Interview with Angel Healer & Skin Therapist, Ann Melanson

Ann Melanson An Interview with Ann Melanson Angel Healer & Skin Therapist Website: New Moon Skin Therapy Burlington, Ontario, Canada

1. How did you first become interested in spirituality?

As long as I can remember I knew that my life encompassed a spirituality beyond that of the dogma of being raised a Roman Catholic.  From the age of around eight or nine, I was able to recognize my sense of clairsentience although at the time I knew little of that term.  These feelings that would show up during times of turmoil or worry would allow a sense of calmness and peace to flow through my soul and I would know that everything would be okay.  Around the age of ten I started journaling, which was an awesome tool to strengthen and develop my intuition.  As I matured I began to use meditation and astral projection to quiet and cool the fever of home sickness.

2. How did you learn to trust your intuition?

My biggest area of opportunity while working as a psychic/intuitive healer is found in the area of living to the best of my ability. I remind myself to live each day in the moment of what is happening and treat others as I expect to be treated. 

3. What advice can you give to others who are seeking to develop and strengthen their intuition?

The Archangels offer this message for growing your intuition: "Express yourself and awaken your psychic sense through the magical power of music and movement!" Also, To be closer to spirit one can connect with nature and keep “green” wherever possible.

4. What is the most rewarding part of the intuitive and spiritual work you do and the least rewarding? Examples please!

The most rewarding experiences come from seeing the joy in people whom I have helped to achieve peace and clarity. My client, Roberta had a session of Reiki followed by an angel card reading. When the session was completed Roberta had a much clearer understanding  of why she had such a troubled relationship with her mother.  Robyn wrote:  “My reading was great...Ann is a very unique and loving soul. It was a great experience.  Ann pegged me right on; she could see and feel my eternal being.”

5. What is your greatest gift or strength and how do you apply that gift to helping women?

As I see it my greatest gift is my intuitive ability.  I am passionate about the empowerment of women through education in the choices we have available.  I encourage women to be responsible for their feminine health as well as their spiritual and emotional balance.  I ask every woman to take at least one day a week and place themselves on the top rung of their ladder.  Use this time to honor your soul and to move towards illumination of your life’s purpose.

Fairy in the Raw. Watercolor on paper, 8 x 10 inches © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe

6. Which of my Creative Soul Guide® Cards resonates with you the most and why?

The Creative Soul Guides reach out to me and make me smile and they resonate with me on different levels. There are four that if put on a marquee would be the lead roles in the production of my life.

1. “I Refuse To Take Sides” ~ in my role as a mom of three.

2. “Salti” ~ in my role as life partner. I have been called a salty sea woman as my words can be peppery but at the end of the day all are fed, warm and content!

3. “Millie Peppery Performer and Star of Her Own Planet” ~ in my role as a sister - my four siblings would perhaps agree!

4.“Fairy in the Raw” (see image to the left) ~ in my role as Psychic/Intuitive Healer, because what you see is what you get. Fairy in the Raw also resonates the strongest with me as I am an in-the-closet-nudist with an ongoing passive/aggressive relationship with my wardrobe!

7. Is there a message coming through from your guide(s) right now that you feel we should know about?

The Archangels have asked me to share the following message: "It is safe for you to be powerful and take charge of your life in positive ways!"

8. If you could be any flower, what would it be?

A dandelion…lol even though most would classify this as a weed!  Dandelion has many healing properties.  In the end of my dandelion life I would love to turn fluffy and white and have a child pick me to make a wish.

Ann’s Bio: Ann began her career as a free-lance makeup artist/esthetician working with big names such as Schwarzkopf, Christian Dior and CBC Television.  Knowing that her life was destined to encompass a spiritual theme, she found herself presented with an opportunity to obtain her Reiki Level II through a well-known Reiki Master of the Usui tradition. Using her gift of intuitive ability, she continues to enlighten many people using methods such as Angel Card Readings, Psychometry, Reiki, Past Life Regression Therapy and Chakra Balancing.  Ann believes in the empowerment of women and the expression of individuality through love, understanding and enlightenment.  She shares her living space with three children, a life partner and many furry and feathered outdoor friends.

