Blog Talk Radio Interview, The Reluctant Medium Show

I sat down yesterday with my good friend Jamie, ghost buster and Reluctant Medium on Blog Talk Radio for an hour of chat and call-ins about ghosts, past lives, how to develop your intuition, goddesses, setting New Moon intentions and more! You can listen in here (with links).

(Re:) Your talk with Tiffany (a listener who called in with a question), we all want quick answers, as we all know instinctually the answers are within us all...and I liked how you re-enforced that. I also liked how you brought to light that we all have the gift of intuition - it's just a matter of developing it. Its not quick and easy and requires work, if that is what we truly desire. I think your interaction with Tiffany was grounding. That's what I received from your interview.

I am big on dreams myself and I think often about the vivid ones that I remember. Keeping a journal is something I procrastinate in doing. I myself desire more clarity and affirmation within myself and my environment. Very interested in the past life reading, I think it will kick start some self actualization.

Comments from Carol on Facebook: First Radio show! I would not know it, you spoke beautifully. Onwards and upwards! Cheers!

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Kathy Crabbe
Blog Talk Radio Interview with Kathy Crabbe