Gemini New Moon Spotlight on Spiritual Healer Tiffany Wilson

This month's New Moon in Gemini Spotlight is on Spiritual Healer Tiffany Wilson who just happens to have Gemini Rising.

Your Rising Sign or Ascendant describes your outward personality, kinda like a business card. It also describes how you initially approach things.

Spotlight on:  Tiffany Wilson from Elemental Enchantment

Tiffany Wilson of Elemental Enchantment

1.       What originally got you started as a spiritual healer? 

It was the realization that I had already been doing spiritual healing for all of my friends and family because it just came naturally for me.  

From a very early age in life I realized that I could see certain things about people that they couldn't see in themselves, and with deep empathy communicate this to them in just the right way.  

It was natural for me to take up tarot as a tool for aiding seekers, including myself, in seeing life and healing from a different perspective.

2.       What do you like best about your job?

Connecting with people in great depth and watching them as they meet themselves through flashes of insight and intuitive inspiration.  Those moments are what make my heart overflow.

3.       Spiritually, who has inspired you the most, and why?

Elle North from Drawing Within was my first exposure to learning about reading tarot.  Once I discovered that her teaching style spoke to my soul, I was anxious to take more of her classes.

When I learned to reconnect and trust in my intuition, I was able to amplify that with others.  

Another person of great interest to me is Madame Helena P. Blavatsky.  She was a psychic medium and a pioneer of the occult, not to mention way ahead of her time.  Although she was considered an outcast, she was comfortable enough with herself and her experiences to continue her life’s work.  To me this is a symbol of her integrity and dedication to bringing the messages she did to the world.  I find this so very inspiring.

4.       How did you decide what specialty to focus on as an intuitive?

I found myself being pulled toward what came most naturally to me.  This wasn’t really a conscious decision, so much as a surrender to what the universe was calling for me to do.  I followed my intuition.  There was a class for tarot (with Elle) offered in my Facebook feed and deep down inside I knew it was something I desired to do.  At that time I didn’t realize how it could be used as a tool for healing myself and others.

5.       How does your Rising Sign (Gemini) influence your work?

Being a Gemini Ascendant allows me to take my gifts into a social setting and tempers my introverted nature.  My powers of observation are keen and I am constantly mentally active, which means that I have a lot to say and many ways in which to say it.  It is easy for me to create an analogy with which to gain the understanding of a client. 

6.       If you had to choose a spirit animal to describe yourself, what would you choose and why?

My spirit animal is the hawk.  The hawk is known for having powerful vision and for flying very high above the earth in the sky.  This allows the hawk to see things other people and animals cannot see.  Also, it is a bird of prey, which is a symbol for leadership and intellectual action.  Hawk is connected with the air signs and spiritually symbolizes intuition, which is my greatest tool.

7.       What advice do you have for others who are just starting to develop their intuitive, healing side? 

Focus on what your intuition tells you about everything.  Journal about unexplainable moments where you just simply know things, and were right.  Give your intuition the credit it deserves.  

Meditate daily to connect with your intuition.  

Use the power of knowing to help others know themselves in a loving and medicinal way.  Show others how to connect with their intuition.  Take classes that teach you different ways to connect with, or deepen your connection with your intuition.

8.       What’s next?

I have created space in my spirit for whatever the universe decides I need to be involved in.  I plan on learning more about developing my business and strengthening my knowledge of tarot.  Ultimately, I would love to be a creator of my own tarot deck, just like you!

More About Tiffany
Hi there , I'm Tiffany Wilson and I'm here to bring out the beauty and strength in all I come into contact with. By pushing past my perceived limitations in all I do, I show others what it is to be who they really are. I live a life of passion and in everything I love, my originality is showcased. Meditations, hot baths and all things in nature bring me comfort. I love listening to philosophy, records and podcasts.
I fancy myself crafty, enjoy exploring the depth in all things and take wayward pleasure in exploring the occult with all of its mysteries. Intimate conversations and deeply rooted moments of silence are ways to my heart and writing and journaling bring a smile.
If you walk away from an experience with me feeling better about yourself, then I've done my job. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can as not only are things I have listed here passions of mine, but so are you.

Awaken Your Divine Feminine Creative Fire

The Divine Feminine Fire by Teri Degler

The Divine Feminine Fire by Teri Degler

Today's Creative Soul Spotlight is on Teri Degler, author and co-author of ten non-fiction books including The Divine Feminine Fire; Creativity and Your Yearning to Express Your Self.

Teri will be my guest in the Creative Soul Circle this month (September 2011) where she will be available to answer all your questions. The Circle is a women-only support group and social site that is free to join.

An Interview with Teri Degler

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What fears did you break through to write this book?

The biggest fear was that – in spite of having had nine other books published -- I couldn’t do it. I simply would not be able to pull it off. And then – as I tell the story in the book – I completely collapsed in fear when the arrangement I had with my former publisher fell apart. I realize now that part of the reason I had so much trouble with this was that, in my mind, having I had a major publisher for the book validated it and validated me in some way. I didn’t have the inner faith in my self or in the book that I needed.

