Hopeless Romantic and Piscean Jeweler, Melissa Trice

Featured Full Moon Artist - Shell necklace and Earrings Set Pisces Full Moon August 24, 2010 10:04 am pdt Spotlight on Piscean Jeweler, Melissa Mayes Trice Shop: Melissa Trice Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Being a Pisces definitely influences the creation of my handcrafted jewelry. Pisces are creative beings often drawn to the sea and influenced by water. We tend to be intuitive, romantic, imaginative, subtle, and mystical daydreamers although I take issue with some of the traits attributed to Pisces.

The symbol for Pisces is two fish moving in opposite directions representing the conflicting desires of flesh and spirit. I too have conflicts in this area. I am a corporate queen during the day, but my true desire is to make a living selling my beautiful handcrafted jewelry. I'm also a day-dreamer and you will often find me staring and smiling and dreaming up some really great jewelry creation while in my own little world. I will get out my bead board and some beads and stones and just start placing them soon finding myself in a zone all by myself where I can create anything. I sometimes become attached to one of my creations and want to keep it for myself and then there is conflict, but the business woman inside of me overrules this selfishness so that I can focus on profit instead.

My creativity is usually inspired by my mood and reflects my feelings at any given time.

Pisces, Melissa Trice

I am a hopeless romantic and my wedding necklace and earring sets reflect this romantic, feminine side. Crystals and pearls together envelope the senses and exude romance & femininity and I feel very honored that someone would want my creations to be a part of their special day. Crystals are so mystical and reflect the light so magnificently which only intensifies with the movement of the wearer, but don't stare you may become transfixed!

Pisces are also know for their compassion and I also like to spend time volunteering with Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Aquarian Artist, Hayley Juster

Full Moon in Aquarius July 25, 2010 6:36 pm pdt

Aquarian Artist Spotlight on Hayley Juster Richardson, Texas, United States Shop: jadewolf06

I can relate to Aquarius as the mind-changer; I'm always so eager to try out a new idea as soon as I think of it. I also can relate to Aquarian stubbornness; I'm able to finish things, but usually the wrong things that I haven't fully thought through, so sometimes I'm left pounding my head against a wall! I first started drawing and painting in the seventh grade, shortly after retiring from a childhood spent singing and performing due to a sudden dose of stage fright.

The Aquarius in me is full of questions and creative thoughts and I find that painting helps me channel my thoughts into visual compartments. I've always been an actor and a hand waver not a verbal person and honestly, I didn't think I would continue painting for as long as I have. I thought I would get back into singing and performing, but I'm still here at the age of twenty-four having painted for over ten years, and I'm still enthusiastic - painting has proven to be the one steadfast thing in my life.

Acting took a lot of will power, and I always tried to improve and would often end up feeling disappointed with myself. Being a painter is like breathing, so being an air sign really helps me see the value in this kind of work coming so easily. I plan to start up a business running a consignment art store and metaphysical shop. My challenge is to follow through on the correct things, not just keep continuing down the wrong path because I think I have to. I have started a website for my artwork and an Etsy shop to sell my favorite pieces. Originally I wanted to be a doctor, engineer and environmentalist, but after six years of college I couldn't make up my mind so I've landed on this role, and am breathing more easily now.

Aries New Moon Rainbow Revolution!

Aries New Moon April 14, 2010 5:29 am PDT

This Aries New Moon get ready to wake up, make a fresh start, move fast and speak up. I discovered this month's Australian Aries artist (with a Libra Moon) in the Etsy Forums and I'm sure her vibrant, colorful, fun approach will help wake you up in a delightfully wild way!

Leanne Lonergan Sydney, Australia Shop: rainbowrevolution.etsy.com Blog: rainbowrevolution.blogspot.com My name is Leanne Lonergan and I am a fabric artist, colour therapist, colour consultant and teacher. Colour is the basis and motivating force in everything I enjoy doing! Aries Sun, Libra Moon and Rainbow Revolution ~ Lift your spirits with colour!

My Sun is in my fourth house and my Moon in the eleventh, so life for me is all about striking a balance between being ‘out there’ and being at home. I work from home which is ideal for me because I'm at my creative best there.

hand dyed cotton rainbow bed wrap

Well, the first thing you might imagine about someone with an Aries Sun would be a pioneering, initiating kind of personality and I guess in a way my creativity is like that. I am a fearless experimenter and I don’t really make plans before I do something. I usually just jump straight in and assess my work when I am finished. I tend to plunge fearlessly into whatever takes my fancy often with no thought of the consequences until they have shown themselves.