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A Twitter Conversation About Intuition

Alicia (Twitterer):

I am trying to trust my intuition but the hardest aspect right now is knowing it's there and not knowing how to use it, or at least develop it. I have tried meditation, reiki and meditation on the root and 3rd eye chakra. I have been reading up on it and trying to study as much as I can. I have talked to psychics and other intuitives. I have asked my guides directly, and so on.
I have found the clairaudience (clear hearing) stronger during reiki. The guides will talk to me and tell me where to go next or what to do, or provide guidance and affirmations that the client needs to hear (and sometimes repeat?) I will see the symbol I need to use, or sometimes other insights. It's random, sometimes things just float across the mind, but I am not always certain that its intuition telling me something or just the mind. This insight used to get me in trouble a lot, especially as a kid. I am an empath, but didn't know how to control it and it took a toll on me. Now I am pretty good at blocking it almost completely. I hesitate to open it but I know that sometimes it's needed. Since my reiki attunements (level 2) the desire has strengthed. I feel like a sponge right now just soaking everything in and not knowing what to do with the info, or what to believe. How did you develop your abilities, and get control over them?

My Response (via email):

I developed my abilities in a six month long class that met weekly, where we worked on each other doing psychic readings and medium-ship. I find that working live, in a group, is the best way to learn things - it's so experiential, and it helps to have real live people to share stories and experiences with, and to ask questions also. In regards to trusting your intuition, that does take time and practice, that's for sure! Since starting to do readings online, on etsy I have probably given over 700 or so readings since August of 2008, and I have asked for feedback and chatted with every single person who I have read for, so that is how I built up my confidence, and yes, I's a lot of time and confidence building, but I felt I needed it, to really learn to trust myself and my intuition.

Patience Required!

I guess I should also add that I've spent a lot of time meditating, doing yoga, attending workshops and energy healings, living in nature, enjoying peace and quiet, working with tarot, celebrating the seasons, doing ritual and going to lectures, etc. - it's become a whole way of life that's led up to where I am at this very moment, but it sure didn't happen overnight!

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Love is Pain - A Lodestone Healing

This Lodestone pendant was created by healing arts jeweler Verda Brown: As a healer, I believe some type of healing or blessing is imparted to the bearer along with a piece selected according to what attracted the person to begin with.

are naturally magnetic pieces of iron ore. Iron ore becomes magnetic due to lightning striking it over an extended period of time. This is more likely to happen in areas such as mountain tops, where large expanses of iron ore are exposed. Lodestones are considered to be very powerful and sacred by cultures that value blacksmithing and lightning deities.

Lodestone has quite the magical and healing history: it was originally used by sailors over two thousand years ago to create the first compasses, and it was also popular with prostitutes who used it to attract male customers to their bed.

Healers use Lodestone (often in pairs) to help break through energy blocks, repel negativity and help the physical body regain its balance and strength.

Feeding Lodestones: Many traditions consider the Lodestone to be a "living stone" and recommend feeding and watering it by sprinkling it with iron shavings or magnetized sand sprinkled.

Ann's Struggle with Psoriasis:
Today we will look at Ann and her lifelong struggle with psoriasis.

Ann's Story:
Love is pain
is psoriasis
is protection, like armour
against vulnerability
against love
against pain.

Ann's Dilemma:
What if there was no more pain...does this mean there is no more love either?
Drinking dulls the pain.
Making love is just sex and it means nothing.

A Crystal Healing Exercise for Psoriasis -
Healing the Mind/Body Split with Lodestone:

- I recommend adding these simple crystal healing exercises to your everyday routine.
- You can also work with Lodestone by holding it in your hand and brushing it just above the affected area.
- Make sure to cleanse your lodestone after every session; a simple sage smudge or your favorite cleansing ritual should be enough.
- Note: Magnetic jewelry should not be worn by pregnant women or by persons with pacemakers or defibrillators without first checking with your primary care provider.

