A New Moon in Gemini Meditation & Blessing

How to Create A New Moon Meditation Circle

Last night during the New Moon in Gemini, someone on Twitter asked me what I was doing to celebrate the New Moon, so I thought I would share the experience with my readers. With each New Moon I set up a special circle with all the elements represented, eg. North/Earth is represented with flowers, East/Air with feathers, South/Fire with a candle, West/Water with a chalice of water and God/Goddess/GreatSpirit/Divine/Father Earth/Mother Sky is represented by me standing in the center of the circle, acting as the connecting link. I then bless (with sage) and call upon my ancestors, spirits, guides, angels and elementals for the highest good of all concerned to help guide me into this Gemini lunation. I meditate with my crystals, sometimes work with my oracle cards, play my Native American flute, dream on occasion, and then write it all down. Afterwards I go counter-clockwise around the circle, blessing and thanking all the elements and finally closing the circle.

Gemini's New Moon Teaching

Gemini teaches us how to work in the now, like finding magic in the everyday, like dreams at night, like sudden small revelations. It's the joy of the search, not the end result that matters so much. The fun part is asking questions, not so much about the answers.

Gemini energy never feels too weighty or intense or heavy - think 'butterflies' all glittery and gauzey.

Working with a Dow Crystal

But it was my work with the Dow Quartz Crystal that really took me to another plane of Geminian consciousness as I held one Dow Crystal in each hand during my meditation and dreaming.

Of all the Quartz Crystals, the Dow manifests the most perfect geometry. Working with this Crystal can be a tremendous help in healing the heart chakra. Experiencing the Divine Essence in our hearts, even for a brief moment, lays the foundation upon which unconditional love can be built. This Crystal teaches us that the external pain of others need not be claimed as our own. The Dow Crystal assists us in identifying with and becoming perfection instead of living with pain.

Find Out Where Gemini Lies in Your Natal Chart

In my natal astrological chart Gemini rules my North Node which relates to my karmic mission (or at least part of that mission, the other part lies in the second House, the Taurus House.) My work as a soul reader is all about quickening, lightening and airing out whatever has become sodden, heavy, a dead weight.

My readings bring insight of course, but also fairy blessings, sparkly and mercurial. There is healing and joy in a soul reading but the REAL WORK is always up to you!

Lefty & Righty Artwork

The drawing to the right is part of my Lefties Series (all drawn with my non dominant left hand.) The Gemini painting at the top is from a Goddess of Astrology Series that I painted for a book of Meditations I created back in the 1990's.

You can learn about soul readings on my website - www.KathyCrabbe.com
I also offer a New Moon Soul Reading here.

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Money Healing with Crystals - "Today is a Giving Day"

Featured Etsy Jeweler of the week: Barb from Strands of Light

Touching the earth in any of its forms is healing and powerful for me.

I sincerely appreciate the beauty of gem quality cut stones but my heart opens a little wider each time I experience the energy of organic earthy stones filled with inclusions and matrix.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher in my other life. If you would like the stone you select energized with Reiki prior to shipping to enhance its natural healing energy please let me know and I will be happy to do so for you.


Theme: Money Healing
Mantra: “Today is a Giving Day”

Crystal Healing is a powerful and intuitive method for healing yourself, but the best part is you get to wear a beautiful gemstone in the process! Gemstones can be worn, carried, dreamed with or placed on the body for healing.

Always cleanse your stones first before using them for healing with moonlight, sunlight, running water or sage. Watch out for fading or chipping with the more delicate stones.

Third Eye Chakra Healing:
Begin by lying down and placing a piece of green Kyanite on your third eye - between your eyebrows.

Let yourself be guided towards practicality in the money realms and tell yourself, "money is neutral." Ask yourself the question, “What can I give and what would I like to receive?”

It is difficult to give without any attachment to receiving. Feel your body release and relax into non-attachment, let your shoulders drop and feel a newfound sense of freedom – the freedom of non-attachment. But what if (the mind gremlins chime in!) no one wants what you have to give?!

Heart Chakra Healing:
Place green Kyanite over your heart and experience how the act of giving without expectation feels. Just giving may feel odd at first - you may feel like you have to get something back in return.

Root Chakra Healing:
Place green Kyanite on your pelvis area and repeat the words, “today I am practical” and then ask yourself, “how am I supported?”

Are you supported by your faith?

Polarity Balancing
While holding the stone in your left hand feel beauty.
While holding the stone in your right hand feel spirituality.
Believe in Yourself.

Dreaming with Kyanite
Ask yourself this question before placing Kyanite under your pillow and going to sleep, “what are the practical real-life benefits of sharing?”

Green Kyanite Healing Poem
A stone speaks,
A jeweler listens,
fashioning beauty,
for all to see.

Today I gifted a Soul Reading to someone who I discovered at random in the Etsy forums and in doing so have made a new friend - she has hearted my Etsy shop, become a follower of my blog, signed up for my newsletter, sent me a video of Michelle Shocked singing my fave song (the one she introduced me with when I joined her on stage in Hollywood with one of my Lefty characters) and also wished me this as well, "May the Reading be a wonderful and blessed experience for you as the Reader also." All this from one tiny act of giving! It kinda feels like I put out a call for the perfect person and she heard it and replied! Now, imagine doing that on a much larger scale, the possibilities are amazing!

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