Gemini New Moon Spotlight on Spiritual Healer Tiffany Wilson

This month's New Moon in Gemini Spotlight is on Spiritual Healer Tiffany Wilson who just happens to have Gemini Rising.

Your Rising Sign or Ascendant describes your outward personality, kinda like a business card. It also describes how you initially approach things.

Spotlight on:  Tiffany Wilson from Elemental Enchantment

Tiffany Wilson of Elemental Enchantment

1.       What originally got you started as a spiritual healer? 

It was the realization that I had already been doing spiritual healing for all of my friends and family because it just came naturally for me.  

From a very early age in life I realized that I could see certain things about people that they couldn't see in themselves, and with deep empathy communicate this to them in just the right way.  

It was natural for me to take up tarot as a tool for aiding seekers, including myself, in seeing life and healing from a different perspective.

2.       What do you like best about your job?

Connecting with people in great depth and watching them as they meet themselves through flashes of insight and intuitive inspiration.  Those moments are what make my heart overflow.

3.       Spiritually, who has inspired you the most, and why?

Elle North from Drawing Within was my first exposure to learning about reading tarot.  Once I discovered that her teaching style spoke to my soul, I was anxious to take more of her classes.

When I learned to reconnect and trust in my intuition, I was able to amplify that with others.  

Another person of great interest to me is Madame Helena P. Blavatsky.  She was a psychic medium and a pioneer of the occult, not to mention way ahead of her time.  Although she was considered an outcast, she was comfortable enough with herself and her experiences to continue her life’s work.  To me this is a symbol of her integrity and dedication to bringing the messages she did to the world.  I find this so very inspiring.

4.       How did you decide what specialty to focus on as an intuitive?

I found myself being pulled toward what came most naturally to me.  This wasn’t really a conscious decision, so much as a surrender to what the universe was calling for me to do.  I followed my intuition.  There was a class for tarot (with Elle) offered in my Facebook feed and deep down inside I knew it was something I desired to do.  At that time I didn’t realize how it could be used as a tool for healing myself and others.

5.       How does your Rising Sign (Gemini) influence your work?

Being a Gemini Ascendant allows me to take my gifts into a social setting and tempers my introverted nature.  My powers of observation are keen and I am constantly mentally active, which means that I have a lot to say and many ways in which to say it.  It is easy for me to create an analogy with which to gain the understanding of a client. 

6.       If you had to choose a spirit animal to describe yourself, what would you choose and why?

My spirit animal is the hawk.  The hawk is known for having powerful vision and for flying very high above the earth in the sky.  This allows the hawk to see things other people and animals cannot see.  Also, it is a bird of prey, which is a symbol for leadership and intellectual action.  Hawk is connected with the air signs and spiritually symbolizes intuition, which is my greatest tool.

7.       What advice do you have for others who are just starting to develop their intuitive, healing side? 

Focus on what your intuition tells you about everything.  Journal about unexplainable moments where you just simply know things, and were right.  Give your intuition the credit it deserves.  

Meditate daily to connect with your intuition.  

Use the power of knowing to help others know themselves in a loving and medicinal way.  Show others how to connect with their intuition.  Take classes that teach you different ways to connect with, or deepen your connection with your intuition.

8.       What’s next?

I have created space in my spirit for whatever the universe decides I need to be involved in.  I plan on learning more about developing my business and strengthening my knowledge of tarot.  Ultimately, I would love to be a creator of my own tarot deck, just like you!

More About Tiffany
Hi there , I'm Tiffany Wilson and I'm here to bring out the beauty and strength in all I come into contact with. By pushing past my perceived limitations in all I do, I show others what it is to be who they really are. I live a life of passion and in everything I love, my originality is showcased. Meditations, hot baths and all things in nature bring me comfort. I love listening to philosophy, records and podcasts.
I fancy myself crafty, enjoy exploring the depth in all things and take wayward pleasure in exploring the occult with all of its mysteries. Intimate conversations and deeply rooted moments of silence are ways to my heart and writing and journaling bring a smile.
If you walk away from an experience with me feeling better about yourself, then I've done my job. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can as not only are things I have listed here passions of mine, but so are you.