This shows up in my work in the form of bright, bold splashes of wild colours side by side. I work with a sense of freedom and abandon and have no fear of trying any combination. Sometimes it is pleasing and sometimes it isn’t, but I always ask myself, “What is the worst thing that can happen?” Although the Ram inside me does sometimes go bolting off across the field running helter skelter until I hit the fence!

rainbow striped hand dyed cotton stretch leggings

I will get an idea in my head and I have to drop everything I am doing to pursue it then suddenly I look up and hours have passed and the family is starving. Feeling rather dazed I emerge from my workshop, spent but content. I do like to see results quite quickly and am certainly not the type to take up anything that requires small fiddly detail. My craft and art cupboards are a testament to this and are absolutely full of all different kinds of mediums and supplies. I don’t know of anyone who has more coloured pencils, coloured threads, wool, fleece, paints, inks etc than I do!

rainbow hand dyed cotton fabric head scarf

Then there is my Libra Moon, the direct opposite to my Sun sign. My Moon helps me find balance in what I do both aesthetically and emotionally. I know when my Moon is shining because this is when I am attracted to harmonious colour schemes and gentle tones and I often use a lot of pinks and greens, but always with my Sun in charge of the action. My Moon comes into play when I am doing colour consultations, always striving to find the balance, that point on the scales that is neither one nor the other, but is however, quite complete.

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Pisces New Moon Bohemian Jeweler, Lynn

New Moon in PiscesMarch 15, 2010 12:01 pm PDT

Take time to celebrate the New Moon in Pisces by listening deeply with your whole soul as you become acutely aware of your feelings allowing your sensitivity to feed you. This month's New Moon artists are Lynn - a spiritually inclined self proclaimed bohemian jeweler from Montreal, Quebec and and Heavy Metal artist, Steff Green from Auckland, New Zealand.

Lynn - Les Bijoux Créa-Lune

Shop: lesbijouxcrealune.etsy.com Blog: lesbijouxcrealune.blogspot.com

I am a true Piscean with all the traits of my sign: easy going, instinctive, compassionate, sensitive, imaginative and artistic. It is so obvious to me that Pisces draws me in a certain direction along which something develops through my imagination.

Creating is a form of dreaming for me and where I find my peace. Sometimes I get so completely absorbed in my environment and my jewelry making that I tend to exclude everything else and find it difficult to come back to reality. I rarely put my designs on paper unless it’s a custom order, preferring instead to begin my designs with a feeling, an idea that inspires me through creative process. I tend to follow my intuition which I consider a gift.

Frame of Thought - River Shell Framed Pendant

When I was younger I used to form mental images of things that I had never before perceived in reality. On the other hand, I sometimes feel that some of my best work comes from outside of myself. I am very critical about my work and myself. Sometimes my jewelry doesn’t turn out the way I imagined and I get frustrated and start to doubt my work. On the positive side, the Piscean symbol features two fish swimming in opposite directions and I feel that this duality allows me to have confidence in my work and myself once again.

Vintage Style Moonstone and Brass Earrings

Most Pisces take the easy way out in life and never attain the degree of recognition that they deserve - we have to stop doubting ourselves. A good example of this is the under pricing of my work. One thing I sometimes regret is not having enough ambition in life and not being motivated enough to go through with some of my previous objectives because I didn’t believe I could do it. I lacked confidence in myself. Today at 50, I am more self-assured than I have ever been. I am finding peace and despite my sensitive personality, I am a survivor. When life is hard to take, I create my own reality and I find that meditation helps to calm the internal struggle within my soul.

Pisces have a mysterious way of figuring out what a person needs. When I work directly with my customers, I often have a sense of which necklace will bring out their personality. I also find that receiving feedback for my work is really significant, it's what keeps me going.

Amongst the Waves - Mother of Pearl, Silver and Bubble Asymmetrical Necklace

Always yearning for new sensations. I have done a lot of traveling to remote places not yet discovered by most and have really absorbed different cultures and art. Pisces are often stimulated by water and especially the ocean. I started making jewelry while traveling in Costa Rica many years ago when I had once again packed up and left everything behind. Being a typical Pisces bohemian I learned the basics of jewelry making by the ocean. I have been evolving ever since and am exploring new techniques, styles and mediums in my work.

With time I have learned to channel my psychological penchants into various forms of art as I walk the path of the mystic becoming truly conscious of the great mystery playing through the waters of awareness.

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