Conscious Creating with Crystals

Spessartine Garnet Encrusted Smokey Quartz I am a huge supporter of  Kacha Stones because I believe in the integrity of their products and the philosophy behind them. For fifteen years, Kacha Stones in Wales has only been selling ethically hand mined healing crystals. They also buy directly from ethical miners overseas to provide customers with beautiful crystals and stones for crystal healing.

Kacha Stone's Philosophy: Crystal healing is most effective when the healing stones are ethically mined, natural and untreated. From mining to shipping, preserving the natural energies of our crystals and gemstones is our first priority. This unique approach makes us a premier outlet for crystal healing enthusiasts worldwide. Destroying the planet with explosives cannot provide the necessary quality of crystal and gemstones for crystal healing.

An Interview with Stephen Wells, Owner of Kacha Stones

Shop: Location: Wales, UK

What first ignited your passion for the stones and crystals?

As a kid I would catch a bus out of the city to a village called Castleton to run around the hills looking for a fluorite unique to that area called "Blue John". Huge caves there had various minerals and I wondered "Why have all these colours and patterns been put underground where no one can see them?" It was and is a magical thing. A glimpse into another world.

What is your favorite stone and why?

Welsh Gold Included Channelling Pinnacle DT Bridge Cluster

Quartz. It may be so common it makes up 12% of the earths crust by volume, but it can be rarer than the most precious stones. The secret lies in the huge variety and partnerships it forms. If money were no object, you could have 10,000 perfect diamonds delivered within the day, but you could only ever buy 33 quartz crystals containing flakes of pure Welsh gold, because that is all that was ever found.

More significantly, quartz has a unique and easily accessible resonance with the human mind and is a perfect natural tuning fork. It is stamped with the ultimate hallmark of natural perfection, the golden proportion.

How do you feel when around your favorite stones and how do you communicate with them?

I feel at home around my favourite stones because I am amongst friends. Though far from expert, I communicate by calming my mind to the state in which it can receive impressions and then just listen.

What advice do you have for people just beginning to discover and explore the amazing metaphysical and magickal properties of stones and crystals?

Don't read lists of properties to try and understand crystals. Crystals cannot be isolated from an understanding of theistic philosophy, number, form, colour and geometry. Whichever of these interests you most, study it as deeply as possible and relate this knowledge to crystals.

A favourite quote to make me look brighter than I am:

"For the true knowledge of music is nothing other than this: to know the order of all separate things and how the Divine Reason has distributed them: for this ordering of all separate things into one, achieved by skillful reason, makes the sweetest and truest harmony with the Divine Song." ~ Hermes Trismegistus

If you could be reincarnated as a stone/crystal, what kind would it be and why?

In the Sanskrit Vedas there is a section describing the effect that "hearing" the flute of God has on stones. It describes how they melt in the ecstasy of love and reform in a different shape. I want to be one of those.

Sacred Geometry by Stephen Wells

Earlier this week someone emailed listing health ailments from consistent head pain to breast cancer. The range, seriousness and length of time of these issues indicated that "normal" crystal healing might be a long process and perhaps not exactly what she was looking for at this point. Neither should I kid myself I have the diagnostic skills to begin to understand the underlying physiology of these conditions, let alone from an email, other than to note their varied nature meant, in an holistic sense, it was probably something deeply seated manifesting externally in various ways.

Manifestation Crystal from Kacha Stones

As she had recently bought a beautiful manifestation crystal (a quartz crystal with crystals completely encased in it), I wondered why someone's very first crystal had been such an uncommon and relatively expensive one. The crystal she had already bought was exactly the right tool for the job, but getting her to understand that meant trying to communicate some of the most esoteric principles involved in "crystal healing" to someone completely new to crystals.

