Oct. 14-17 Capricorn Moon Vibes - Elfin Ally Oracle Deck (Songbird)

Elfin Allies Oracle: SONGBIRD - Capricorn Moon Vibes Oct. 14-17

It’s Oct. 14 and the Moon is in Capricorn which sets the mood until Oct. 17. With the Moon also trining Uranus and conjuncting Saturn it’s time to go within, be original in your thinking, trust your intuition and then get busy in the real world by grounding your intentions in thoughtful, conscious action. It’s also a GREAT time to get organized, do your duty and set short term goals. This is important stuff. We need to recognize that and find some humour in it too!

Songbird Affirmation: Small but mighty, I am a dreamer and a doer, potent inside and out.

Excerpted from the Elfin Alliy Oracle Deck coming out in Spring 2019. A deck to re-wild your elfin self in tune with Mama Moon.

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Songbird by Kathy Crabbe from the   Elfin Ally Oracle Deck   .

Songbird by Kathy Crabbe from the Elfin Ally Oracle Deck.

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