Hollywood with Michelle Shocked and one of my 'Lefty' characters called "Ginny" enlarged to life size as part of her International Women's Day Show
  • Founded a very popular writing group, "The Writer's Cafe" and an artist's critique group
  • Exhibited my art for 7 years at Laguna Beach's renowned Sawdust Art Festival
  • Created and taught the most popular Divine Feminine eClass of the year at the Wise Woman University
  • As a Creative Soul Guide I have given 100's of clairvoyant and mediumship readings including written and illustrated transcripts
  • Demonstrated silk painting on HGTV
  • Written, illustrated and published many chapbooks and ebooks including The Goddess Astrology Playbook
  • Created 4 decks of oracle cards including The Creative Soul Cards
  • Participated in 20 plus annual art fairs over the past 20 years (which means at least 400 and counting)
  • Participated in many gallery & museum shows with work in permanent collections of museums and libraries
  • This year (as of June 2012) have participated in 10 art exhibits, including 3 library exhibits in May alone
  • I am the messenger ~ are you ready?

Press Enterprise Artist Spotlight: CRABBE FOCUSES ON MIND, BODY, SPIRIT



Artist Kathy Crabbe has chosen to address issues of the mind, body and spirit in her artwork. She uses an intuitive, spontaneous and process oriented approach to her work in a variety of mediums.

Crabbe studied art in Canada where she shaped many of her artistic themes as she studied the female form and women’s studies. She moved to Laguna Beach California and exhibited at the Sawdust Art Festival for seven years. Her work has continued to evolve and embody more humor and playfulness during those years. Living in Southern California also injected a brighter color palette into her work.

In 2000 she moved to Temecula where she now lives and works while she displays her artwork throughout the Southern California region. Throughout During her time in California she has also expanded her studies in printmaking and other media, taking courses and workshops from well known local artists such as Dixon Fish, Helen Shafer Garcia, Amber George and Leslie A. Brown.

In 2008 she started working on a series entitled “Journey into Intimacy” which consists of mixed-media paintings using charcoal, pastels and acrylics applied to smooth surfaces, using both conventional and unorthodox tools and methods. She has been known to use garden rakes, sponges, house painting brushes, fingers and other body parts as she layers and scrapes the surface.

In the “Journey Into Intimacy” series, patterns and symbols are repeated and serve to evoke deep emotions and reverence for the spirituality of nature. “I depict an inner landscape of the senses. Part dream, part yearning and part sacred symbol, the work stems from a holistic perception of the world. Emotions are spiritualized into divine patterns pre-existing in nature — the circle, a seed pod,” states Crabbe.

“Crabbe’s mixed-media paintings and prints are a journey into the forgotten parts of the self; those places, both emotional and physical, that are rejected, neglected, or under-valued in our corporatized and sanitized culture. These neglected places exude a dark kind of beauty and complexity as they form themselves in her work. This work is a foray into sweetness, light and danger all at once. It is deep intimacy — a deliberate mirror and an intent of reclamation. I look forward to following this series,” said Tangerine Bolen, executive director at Revolution Truth.

Crabbe’s BodyPrint Healing series of printmaking includes etchings and monoprints in which she again uses a variety of techniques and methods this time to explore transformative healing through the work.

“Instead of falling victim to pain and suffering, these feelings can instead be transferred onto paper, objectified, transformed and healed,” Crabbe said.

“Kathy’s artwork caught my eye as soon as she arrived at the Mt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery to submit her work for the show I was curating. I was pleased that she brought with her both an etching and a print, representative of a range of her work. The monochrome color palette was both soothing and inviting, and I was beckoned to look more closely at the images to see what they had to say to me. The pieces, both part of the BodyPrint Healing Series, had a lot to say about the healing and release that can be experienced when making art. I was more than pleased to include “V Etch” and “V 1” in Your Face Here: The Modern Self-Portrait and I look forward to seeing Kathy’s art on display in the future,” said Leslie Paprocki, curator, Your Face Here: The Modern Self-Portrait.

Crabbe exhibits extensively throughout Southern California. She is a member of the Plein Air Artists of Riverside (PAAR) and the Printmakers Network at the Riverside Art Museum (PNET) as well as a member of the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony in Temecula.

Crabbe will have work in several upcoming shows including a one day solo show at the Sun City Library on Sunday, May 27, 2012, Art and Earth: My Art, My World at the Murrieta Public Library, Tuesday, May 1 through Saturday, June 30 with an opening reception on Saturday May 5 from 2 to 4 p.m., and she will have an additional solo exhibit at San Marcos Library from Sunday, May 6 to Tuesday, June 24, 2012.

For more information visit the artist’s website at Article Source