The step from positive thinking to conscious creation is not a big one and its benefits are easily understood even in the most basic terms of "positive thinking sometimes works, negative thinking never works". This is one principle that underpins the use of manifestation crystals in this most magical area of crystal use. Although any quartz crystal will help in this process, there is a wonderful and little known parallel between the "high magic" of old and use of this formation for manifestation. Understanding this parallel gives a clear insight into how this often ridiculed area of crystal use is rooted in the deep and realized wisdom of the ancient magi.

In a nutshell and with an admittedly tentative grasp of the subject, the magi would situate themselves at the centre of "a world". From cosmography to physics to martial arts, the centre is the point of most influence. So the magi placed themselves at the centre this world by creating it as a geometric shape drawn on the floor which was then taken possession of ritually to act influentially by various means. This was actually a very risky business, but that's not important to the parallel thankfully.

"Geometry is knowledge of the eternally existent." ~ Plato.

In geometric and metaphysical terms, manifestation crystals are quite literally worlds within worlds, perfect geometric form within a greater perfect geometric form. In the case of quartz, the geometry is always naturally and mathematically perfect. The inner crystals, themselves geometric "worlds", represent the planes in which thinking, feeling and willing, take seed to manifest in the world we see around us. This causal plane has been accepted by many great cultures and is elaborately explained in the very oldest, the Sanskrit texts of India. So instead of creating a world to step into like the magi, we focus our imagination, into the perfect geometry of the inner crystal. Quartz naturally structures, stores, amplifies and resonates those ideas and feelings to flow through the greater world of the outer crystal. Not only is quartz constitutionally perfectly suited to this, the crystal gives us a solid, perfect picture of the intangible causal plane to help us more easily concentrate.

"Human ingenuity may make various inventions - but it will never devise any inventions more beautiful, nor more simple, nor more to the purpose than Nature does, because in her inventions, nothing is wanting and nothing superfluous." ~ Leonardo da Vinci.

Concentrating our brightest, most positive, loving and spiritual ideals within an inner crystal as a daily meditation works wonderfully on many levels. Build this picture clearly, in detail and over time. Create a clear image of what you desire... and be careful what you wish for, because sooner or later, you will certainly get it.

Stephen Wells of Kacha Stones

About Stephen Wells: Stephen created Kacha Stones nearly 20 years ago to make ethically, hand mined crystals available to those who appreciate the difference this non-violent approach makes.

Crystals are more than just another natural resource to be ruthlessly exploited. They are one of the many living beings beyond the understanding of modern science, but widely appreciated by many ancient societies. The cultures of the Celts, Aztecs, Mayans, Native Americans and Vedic India are richly interwoven with the Mineral kacha stonesKingdom Receive a Free Crystal! Mention "Kathy Crabbe" at checkout to receive a FREE hand mined Welsh crystal.

Get Sparkly with Libra Jeweler, Marcia in Hawaii

Watermelon tourmaline slice earrings - Ipu Haole v1 New Moon in Libra October 7, 2010 11:44 am pdt

Spotlight on Libran Artist, Marcia Big Island of Hawaii Shop: Kahili Creations

As a Libra woman I must confess to my need to be surrounded by beauty with Venus being my ruling planet. Could that be why my family and I packed up our things and moved from a congested urban landscape to a rain forest in Hawaii?

Being a Libra enables me to be fair and honest in all aspects of my life. I can see both sides to every argument and situation, but unfortunately that can lead to indecisiveness! I will make a necklace, admire it, start photographing it and then decide it would look better as a pair of earrings; out come the wire cutters!

Libras are known for being artistic, but  I can't draw! I desperately needed a creative outlet as a child but since I lacked drawing and painting skills I became crafty instead. I dug holes in the backyard for clay so I could make little bowls and pots, I strung beads, and made "stained glass" out of food coloring, toothpicks and Elmer's Glue plus made a mess out of the kitchen trying to cook everything out of cookbooks.

Sparkly things mesmerize me and I can stare at gemstones all day long - I hold them in my hands and designs flow from them.