I come out of my hermit shell

Being interviewed by Karen, The Fog City Psychic on Blog Talk Radio was probably the high point of my week, or right up there with the Sag Full Moon/Eclipse meditation. We talked, we laughed and we were GREATLY inspired by the Sagittarian Full Moon Energy invigorating us all with passion, purpose, politics, and speaking up for our highest truth. Enjoy! (Click link above to listen)

Interview with Astrologer, Emily Trinkaus

Next month (May, 2011) in the Creative Soul Circle I have Astrologer, Emily Trinkaus as my special guest. She will be participating in our Q & A Group so if you want to talk with her personally please sign up below. Sign up is free for the Circle, but access to the private Q&A Group is $19 a month or $144 annually, which includes my Q&A Group, a Moon Musing Group and the Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass plus lots of other goodies! Join the Creative Soul Circle.

*Every month in our Circle I will be featuring a new guest; in June I’ll be featuring Susan Rodio, Mystical Artist. You can view the entire year's line up of special guests here.

emily trinkaus, astrologer

An Interview with Emily Trinkaus, Astrologer

How did you originally become interested in astrology?

When I was 13, a friend gave me a copy of Linda Goodman's Sun Signs and I was hooked! It just immediately made sense to me, and gave me a helpful perspective on myself and the people in my life, some order to the chaos. I come from an entirely non-woo-woo background, and didn't really get the spiritual dimensions of astrology until much later, but it just seemed very practical, which appealed to my Virgoness.

How can astrology help people?

Astrology can help people by revealing a higher, cosmic perspective to what's happening in their lives. Astrology can also help people by validating what they already know, but may be afraid to trust - that is, the most common response to an astrology reading is relief. It's not emily trinkaus, astrologer & yoga grouplike I'm telling the client something they don't already know, but more like I'm giving them permission to be who they are and to trust their intuition in going after what they want.

I also think astrology helps people by connecting them with something bigger, with the mysterious Multiverse. When a complete stranger looks at a page with a bunch of symbols and then gives you an accurate, detailed description of what you're experiencing internally, you know that there's more to this world than what you experience with your five senses.

What is the best way to begin the study of astrology?

The best way to start is to get an astrology reading with a professional astrologer, because then you can get a real sense of what's possible with astrology and how mind-blowing it is. You can study your own chart for years and continue to get new insights and understandings. Study charts of friends and family - you can learn the most through observation, and asking questions. There are many entries into astrology, and it's a very astrologer, emily trinkausindividual journey. Follow what excites you.

Are there any downsides to astrology?

Astrology is a tool, and, like any tool, whether it is good or bad depends on how it's used. When astrology is used for predictive "fortune telling" or to give a static description of "who you are," it's disempowering and not useful. This is the mainstream understanding of astrology - Sun Signs and horoscopes - which is an outrageous reduction and misrepresentation of a very complex art and science. When people say they "don't believe in astrology," I say, "I don't believe in the same astrology that you don't believe in."

Can one make a good living as a full time astrologer in today's world?

I believe you can make a living doing whatever you want. And I think it's a great time to be an astrologer - more and more people are ready for this perspective, and are looking for answers to the big questions in life.

What astrological gem of wisdom do you feel is most essential for us to know about right now?

There's so much happening right now - read my blog!

emily trinkaus, guest astrologer for kathycrabbe.comMore About Emily

I fell in love with astrology when I was 13 and read Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. Suddenly the world made sense! I’ve been a passionate student of the cosmic science ever since. The more I learn, the more I’m humbled by its elegance, power and profound mystery. I started giving readings professionally in 1999.

I also have a background in creative arts – writing, painting and movement – and founded Portland Women Writers. I love working with other artists and writers to offer support for breaking through blocks and increasing access to the creative flow.

SharedBliss: Artist & Soul Reader Kathy Crabbe of LuLu Design

This blog article was originally written by Christine C. Reed for her blog BlissChick on May 13, 2009.

In the midst of someone's dying, it can be difficult to see anything but your own sadness over losing them. Your own grief that they will be gone -- or at least their gross self will be gone. Their subtle self is never gone.

A few years ago, though, I did not know that. Even after being given the gift of a near death experience, I still doubted, and I got to the point of utter denial. I got to that very soul deadening place of over-intellectualizing everything, and in thinking I was so smart, I was living pretty dumb. Then two big deaths came and cracked open my hardened heart. Thank God!

