A Twitter Conversation about Energy Reading continued

Dana (Twitterer):
Can you say what, specifically, really worked for you in terms of understanding the messages or energy you receive? Any particularly helpful books/people/meditation techniques/questions??? I've come to a new plateau and want to take it to a higher level. Again, thank you for being so open and communicative!

My Response (via Email):
In regards to what really worked for me, in terms of understanding the messages and energy I receive, I would have to say, that timing had a lot to do with it! I have always worked with astrology in regards to major transitional points that we all go through, such as the Saturn Return at age 30, the Uranus Opposition at age 40, and so on (I recommend working with the book "The Liquid Light of Sex" by Barbara Hand Clow to help you be prepared.) So when it came time for my Uranus Opposition, I had a big astrology reading done to prepare myself (2 years in advance...I really believe in being prepared lol!) so I knew that something intense and transformative was approaching, and it did!

An English Traditional Circle:
I connected with a professional psychic-medium at this time by the name of Adam Higgs who had just moved to Southern California from England and I pestered and pestered him (we were friends) to start up his "English Traditional Healing & Teaching Circle" so he did and for six months I immersed myself in weekly training. During that time, I approached a new age store in town called Nirvana and started working there as a psychic-medium, giving readings until it closed its doors. I took a brief hiatus to delve into printmaking at a local college, until they too closed their doors! I wanted to continue with my readings, but there was nowhere in town that I could go, so I requested guidance from my dreams and was given the message, "Lefty Tarot," and that very day I started giving readings on Etsy and haven't stopped since!

Following Your Intuition:
In regards to particularly helpful people/meditation techniques/books etc. I just followed my intuition, which to me, when it's really working, kinda feels like you're waterskiing and being pulled along behind something, rather than you having to do all the pulling yourself! Timing and working with the planetary cycles are very important because certain time periods only come around once and so it is essential that we tap into them for maximum growth and learning. Everyone has their own way of connecting with spirit and the divine but that's my story!

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