Today my creations are made from stones and metal. For inspiration I just have to look outside my window to find the beauty of nature all around me from blue sky, azure waters, rainbows, and black sand beaches to the volcanoes of my island home.Even the air, fragrant with jasmine, ginger and plumeria, is magnificent and I see textures in the hardened lava, sea shells and leaves that will eventually translate into a piece of jewelry.

Leaf motif paper box packaging

Indulging in the Libra characteristic of loving the finer things in life, I have traveled extensively. One of the most memorable experiences I had was watching goldsmiths in Greece work on a sapphire and gold ring for me. It was influenced by a Mycenaean design and I cherish that ring to this day. I love seeing artists at work, so walking through the Oltrarno district in Florence, Italy inspired me greatly.There are so many amazing artisans there who are more than happy to open their studios and talk for hours about their craft. If only I could afford their gorgeous work; the micro-mosaics took my breath away.

While being artistic I also require the balance of actually making a fair wage for my creations. This means that along with designing comes the other part of owning a business: the dreaded marketing, packaging and accounting.

Libran Artist, Marcia

A balanced life with family, friends and a fruitful creative presence is precious to this Libra.

Marcia's Bio

Kahili Creations specializes in delicate jewelry made with precious and semi-precious stones, fine and sterling silver, vermeil and gold-filled findings.

What is it about things that sparkle? I really, really wanted a Yag simulated diamond when I was 8. The lady at the Akron showed me how much they twinkled under those fluorescent lights and I was hooked.

After an education at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and many careers later, we fast forward to now. My twinkly things are the many gemstone beads, silver and gold in my collection. The inspiration for my jewelry line comes from my life on the Big Island of Hawaii. The riot of colors and sounds that greet me every morning starts my

Marcia ~ Libran Artist

creative juices flowing. The flowers are more vibrant, the trees greener, the sky more blue, the water warmer, the air more fragrant. We have hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes galore and Kilauea has been churning lava my way. I am really one with the elements. With an annual rainfall totaling over 120 inches a year, I also need something to do during the downpours.

As with most gemstones and pearls, natural inclusions occur. In other words, the beads in my jewelry are a little flawed, just like yours truly.

A 3 Question Soul Reading for Shirl

How a Creative Soul Reading Works:My preferred mode of reading someone's soul-energy is via distance - this allows me to focus on you, your spirit and your guides in a focused way clear of distractions. Each reading involves preparations such as meditation and yoga to help me focus. I will often pull healing stones and a card(s) from one of my four self-designed and painted Creative Soul Guide oracle card decks, but unlike a tarot reading I will not actually look at the card until after your reading is finished. The card imagery and description often serve to accentuate and emphasize certain points in your reading and along with the healing stones may also give you some more tools to work with on your own after the reading is over.

A 3 Question Soul Reading for Shirl

This reading is in response to your questions:


1. Will I find my soulmate in this life (whom I believe was the man in my dream with the cardinal from many years ago) or am I destined to be alone? 2. Am I meant to be a writer or artist or is there another path I'm meant to find/be on? 3. Conventional religion never felt "right", and I've tended to drift toward a more New Age philosophy; if I truly have a Spirit Guide, how can I better "tune in" to learn and find some peace in this life?


The very first image I receive for your reading is of a snake wending its way through life and encountering much bracken and wild terrain that has been difficult to get through at times.

- I am seeing numbers – as if there is some kind of count down and you’ve had to learn patience in the process.

- I also see the color orange in your aura – representing creativity.

- I am sensing that you are ready to unlock the door and let out your talents and gifts for all to see!

- You’re not only ready, but you are prepared too, and people trust you!


- There may still be some goop/gunk left over from childhood that is holding you back and could be cleared from your third chakra (represented by the color, yellow.)

- Your Spirit Totem appears and is a crow or raven. He reaches in to grab this gunk (which appears as a worm-like thing) from your solar plexus area (third chakra) and extracts it.


