A Twitter Conversation About Intuition

Alicia (Twitterer):

I am trying to trust my intuition but the hardest aspect right now is knowing it's there and not knowing how to use it, or at least develop it. I have tried meditation, reiki and meditation on the root and 3rd eye chakra. I have been reading up on it and trying to study as much as I can. I have talked to psychics and other intuitives. I have asked my guides directly, and so on.
I have found the clairaudience (clear hearing) stronger during reiki. The guides will talk to me and tell me where to go next or what to do, or provide guidance and affirmations that the client needs to hear (and sometimes repeat?) I will see the symbol I need to use, or sometimes other insights. It's random, sometimes things just float across the mind, but I am not always certain that its intuition telling me something or just the mind. This insight used to get me in trouble a lot, especially as a kid. I am an empath, but didn't know how to control it and it took a toll on me. Now I am pretty good at blocking it almost completely. I hesitate to open it but I know that sometimes it's needed. Since my reiki attunements (level 2) the desire has strengthed. I feel like a sponge right now just soaking everything in and not knowing what to do with the info, or what to believe. How did you develop your abilities, and get control over them?

My Response (via email):

I developed my abilities in a six month long class that met weekly, where we worked on each other doing psychic readings and medium-ship. I find that working live, in a group, is the best way to learn things - it's so experiential, and it helps to have real live people to share stories and experiences with, and to ask questions also. In regards to trusting your intuition, that does take time and practice, that's for sure! Since starting to do readings online, on etsy I have probably given over 700 or so readings since August of 2008, and I have asked for feedback and chatted with every single person who I have read for, so that is how I built up my confidence, and yes, I know...it's a lot of time and confidence building, but I felt I needed it, to really learn to trust myself and my intuition.

Patience Required!

I guess I should also add that I've spent a lot of time meditating, doing yoga, attending workshops and energy healings, living in nature, enjoying peace and quiet, working with tarot, celebrating the seasons, doing ritual and going to lectures, etc. - it's become a whole way of life that's led up to where I am at this very moment, but it sure didn't happen overnight!

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