Aquarian Artist, Hayley Juster

Full Moon in Aquarius July 25, 2010 6:36 pm pdt

Aquarian Artist Spotlight on Hayley Juster Richardson, Texas, United States Shop: jadewolf06

I can relate to Aquarius as the mind-changer; I'm always so eager to try out a new idea as soon as I think of it. I also can relate to Aquarian stubbornness; I'm able to finish things, but usually the wrong things that I haven't fully thought through, so sometimes I'm left pounding my head against a wall! I first started drawing and painting in the seventh grade, shortly after retiring from a childhood spent singing and performing due to a sudden dose of stage fright.

The Aquarius in me is full of questions and creative thoughts and I find that painting helps me channel my thoughts into visual compartments. I've always been an actor and a hand waver not a verbal person and honestly, I didn't think I would continue painting for as long as I have. I thought I would get back into singing and performing, but I'm still here at the age of twenty-four having painted for over ten years, and I'm still enthusiastic - painting has proven to be the one steadfast thing in my life.

Acting took a lot of will power, and I always tried to improve and would often end up feeling disappointed with myself. Being a painter is like breathing, so being an air sign really helps me see the value in this kind of work coming so easily. I plan to start up a business running a consignment art store and metaphysical shop. My challenge is to follow through on the correct things, not just keep continuing down the wrong path because I think I have to. I have started a website for my artwork and an Etsy shop to sell my favorite pieces. Originally I wanted to be a doctor, engineer and environmentalist, but after six years of college I couldn't make up my mind so I've landed on this role, and am breathing more easily now.