Crow is an omen of change. Crow lives in the void and has no sense of time. With Crow medicine, you speak in a powerful voice when addressing issues that for you seem out of harmony, out of balance, out of whack, or unjust.Be willing to walk your talk, speak your truth, know your life’s mission and balance past, present, and future in the now. Shapeshift that old reality and become your future self.



- Please try and envision the crow doing this (extracting the gunk) and also envision shining the color yellow onto this area – feel it flooding your naval/solar plexus area as you work on strengthening and empowering your core being along with your health.


The gemstone Yellow Citrine will also help with this. Citrine (yellow-gold) is reminding you to open yourself to guidance and to the Divine Will.Remember, you will manifest whatever it is that you hold foremost in your mind and energy.Are your words and actions consistent with what you want to create?


- Your crow buddy is now sitting on your shoulder – he wants to watch the proceedings!


Question 1


- Next, I pull a Goddess card in reference to your first question and the card is called “Aquarian Goddess”.

Aquarius teaches us about independence, detachment and individuality.


Aquarian Challenge: Your purpose is to see the patterns of ideas, networks and human relations.Your challenge is to know what you feel and to build intimacy and collectivity.Although you may need to learn tact, Aquarius offers you a natural political knack, a tribal consciousness and an abstract, iconoclastic soul.


- I am seeing two men: one has plain, brown hair and he is quite neutral looking over-all (Ken doll comes to mind!)

- The other man is more dashing with black hair, but I don’t see you choosing either, yet…


I pull another card to find out more and it is called “Leo Goddess”.

Leo Meditation: I am one with the radiant sun: my heart is open. I am generous and loving.


- You may be feeling very emotionally torn about the neutral-looking man and the other man is more of a bad-boy and so he is more attractive to you, but your core self is undecided.

- Is there a daughter (a little girl) involved? Or does that little girl in you still need appeasing? Longing for a vision?

To see things more clearly I’m going to add a twist to things by pulling a Lefty Oracle card for you and it is called “Jacko invites himself to all the best parties.”

- I see your father and he is saying, “Shirl, does he fix cars?” (I also catch a brief glimpse of “Mr Bean” from the British comedy series!)

- I am sensing that you would like a mixture between the dark, handsome and dangerous and the secure and stable.

- Your father is also saying, “He’s like me (but better” – said jokingly – “smarter!”)


- I am also sensing that he (this man) will find you – perhaps around Hallowe’en because I’m catching a glimpse of a Dracula mask!

- And he will know you’re perfect for him when he first sees you. He will find you just “the prettiest girl he’s ever seen” (these are his thoughts!)




- I also suggest working with Blue Kyanite and Obsidian (or envisioning these stones) in regards to this next part of your reading delving into question 2.


Blue Kyanite promotes telepathy and empathy with spirit guides, angels, pets, discarnate beings, extraterrestrials, and Light Be-ings.


Black Obsidian offers you the power of the receptive.Stand back and be receptive to what is happening around you.It will lead you to what is most necessary for you to learn, but not necessarily what is easiest or most pleasant.


- Yes, you could write books helping artists and other creative types. I see your books filled with practical tips and inspiration on how to live an artful life (a good site to check out is


I hear you asking, “Can I make a living at this?” so I pull a Lefty card and it is called “Ulrica could handle anything”.

- I also see you reaching out to others through the newspaper.

- And yes, you can combine this with your computer skills.

- I also see you working at an alternative school: teaching, guiding, mentoring, group work.

- Nothing can stop you – just confidence!

- So work with Citrine and the color yellow along with your third Chakra.




I am strong.

I can do anything.


I am blessed and full of joy.

A Spirit Guide Meditation for You in combination with Blue Kyanite


I trust in the River of Life.

I flow with it and accept Divine Guidance and Connections.

I open my eyes to the Beauty and Mystery of the unknown Guides that surround and protect me.


Question 3


- I also catch a glimpse of one of your spirit guides and he looks like an elf and his name is ‘hobo.’ He is surrounded by many little people.

