Virgo Full Moon o Plenty o Cats

This Full Moon blog post is bound to come out, whether I'm ready or not! All night it wrote itself into my dreams.

Happy Full Moon in Virgo,
Luv, Kathy Crabbe
Soul Reader + Artist

As per my spiritual mentors' advice I'm continuing to ADD to my website not SUBTRACT because...ALL is Goddess.

So, that means I'm very busy adding the artwork that is by far the most loved and popular work I've ever created and that's my LuLu in Laguna series painted on silk during my 8 years in Laguna Beach, California - a paradise I found myself in during my 30's and where it all began.

During a re-birthing session during my Saturn Return (around the age of 30 when we all experience this major astrological transit/turning point) my entire business plan came to me. During that first year of business I did close to 30 art/craft shows with my handpainted silk art clothing, journals, silk earrings, prints, originals and cards. Then I got into the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach and things took off like CRAZY! I did that show for 7 years until we moved to Temecula, California where we currently live.

Below are my LuLu in Laguna CATS to start with and dogs, fairies and mermaids are being added daily.

Kathy & Spartie

About Kathy Crabbe

Kathy is a soul reader, artist, teacher, author, and witch who’s mission in life is to be of service, both through the healing heart magick of her artwork and her spiritual readings.  She finds magick everywhere but especially in the quiet of nature, books and amongst the wild things; her constant companions in both Temecula, California and in Ontario, Canada where she lives part of each year with her architect husband and two dogs, Abby & Djinn Djinn.