At the time, it felt like the crack might just do me in, but of course, it is that cracking open that allows the light to enter, allows the real life to begin.

With my newly opened heart, I decided to stop listening so much to my closed mind, and I headed, for the first time in my life, to a place near hear called Lily Dale to meet with a medium.

What?! My smarty brain self was saying. What the hell are you doing? Are you becoming some sort of freaking freak?

I told my brain, via my heart, that I would rather be a freaking freak with people who remain open to all possibility than to be closed off and cynical with the people who think they are so smart.

And that was that. I still fight that urge, sometimes, to question, to scoff, but mostly, deaths that felt so awful ended a part of me that needed to die.

People like Kathy Crabbe are here to help us with our hearts.

An artist and soul reader, Kathy Crabbe shows you where the cracks are and helps us to let the light in.

You can find her art here and you can even get a virtual reading through here.

Cards that Kathy designed and uses in her readings.

Describe the PrimaryBliss of your life. How did you come to know that this was your PrimaryBliss?

Currently, my primary bliss is working as a soul reader, psychic-medium, and spiritual healer in a one-on-one relationship with clients who are seeking transformation and inner knowing so that they can live the life of their dreams.

Previously, I had been a full time artist, but when I started getting closer to age forty I started yearning for an even deeper connection with my clients. I wanted to communicate with them, not just on a visual level, but through words as well.

What types of choices and sacrifices did you make to be able to craft this bliss-filled life?

I made the choice to spend the majority of my time exploring soul, spirit, and the divine in ways that enabled me to express my own innate gifts and strengths. Instead of working with my weaknesses and trying to improve upon them, I decided to focus instead on my strengths. (The StrengthsFinder test that I learned about in my coaching sessions with Jenn Lee of Artizen Coaching helped me identify my strengths.)

I don’t feel as though sacrifice is a word that applies to my life. I prefer to work with the word ‘choice.’ I have chosen a life that allows me plenty of free time, solitude, peace, and quiet so that I can progress in a way that benefits my work and my clients.

How does your PrimaryBliss radiate out into the rest of your life?

My belief is that one should “walk their talk” so my hope is that by living my own life in a positive, caring, and soul centered way, it will inspire others to do the same for themselves.

What are some other activities that also give you this sense of bliss? Things that make you lose track of time?

Dancing, music, walking, swimming, being in nature, meditation, reading, laughing with friends, painting, sketching in nature, traveling with my husband, and playing with my dog.

What is your daily or weekly spiritual practice?

I work on soul readings 5 days a week. In preparation for a reading,  I work to center myself in the present through 15 minutes of yoga, followed by playing my Native American flute, meditation, and prayer. I end my readings with prayers and healing blessings. I also get out in nature and walk my dog every day, which to me is a spiritual practice!

What music is your bliss?

I really enjoy Celtic music and electronic trance/dance music.

Name books or authors/poets or people who are your bliss, who influenced your bliss.

My favorite author is Margaret Atwood, for her brilliance and biting humor, plus she connects me with my Canadian roots, as does the poetry of Al Purdy, another blunt, humorous and brilliant thinker, who also happens to write poetry about beer.

I love reading the Seth books in bits and pieces along with the astrological and channeled books of Barbara Hand Clow.

What advice would you give to someone who feels they have not yet discovered their PrimaryBliss?

Sometimes patience is all that’s required. It takes time to really understand what’s important. I never did find the perfect guide or mentor; I learned in bits and pieces from everyone and everything, taking and leaving what worked and what didn’t work – it’s all a patchwork quilt, every life is unique, so don’t expect any one person to have all the answers – that’s advice that pertains to me, but again, it may not pertain to you!

Do you have a favorite quote you would like to share?

“When in doubt, twirl.” (Ted Shawn, Choreographer)

I think that may be one of my favorite quotes to show up in one of these interviews. I thought, yep, that would totally work -- just twirl.

I also love that Kathy points out something that is so obvious but that I think we forget in this perfectionist, Puritan-leaning culture: to do what comes naturally, to work with your strengths, rather than focusing on your weaknesses and trying, trying, trying to "improve" them.

Who said it was supposed to be that hard!?

We are sent here with natural gifts, and those gifts will lead us to our Great Work if we allow them to.

What would happen to your life if you simply focused on your strengths day to day, hour to hour?