- To connect with your guides and especially with ‘hobo’ just reach out your hand and let him guide you into his world. Keep your eyes closed and just be present in their world. Afterwards make sure and write down all you have experienced – it is sacred and it is yours.


I pull a card in regards to your third question and it is called “Elf”!


How To Find Peace

- Why, follow your bliss of course! It will feel natural and happy!

- You may be pioneering new territory, “to go where no one has gone before” – sung along to the Star Trek theme.

- I am also seeing so many flowers/fields around you and a small bridge amidst them. You cross over this bridge and enter into another world – a world of the imagination, and you dream everything and you know it will happen.


"When"? – starting today – you draw the line.


To Summarize:

- Yes, there is someone for you – dream them into being.

- Grow stronger and create your world – you have great practical talents to build up your world.

- Your spirit guides await – go play with them!


I’m ending your reading by sending you many sparkly blessings for growth and fulfillment.


Many Sparkly Blessings to you Shirl!

Shirl Comments on her Reading: "The first of a snake wending it's way through life and encountering much bracken and wild terrain that has been difficult to get through at times".

That's a pretty good metaphor for my life. Life for me has been about survival, not living.

"I am seeing numbers-as if there is some kind of count down and you've had to learn patience in the process."

That definitely resonates with me, in a big way, and in many aspects of my life. In terms of finding my Soulmate, this just about screams out at me! There's a phrase that just comes to me: "Anything worth having is worth waiting for". And when it comes to love, I don't want to settle just so that I can say I'm married. But I really hope that countdown is near the lift-off mark!

"Crow/raven as Spirit Totem, an omen of change"

When I came back to Paganism (after a mis-guided jaunt into Christianity and Catholicism), birds became highly symbolic to me. At first, I attributed it to the dream I'd had about my Soulmate, because that cardinal never left me. Plus, I was instantly drawn to Rhiannon, so I just figured it was her birds. I'm not very knowledgeable about Spirit Totems, but I plan on learning. I did try the visualization you suggested; I have a hard time shushing my mind when trying to meditate, and I didn't feel very much different, but later that day I painted two watercolors that were better than any I'd ever done. So, I have to wonder!

"The brown haired man"

As soon as I read that, the image of the man in my dream from ten years ago popped into my head. I don't currently know anyone that could be him (the man in my dream), and I'm fairly certain I haven't met my Soulmate yet (that it's not someone I've ever known). The thing is, I just don't know how to differentiate between a feeling/instinct that something is/could be so, and wishful thinking.

"Does he fix cars?"

Again, this popped out at me because for years I've had this strong feeling that my Soulmate was either a mechanic or an architect. I can't explain how or why, but it's always been there. The fact that you saw my Dad ask that sort of confirmed it. I also got the feeling that if it's the mechanic that my Dad approves of, then that's the one to go with. It felt like he was giving his blessing. This also sort of confirmed another dream I had this year about my Soulmate. My father was in this one, and it was as if he was watching over us as we emerged from the ocean in each others arms.

"I am also sensing that he will find you"

In my dream, my Soulmate said, "See? All you had to do was stand still and I would find you." In other words, quit searching every face in the crowd. Like with Kathryn and her ladybugs in the movie "Under The Tuscan Sun"; as soon as she stopped looking for them, she was positively covered with them. That movie really resonated with me this summer!

Question 2

"Yes, you could write books helping artistic and other creative types...."

That would certainly combine my two loves: art and writing. It's funny, because back in the 1990's, when I first discovered SARK, I used to think, wow, these are great books. I wish I could do something like this. But then all I'd be doing is copying SARK. Then I promptly forgot about it and went about not-writing the novels that swirled in my head. Maybe the idea's not so far-fetched after all!

The Lefty Card: "Ulrica Could Handle Anything"

I like that a lot! Right away, it reminded me of the old movie Fried Green Tomatoes...remember when Mary Stuart Masterson's character would shout, "Towanda!!!" when she got her Girl-Power on? Ulrica is a great reminder that I can find the strength to handle what comes my way.

