Our Twitter Conversation Continues - Finding the Perfect Teacher

Dana (Twitterer): You're right, it's difficult to put these (metaphysical) experiences into words. It changed me forever to see these (energy) forms and to know without a doubt that there's more going on than just the physical. That's helped me with 'trust' a whole lot! But it also gives me a longing feeling...for more. I would love a teacher to come into my life and help me to cultivate this relationship.

My Response:
I have also longed for the perfect teacher. I did find a teacher who provided a space for a group of us to learn psychic-mediumship and that was perfect for the time, but I feel as though I've spent my whole life just looking for that perfect teacher and never finding them! So, in the meantime I have worked with my guides, read tons of books, gone to various lectures, emailed folks I admire, and taken classes, in combination with my own spiritual practice - a whole smorgasbord that somehow, all together created a wonderful patchwork learning experience! So my advice is to work with what you've got on hand and just be open and ready for a teacher that may be appear in a form that is entirely unexpected!

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