Exercise 1 - A 3rd Eye Chakra Healing & Teaching:

Place lodestone on your 3rd eye (between your eyebrows)while lying down.

By giving with love I receive love.
Love begets Love.

Warning: this is a powerful stone and may cause old buried feelings to re-surface, along with pain and nausea if over-used.

Exercise 2 - A DreamWork Teaching:
Try sleeping with a piece of lodestone under your pillow.

Tell your story, blog it, tell us about your pain, your psoriasis - let it out, unfiltered, use a pseudonym if necessary.
Step 1. Release your story
Step 2. Tell a live person, face-to-face
Step 3. Keep tabs on why and when your psoriasis flares up - track your emotions
Step 4. Report back in 1 week with your progress!

Something To Ponder:
Imagine the healing that is taking place right now if we consciously focus on releasing our pain and healing through telling. The danger is that we become addicted to "spilling the beans." Are you a blabber or a secret-keeper?

In Summary:
- A lodestone can be worn, carried or slept with under your pillow.
- Ann's Story will be continued on the next New Moon so please check back for an update.
- Please do write in and share your own personal lodestone healing journey.
- My Blessings go out to all of you who are brave enough to heal yourself.

Most of my soul readings involve work with healing crystals. You can book a soul reading here.

Money Healing with Crystals - "Today is a Giving Day"

Featured Etsy Jeweler of the week: Barb from Strands of Light

Touching the earth in any of its forms is healing and powerful for me.

I sincerely appreciate the beauty of gem quality cut stones but my heart opens a little wider each time I experience the energy of organic earthy stones filled with inclusions and matrix.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher in my other life. If you would like the stone you select energized with Reiki prior to shipping to enhance its natural healing energy please let me know and I will be happy to do so for you.


Theme: Money Healing
Mantra: “Today is a Giving Day”

Crystal Healing is a powerful and intuitive method for healing yourself, but the best part is you get to wear a beautiful gemstone in the process! Gemstones can be worn, carried, dreamed with or placed on the body for healing.

Always cleanse your stones first before using them for healing with moonlight, sunlight, running water or sage. Watch out for fading or chipping with the more delicate stones.

Third Eye Chakra Healing:
Begin by lying down and placing a piece of green Kyanite on your third eye - between your eyebrows.

Let yourself be guided towards practicality in the money realms and tell yourself, "money is neutral." Ask yourself the question, “What can I give and what would I like to receive?”

It is difficult to give without any attachment to receiving. Feel your body release and relax into non-attachment, let your shoulders drop and feel a newfound sense of freedom – the freedom of non-attachment. But what if (the mind gremlins chime in!) no one wants what you have to give?!

Heart Chakra Healing:
Place green Kyanite over your heart and experience how the act of giving without expectation feels. Just giving may feel odd at first - you may feel like you have to get something back in return.

Root Chakra Healing:
Place green Kyanite on your pelvis area and repeat the words, “today I am practical” and then ask yourself, “how am I supported?”

Are you supported by your faith?

Polarity Balancing
While holding the stone in your left hand feel beauty.
While holding the stone in your right hand feel spirituality.
Believe in Yourself.

Dreaming with Kyanite
Ask yourself this question before placing Kyanite under your pillow and going to sleep, “what are the practical real-life benefits of sharing?”

Green Kyanite Healing Poem
A stone speaks,
A jeweler listens,
fashioning beauty,
for all to see.

Today I gifted a Soul Reading to someone who I discovered at random in the Etsy forums and in doing so have made a new friend - she has hearted my Etsy shop, become a follower of my blog, signed up for my newsletter, sent me a video of Michelle Shocked singing my fave song (the one she introduced me with when I joined her on stage in Hollywood with one of my Lefty characters) and also wished me this as well, "May the Reading be a wonderful and blessed experience for you as the Reader also." All this from one tiny act of giving! It kinda feels like I put out a call for the perfect person and she heard it and replied! Now, imagine doing that on a much larger scale, the possibilities are amazing!

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