"I also see you working at an alternative school..."

This is interesting, too. I've always wanted to go back to school; I had to drop out of art school in 1990 and have worked ever since. The money was never there to get a college degree. Maybe the Universe has a suprise in store for me with this one, especially since I've always thought myself too shy to be "on stage" as a teacher. It's an intriguing idea...

Question 3

I will definitely have to give the visualization suggestions a try, especially since I now have an image/idea of who my Spirit Guide is. This could be fun!

All in all, I have to say, you did a wonderful job, Kathy! You gave me a lot of food for thought, a glimpse at some possibilities. I'm sure, as I re-read both readings over time, other things will pop out at me or make more sense (I'm still curious as to where Mr. Bean fits in!) Without a doubt, if anything comes to pass with regard to the brown haired or black haired man and the artful career path, I will let you know! There has to be a reason why that dream has stayed with me - crystal clear - for ten years now. I've had other dreams in the past that eventually really happened (like dreaming of someone, complete with a first and last name, and then meeting that person about a year or so later). I think because this one means so much to me, I didn't want to believe in it completely in case it never came to pass. I didn't want to be disappointed.

Most of all, you gave me some unexpected comfort when my father came through to you. That itself is priceless. Although the Soulmate question was the one that was my biggest curiosity and meant the most to me, the greatest thing I took away from this experience was a closer feeling to my father. It's funny, because for years since he died, every now and again I'd either feel his presence or actually catch a whiff of him (he had a very particular smell, a mix of Old Spice and his own body scent) or he'd come to me in dreams, but I'd write it off as coincidence or my imagination. Now I truly believe he's watching over me, watching out for me. Thank you for that!

I have to say, that with all of the negativity swirling around me, your readings have been the only bright spot, the only glimmer of light that's kind of giving me the oomph to keep pushing through this gunk. That probably sounds melodramatic, but I just don't deal well with stress!

And I have to say...Wow. Wow! I've never had such a beautiful, insightful, and just plain interesting reading.

And thank you for being a little bit of a bright spot for me in what's turning out to be a really crummy week! Now, more than ever, I'm ready for it to finally be my season, my time to really live instead of just survive. You gave me a little hope. Thank you.

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A Soul Reading for Laura

What is a Soul Reading?A soul reading is similar to a psychic reading, but more in-depth. Yes, it involves prophecy, but it also involves healing, inspiration and practical exercises that will encourage you to work on your issues long after the reading is over. The true purpose of a soul reading is to help you jump start the process of soul transformation, as you learn to accept accountability for your life.

I begin each soul reading by taking a look, with the use of my third eye or inner vision, at your overall energy state, your soul spirit essence, your Divine nature; it is the part of you that never dies. In some cases your spirit guides and ancestors will also pop in to say hello and share a message or two.

All my readings are done over distance via the internet, because for me personally, I find that reading someone's energy this way gives much better results. It allows me to put my full attention upon the client's soul spirit essence, and not be distracted by how they might be feeling at that moment. I will still be able to sense if they are nervous, unfocused, or even skeptical, but because they are far away it will not be as distracting as if they were sitting right in front of me.

Below is an actual sample of a One Question Soul Reading (with kind permission from my client, Laura Gellar.) But first, I would like to share Laura's response to her reading.

Laura's Response to Her Reading: I received my reading during a very black part of my life. Being desperately unhappy and not knowing why can make you feel like you're in a dark space. To be perfectly honest I didn't understand much about what the reading was trying to tell me at first, so I read it over and over and eventually I saw a crack starting to appear in the dark wall around me. The suggestion of drinking nettle tea didn't seem to appeal to me, but I have started drinking it and to my complete amazement I feel completely energized! It really does help. Also I took the advice of working with a picture of a waterfall and I bought a huge picture and made it a centre piece in my lounge. I feel peace and ease when I sit and look at it.

