I come out of my hermit shell

Being interviewed by Karen, The Fog City Psychic on Blog Talk Radio was probably the high point of my week, or right up there with the Sag Full Moon/Eclipse meditation. We talked, we laughed and we were GREATLY inspired by the Sagittarian Full Moon Energy invigorating us all with passion, purpose, politics, and speaking up for our highest truth. Enjoy! (Click link above to listen)

I'm Interviewed on the Feminine Mojo Radio Show

My interview on The Feminine Mojo Show is ready for a listen; fun was had by all, plus some serious talk about creativity, the nodes of the moon, karmic mission,  lunar cycles, the Divine Feminine, past lives, and turning forty plus one call-in.

Listen to internet radio with Feminine Mojo on Blog Talk Radio - for some reason this show has been lost - sorry about that folks!

Blog Talk Radio Interview, The Reluctant Medium Show

I sat down yesterday with my good friend Jamie, ghost buster and Reluctant Medium on Blog Talk Radio for an hour of chat and call-ins about ghosts, past lives, how to develop your intuition, goddesses, setting New Moon intentions and more! You can listen in here (with links).

(Re:) Your talk with Tiffany (a listener who called in with a question), we all want quick answers, as we all know instinctually the answers are within us all...and I liked how you re-enforced that. I also liked how you brought to light that we all have the gift of intuition - it's just a matter of developing it. Its not quick and easy and requires work, if that is what we truly desire. I think your interaction with Tiffany was grounding. That's what I received from your interview.

I am big on dreams myself and I think often about the vivid ones that I remember. Keeping a journal is something I procrastinate in doing. I myself desire more clarity and affirmation within myself and my environment. Very interested in the past life reading, I think it will kick start some self actualization.

Comments from Carol on Facebook: First Radio show! I would not know it, you spoke beautifully. Onwards and upwards! Cheers!

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Kathy Crabbe
Blog Talk Radio Interview with Kathy Crabbe