Sample of a Soul Reading (no questions)

What is a Soul Reading?

During a reading guidance is received from the Divine in response to your questions about love, career, healing, and karmic destiny. In some cases your spirit guides and ancestors will also pop in to say hello and share a message or two.

I work to prepare myself energetically and physically through yoga, meditation and chakra balancing. I work with oracle cards of my own design along with healing crystals in response to your questions. I request from Spirit an open heart and a clear channel to provide you with information that is only of the highest, deepest and most profound good for your soul. My style of reading is down-to earth, honest, and informative with conscientious follow-up!

A Soul Reading (no questions) Sample

*This reading is being shared with client permission*

My First Impressions:
- The first thing I looked at in your reading was your overall energy pattern and I sensed quite a bit of the color red, indicating anger.
- I sensed that someone was trying to run from you and this is why you are angry.

I also pulled a card from my Goddess Zodiac Power deck and it is called the “Libra Goddess.”

Libra has a gift for relationships of all types. Your challenge is to learn how to handle conflict, and not to take responsibility for everyone’s happiness, but to support others’ rights to self-responsibility.

Libra Affirmation:
"I am in harmony with the universe."
"My inner scales are in perfect balance."
"I see beauty all around me."

- I suggest that you work with a gemstone called Blue Topaz to help you clear your energy and clear the air.

Blue Topaz can help you to feel and release your anger. This can help you gain a better understanding of why this emotional pain is necessary for you right now.

- I see a priest, and you are talking to him for help.
- Getting lots of sleep and especially dreaming, will help you relax and work through things.
- I can see that your mother is there to help you also.

I pull a second card for you, to look further into the future and it is called Kuan Yin – Capricorn Goddess.”

Capricorn seeks effectiveness, integrity, practicality and self-sufficiency.

Capricorn Resources: self-discipline, common sense, logic, patience, persistence, self-sufficiency.

- I can see you shaking your head as if to say, “No” – you want more than just to have three children. You have a fire in you!

A piece of my stone collection, called Petrified Wood was also calling to me, meaning that a spirit guide or ancestor wanted to come through.

Petrified Wood allows us to access our roots or beginnings, which are stored on a cellular level, drawing strength and knowledge from our ancestors and our lineage. This allows us to “speak” to those who went before and gain wisdom from them. Honour where you have been, release the old, and allow yourself to move forward in a new direction.

- Your Grandma Eilee (Ailee?) wants you to align with her. She was a very sensible woman and I see her wearing bits of white lace around her face.
- She also liked to cook fish!
- I see her wagging her finger at you and saying, “Don’t go with that boy!”

To end this soul reading I am sending you a blessing to surround you with clarity during this time of transition.

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