Over all the reading allowed me to see things from a different perspective. I was told that the one thing I needed to do was be open to love and I always thought I was, but this is where the different perspective comes in. I was thinking be open to love from a lover, but I have recently closed myself off from everyone and everything, but slowly and surely I'm taking the advice as it was meant and trying to let people love me again. I feel so much more positive about my future now and know that I will eventually be able to move forward! Kathy you are amazing, you rescued me when I thought there was no hope left for me. Thank you. A Soul Reading for Laura This reading is in response to Laura's question, “How can I make myself happy again?”

My First Impressions: - I immediately sensed that this reading was going to be delving into some really deep stuff.

- I sensed that energetically and physically you have a feeling of being overwhelmed and very tired.

- I suggest working with the stone Jet, to help with healing.

Jet is used to banish all negativity in order to clearly hear one’s intuition and inner light. It also helps us accept the Earth as the place we need to be for the present and opens ancient wisdom along with the wisdom of the body and the wisdom of the planet.

I also chose to work with my Zodiac Goddess Power deck for your reading and pulled a card called “The Pisces Goddess.”

- I really feel as though the best way to help you and heal you will be to take you for a spirit visit to my own spirit guide, Annie.

- So we go together to visit Annie and she sweeps around you (sweeps your aura/your energy/your spirit essence) with her broom of white feathers (to clear and cleanse the tired, overwhelming feeling I sensed earlier.)

- She then gives you a small, carved white swan, telling you that it is your totem animal for right now.

- After working with Annie, I really felt a huge shift in your energy in connection with her healing work.

The meaning of the swan as a totem ushers in a time of altered states of awareness and of development of your intuitive abilities. You may have the ability to see the future, to surrender to the power of Great Spirit, and to accept healing and self-transformation. Learn how to relax, it will be easier if you go with the flow. Pay attention to your hunches and your gut knowledge and honor your female intuitive side.

- I also suggest working with a Blue Cat’s Eye Sapphire by placing it over your third eye (between your eyebrows and a little above.) This will help lighten the load and clear your energy.

- I also suggest working with an Isis Crystal. These crystals enhance the feminine principle, helping restore the balance lost through a misuse of masculine energy, assertion, ego and power.

- When working with this crystal it felt very emotional, and I suggest working with the image of a waterfall as well.

- I get a sense of you as a woman, getting in touch with your emotions, your perceptiveness and your sensitivity.

I pull another card for you, but this time from my Fairy Herbal Healing deck and it is called “Nettle.”

Nettle builds and empowers the fire element in a person, and helps to break up excessive watery or waterlogged emotions to allow the person to contact her rage and anger and cut through self-pity and victim-hood. It is for evoking the will in women and contacting the warrior within. You can drink a cup of nettle tea every day in the morning and continue as long as you feel the need.

- I also suggest working with a Fairy Quartz Cluster as well, I can hear Mother Earth and the fairies telling me there is something you need to do and that is, “Be open to love.”

- I see someone named “Matt?” – he is a gentle sensitive boy (man!) in browns, and he has blue eyes. You are falling in love.

- Yet you are also feeling very stable in love, and you are trusting, knowing it is possible, yet it’s not an overwhelming, all consuming passion, but instead a true love – both solid and true. Know this.

I pull another card for you, from my Fairy Herbal Healing deck, but this time to take a look a bit further into the future and it is called “Wild Rose Fairy.”

The Wild Rose Fairy teaches us about the balance of giving; how to do so selflessly, and to take joy in the process, rather than expecting a return.

- I see you meeting this boy in a forest glade (?!) It appears to be an outdoor party under the stars.

- He may be thin armed and wearing a long sleeved thin sweater. He is a bit dreamy, but smart as a whip!

I am ending your reading by sending you a prayer for peace-of-mind, gentle beauty and softness.

Many Sparkly Blessings to you, Laura!

If you are interested in booking a soul reading you can do so here.