A Twitter Conversation about Energy Reading

Dana of NineTomatoes (Twitterer): I do have lots of questions about how you read energy...

I've had several experiences over the last couple of years where an energy form appears to me, grows to a massive size, works me over with a lovely healing and then disappears. It's a fantastic thing and happens when I least expect it.

What do you see, how do you know what/who it is, how do you read it?
How do you read others' energies? How did you get started?

That's enough to get going, and I so appreciate you talking freely about this. I'm a novice and so curious!!

My Response (via email):

It sounds like you are experiencing something very positive and that is always a good thing :) Your 'energy form' experience sounds like dreams I have also experienced!

I have learned to trust what I see with my inner eyes, based upon practice and experience - this builds trust - but it wasn't easy! I trust what I see, because I have had confirmation from others, but I also have had confirmation in my own life. I know that feelings are key, and what is important is learning to trust what we feel, especially in regards to our own personal safety and well-being.

I got started on a serious level by just being ready and asking the universe for guidance, and being open to whatever presented itself to me. I have been presented with spiritual guidance from friends who introduced me to spiritual living through food, through music, through living spiritually; in so many different ways. When I decided that I wanted to get really serious is when I just happened upon a psychic-medium teacher who taught a group of us on a weekly basis about how to do psychic-mediumship readings. Everyone's path is different, so don't follow any one's else path but your own; listen to your heart and your soul and trust in your own guidance above all.

It's Not So Easy
As I read over my response, it just feels so trite and short, but as most of you already know, the really good stuff is hard to put into words - I know exactly what Dana is going through, and I've lived through it myself, but it takes time to develop trust and faith in yourself, some people take longer than others, but if you can keep a hold of that still small flame that burns deep within you, and keep the faith alive, I know you will find a way to trust in yourself, and in doing so, connect with the Divine, the Way, the Path, the truth that you so long to live and be.

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