Do you have any advice for women struggling with fear?

In The Divine Feminine Fire I talk about the battle between divine love and fear and the fact that love is always capable of conquering fear. This love is the active power of the divine. St. Hildegard von Bingen called this fiery power Caritas or Sophia. The ancient yogis called it Shakti – the cosmic divine feminine. But the important thing for those of us who struggle with fear is that this inner power is accessible! It is embodied in each one of us. We simply have to tune into it – through prayer, meditation, creativity exercises like the ones that are in the book – and allow it to flow through us. Like any spiritual practice this requires practice!

(Unfortunately, trying to summarize this makes it all sound a bit glib! Fear is part of the “unenlightened” human condition; it is something we face continually and meet on different levels as we grow and progress. This is certainly true for me at any rate!)

How does it feel when you’re ‘in the flow’ of creation?

Although I imagine this experience is different for everyone, it is no coincidence that we use the word “flow” when we refer to these types of experiences! There really is a sense of something – call it a force, an energy, whatever you will – flowing through you. For me, when I am really writing at the deepest level, the world around me fades away and nothing exists but images conjured up by what I’m writing. It feels like I am floating in time and space. It is also very blissful. For me this is connecting to the divine feminine – the creatrix of the universe and the creative force within each one of us. But there is also a lot of work with writing – for me that’s when my inner divine masculine comes into play – a constructive critical side that edits, rewrites, and rearranges so the work is as clear as it can possibly be.

(I want to make it clear at some point that I believe the Divine – God, the Absolute, the Great Spirit, whatever you want to call it – is beyond gender. It is neither masculine nor feminine. However, I also believe the Divine exists in terms of an inner divine masculine and divine feminine and that the Divine expresses itself in this kind of polarity throughout the universe. Indeed we experience life itself in terms of polarity – male/female; light/dark; yin/yang; positive/negative electrical charges, and on and on…)

When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?

Nobody has ever asked me that before! I wanted to be a singer because my older half-sister had a wonderful voice and I idolized her. But after being demoralized by music teachers who told me I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket I gave up. Fortunately, I also love to draw and was quite good at it so I turned my sights to becoming an artist. A year of being an art major in university convinced me this wasn’t the right path for me. Now I realize that it was the yearning to express myself that was the important thing. According to interpretations of the age-old yogic texts, this deep-seated longing can be thought of as the voice of Shakti – the cosmic divine feminine – propelling us along the path of spiritual transformation…

How has writing The Divine Feminine Fire transformed your life?

Exactly in the way I describe in the answer above. The ancient yogis described Shakti as what today we could call an evolutionary force – we can also think of it as a sort of spiritual transformative “energy”. And there is only one spiritual transformative energy; it doesn’t matter whether we call it kundalini-shakti, jeng chi, dumo fire, or Holy Spirit – it is the fire of the spirit within that transforms us and brings us closer to the Divine. Writing a book about ancient women mystics and seemingly ordinary, everyday women today who are experiencing this transformative power in their lives gave me a chance to really focus on that very same force and to really feel and experience it in my own life.

Teri Degler

Teri Degler

How can we, as women best contribute to this crucial time in human history and can you share some real life examples from your own life?

We simply need to express this force in our lives – whether it is in our creative expression, the creative thinking we bring to solving either our own problems or the world’s, or the hands-on work we do to make the world a better place. Mahadevi – a medieval yogini – described it as being filled with the “precious juice of grace”. Once filled with this grace she then poured it back into the world in the form of her writing and in the efforts she made to ease the suffering she saw around her.

In the book I talk about four steps involved in expressing this force. First, be able to recognize this power. This is why I describe the divine feminine from the Hindu, Christian, and Jewish traditions in the book – so we can know her and know how she works in our lives. Second, we need to practice sitting with/simply being with this power – we need to be comfortable with holding this power in our bodies. Third, we need to listen to what she is telling us – really hear the guidance that is being given to us. Then we can come to the last step, which is allowing this precious juice of grace to flow upwards, outwards, and onto the world which needs it so badly.

There are examples in the book of women who did this. Anya, for instance, came up with an extremely creative and exciting way to start a big environmental movement in her home town. And right now one of the other women whose earlier story I told in the book is in India working passionately with the Global Peace Initiative of Women to create an international, interfaith centre aimed at helping to bring the values and wisdom of the feminine into contemporary spirituality and society.

What is the most important message you would like to convey through your book?

This is directly linked to your question above. This transformative spiritual force – that is embodied within us! – is transforming us and we can use that power to transform the world. And I absolutely believe it is our responsibility as human beings – and especially as empowered women! – to do just that.

Who or what do you find yourself returning to over and over again to inspire your Divine Feminine creativity?

Personally I really love to keep reading the age-old yogic and Tantric texts that describe the transformative power of the divine feminine. But I get much of my day to day inspiration from the women I’ve met and continue to meet who are doing incredibly inspiring work in the world. I tell one these women’s stories in each issue of my newsletter: I’m also posting their pictures, a bit about why they are inspiring, and their websites on my new Face Book community page, and I’m in the process of starting an “Inspiring Women Inspiring Women” page on my website. So everyone can check them out and get inspired!

