Aries New Moon Raven Oracle: Guided By Magic (April 5)

Here on the blog, I’m sharing a spirit animal painting and message from my Elfin Ally Oracle Deck picked especially for the New Moon. Enjoy!

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Raven Keyword: Wise
Meaning: Although saddened by the times your will is true and guided by magick.
Reversed: A dark omen portends gloom, so stay inside!

From the Elfin Ally Oracle Deck
by Kathy Crabbe
Preorders end April 7, 2019

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About Kathy Crabbe

I believe in dreams, creativity AND inspiring my peeps to awaken intuition, creativity and joy no matter what. As a practicing astrologer + artist for the past 26 years I’m here to share that magick with you.

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With Luv and Sparkly Blessings,
Kathy Crabbe, (April 5, 2019)

How to make a simple oracle card spread for the Aries New Moon

I recently connected with Kristen on Instagram. She is a talented multi-oracle deck creator and intuitive reader who was inspired by my Aries New Moon Reading to create an oracle spread of her own using decks she created herself. Coming soon will be Kristen's AMAZINGLY detailed and helpful article about how to make your own oracle deck so stay tuned! To receive my new moon readings monthly you can sign up here: New Moon Museletter.

Over the Moon Oracle Card Creatrix Kristen
Over the Moon Oracle Card Creatrix Kristen

New Moon in Aries Spread by Kristen

This week, I've been chatting with Kathy Crabbe about making oracle cards, and I noticed she had a wonderful blog post on the Aries new moon. So, I decided to make a simple spread based on her post: How To Get Inspired and Fight To Win This Aries New Moon.

Card 1: What do you want more than anything? Card 2: How to get it (by tapping into your Aries Fire). Card 3: Affirmation to support your goal.

Here's my reading

Kristen's Aries New Moon Oracle Spread
Kristen's Aries New Moon Oracle Spread

Card 1: Knight of Wands. This card represents a departure which I'll be making very soon to live in a different part of the country. It also signifies the freedom and adventure I'm hoping this move will help me regain. I'm eager to start over and live life to the fullest.

Card 2: Have Fun. I get this card a lot as an admonishment because I'm always so busy working, creating, and trying to stay afloat. But this card shows that adding more fun to my days will help me live life to the fullest.

Card 3: I am joyous. Love this card! And it ties in nicely with the positive energy of the other two cards.

The decks used in this reading were the Tarot Everywhere deck, Oracle Everywhere deck and I AM Cards. They are all available for sale through my Printerstudio shopspace HERE

Over the Moon Oracle Card Creatrix Kristen
Over the Moon Oracle Card Creatrix Kristen

About Kristen

Kristen is a divination junkie and the creator of more than ten tarot and oracle decks. She instructs the online playing card divination course, Your Future Is In The Cards, and runs the blog Over the Moon Oracle Card


Sweet Gypsy Promise New Moon in Aries

Aries New MoonApril 14, 2010 5:29 am PDT

The Moon in Aries reminds us to be true to our path, we have to be true to our inner fire. This month's New Moon artist is Melissa of Sweet Gypsy Promise who brings her divine feminine spark of inspiration and movement to us in the form of dance and art, a topic not usually covered in this blog, but something I love to do - how 'bout you?

Melissa Sweet Gypsy Promise Shop: Blog:

As an Aries, I often find myself overfilled with passion looking for an available, creative outlet to express it. True to my astrological nature I will try anything once, especially on an impulse. That is how I ended up in dance class again.

Although I had danced as a child and on and off through my adolescent years, when I came back to it as an adult, it felt like an entirely new adventure altogether. I definitely did not expect to find a sense of the divine in dance, but somehow I did.

Aries is the first sun sign, and we literally have a fierce fireball of energy whirling around in us all the time, nonstop. It is relentless really. And as you can imagine, I have never found it easy to sit still and silence my thoughts, yet I yearned for the peace of mind, body and soul that meditation might bring.

Golden Dancer

For me, dance is the solution to this. Once the music starts, my mind stops and my body takes over and easily loses itself in the movements while the rest of the world stands still so that I can actually exist just as I am, letting go and complete.

Knowing that I am an Aries you might expect my dance inspired artwork to be well, WILD... full of bold colors and big brushstrokes. I will be the first to admit that it most definitely is not. Instead what you see is something uniquely feminine. I paint what I feel when I dance. I do this because it is a feeling that is simultaneously powerful and serene and it is something that so many of us have been searching for.

You can find more New Moon Artists by clicking on the link.

Aries New Moon Rainbow Revolution!

Aries New Moon April 14, 2010 5:29 am PDT

This Aries New Moon get ready to wake up, make a fresh start, move fast and speak up. I discovered this month's Australian Aries artist (with a Libra Moon) in the Etsy Forums and I'm sure her vibrant, colorful, fun approach will help wake you up in a delightfully wild way!

Leanne Lonergan Sydney, Australia Shop: Blog: My name is Leanne Lonergan and I am a fabric artist, colour therapist, colour consultant and teacher. Colour is the basis and motivating force in everything I enjoy doing! Aries Sun, Libra Moon and Rainbow Revolution ~ Lift your spirits with colour!

My Sun is in my fourth house and my Moon in the eleventh, so life for me is all about striking a balance between being ‘out there’ and being at home. I work from home which is ideal for me because I'm at my creative best there.

hand dyed cotton rainbow bed wrap

Well, the first thing you might imagine about someone with an Aries Sun would be a pioneering, initiating kind of personality and I guess in a way my creativity is like that. I am a fearless experimenter and I don’t really make plans before I do something. I usually just jump straight in and assess my work when I am finished. I tend to plunge fearlessly into whatever takes my fancy often with no thought of the consequences until they have shown themselves.

This shows up in my work in the form of bright, bold splashes of wild colours side by side. I work with a sense of freedom and abandon and have no fear of trying any combination. Sometimes it is pleasing and sometimes it isn’t, but I always ask myself, “What is the worst thing that can happen?” Although the Ram inside me does sometimes go bolting off across the field running helter skelter until I hit the fence!

rainbow striped hand dyed cotton stretch leggings

I will get an idea in my head and I have to drop everything I am doing to pursue it then suddenly I look up and hours have passed and the family is starving. Feeling rather dazed I emerge from my workshop, spent but content. I do like to see results quite quickly and am certainly not the type to take up anything that requires small fiddly detail. My craft and art cupboards are a testament to this and are absolutely full of all different kinds of mediums and supplies. I don’t know of anyone who has more coloured pencils, coloured threads, wool, fleece, paints, inks etc than I do!

rainbow hand dyed cotton fabric head scarf

Then there is my Libra Moon, the direct opposite to my Sun sign. My Moon helps me find balance in what I do both aesthetically and emotionally. I know when my Moon is shining because this is when I am attracted to harmonious colour schemes and gentle tones and I often use a lot of pinks and greens, but always with my Sun in charge of the action. My Moon comes into play when I am doing colour consultations, always striving to find the balance, that point on the scales that is neither one nor the other, but is however, quite complete.

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