Hopeless Romantic and Piscean Jeweler, Melissa Trice

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Being a Pisces definitely influences the creation of my handcrafted jewelry. Pisces are creative beings often drawn to the sea and influenced by water. We tend to be intuitive, romantic, imaginative, subtle, and mystical daydreamers although I take issue with some of the traits attributed to Pisces.

The symbol for Pisces is two fish moving in opposite directions representing the conflicting desires of flesh and spirit. I too have conflicts in this area. I am a corporate queen during the day, but my true desire is to make a living selling my beautiful handcrafted jewelry. I'm also a day-dreamer and you will often find me staring and smiling and dreaming up some really great jewelry creation while in my own little world. I will get out my bead board and some beads and stones and just start placing them soon finding myself in a zone all by myself where I can create anything. I sometimes become attached to one of my creations and want to keep it for myself and then there is conflict, but the business woman inside of me overrules this selfishness so that I can focus on profit instead.

My creativity is usually inspired by my mood and reflects my feelings at any given time.

Pisces, Melissa Trice

I am a hopeless romantic and my wedding necklace and earring sets reflect this romantic, feminine side. Crystals and pearls together envelope the senses and exude romance & femininity and I feel very honored that someone would want my creations to be a part of their special day. Crystals are so mystical and reflect the light so magnificently which only intensifies with the movement of the wearer, but don't stare you may become transfixed!

Pisces are also know for their compassion and I also like to spend time volunteering with Big Brothers/Big Sisters.