What is the most difficult part of following your creative passions?

Fear. It seems I have to keep coming back to this and facing new levels of self-doubt every time I face a new challenge.

What advice can you offer to women who are seeking to reignite their Divine Feminine fire?

The four steps above. Learn to recognize the divine feminine. Become ever more comfortable holding this great power in your body. Listen to what it is telling you. Express it. (And, remember, you can’t express it if you don’t create a certain amount of time and space in your life for doing so!)

When you look back on all the research, writing and interviewing you did for The Divine Feminine Fire, what one thing stands out the most, as if it’s been burned into your memory for all time?

That this divine feminine force is real – that the active power of divine love is real – that the “light within” is real – and that they are all the same thing!

What is your next project going to be about, can you give us a hint?

I am thinking about writing a book about the spiritual journey I’ve been on – it has had painful, heartbreaking moments and many really whacky, funny moments too… I would be very nervous if this were going to be a book about “me” – but I think it could be me as a writer being a sort of “lens” on the spiritual journey from the late 1960s on – and a way of sharing the absolutely amazing people I’ve met, things I’ve seen, and experiences I’ve been blessed – and, admittedly, sometimes tortured! – to have had. But there are about ten other books I’d like to write too!!

About Teri

Teri Degler

Teri Degler

Award-winning writer Teri Degler is the author/co-author of ten books including The Fiery Muse: Creativity and the Spiritual Quest (Random House of Canada). A long-time student of yoga philosophy and mystical experience, Teri has taught workshops in the United States and Canada and made numerous media appearances. Her freelance writing has appeared in Family Circle, More Magazine, Today’s Parent, The Toronto Star and many other publications. Her latest book, The Divine Feminine Fire: Creativity and Your Yearning to Express Your Self, recently became a #10 Bestseller in two spiritual categories. See

Craft for Misfits: An Interview with Michelle Riley

This month's special guest in my Creative Soul Circle is Aussie Artist Michelle Riley of Threefold Designs: 'Craft for Misfits'. Sign up here for the Creative Soul Circle ~ it's free! Michelle Riley: Craft for MisfitsInterview with Michelle Riley

What aspect of creating your art do you find the most enjoyable?

The design and execution of my art is the most enjoyable to me … especially stitching!

What originally got you started?

I went to Art School after high school, but although I knew I wanted to be an artist, I hadn’t found a medium I ‘clicked’ with.  It was only afterwards that I was inspired by the designs of Kaffe Fassett, and realized that needlepoint was the medium that suited me.

Who has inspired you the most creatively, and why?

The aforementioned Kaffe Fassett (, who is a creative and colour genius!  I am also inspired by hearing stories of other artists who have made a living doing what they love.

How did you decide what medium to work in?

I’m not sure why needlepoint struck a chord with me – I think it’s because wool is so earthy, grounding and textural.  I also like the fact that needlepoint isn’t considered ‘cool’ – it’s a challenge convincing people that it can be ;)

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art?

To be honest, I’ve never really thought about conveying a message at all … I just do what makes me happy, and what is aesthetically pleasing to me.  If others love it, then that’s fantastic!  I do like to encourage people to learn cross stitch though.

If you had to choose a fruit or vegetable to describe yourself, what would you choose and why?

Rambutan – it’s weird looking, some people really love it and some people really hate it!  And yes, I can be a bit spiky at times ;)

Michelle Riley Stitching: Craft for MisfitsIf you had to choose one other medium in which to display your creativity, what would that be and why?

Woven tapestry!  This is what I am studying at the moment (in my second year of a 6 year diploma), and I hope to create one-of-a-kind pieces that complement my needlepoint kits.

What advice do you have for others who are just starting to develop creatively?

Seriously, just do it!  Don’t sit there thinking ‘oh, I’m not good enough’ – get out there are do what makes you feel happy!  Don’t worry about what other people think – the judgement is only as relevant as the judge ;)

What role does spirituality play in your creative life?

An enormous role!  My designs are ‘given’ to me by particular entities that want to make themselves known to me.  My very first design was Moon Phases, and I did this when I started studying Astrology.  Other designs came about after I was ‘visited’ by entities wanting their portraits done … for example, Hathor wouldn’t leave me alone until her design was done.  One day I set it aside to do something else, and the whole frame came crashing down (I still don’t know how!).  All was well when I started working on it again!

Do you have any business or marketing tips for other artists/crafters?

I’m probably not the best person to ask, since I’m still learning this myself!  If anyone reading this has any suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them ;)

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Life is all about doing what makes you feel good!  If you are thinking to yourself ‘I’d always like to be trying that’, then get out there and do it – you’re never too old, or not good enough to find your passion in life.

Michelle's Links: Threefold Needlepoint Shadowplay (Michelle's goth/dark wave radio show)

Each month in the Creative Soul Circle you'll meet a different guest and have an opportunity to interact with them in person. The Circle also features a Moon Musing Group; a support group for women.