What is Ethical Hand Mining of Crystals All About?

What is Ethical Hand Mining?

I recently spoke with Stephen Wells, the owner of Kacha Stones about the importance of ethical hand mining.

In terms of crystal mining, ethical means dealing with smaller scale miners that aren’t causing wholesale destruction. An example of this kind of destruction would be dynamiting methods used in Brazil for example, where a hillside is destroyed and the rubble sorted and sold for everything from jewellery to road fill.

I mine myself here in Wales and travel to India twice a year to collect my Himalayan and Tibetan quartz from people I have known for nearly twenty years. My other main item is Brandberg quartz where I deal directly with individual miners through another long term contact.  What these four locations have in common, is that the mining is done by hand and holes refilled. The only way you can have any control over this trade is by buying directly from the people digging, which is what I do wherever possible.

As these people work for themselves, the chances are they aren’t treating themselves unethically so other exploitation of labour issues – almost exclusively related to the mining of precious stones – don’t really come into play.

If you want to read more about Stephen's journey check out this delightful interview I did with him a few years back.

Stephen of Kacha Stones - hand mining

Stephen of Kacha Stones - hand mining

Stephen of Kacha Stones Mining

Stephen of Kacha Stones Mining

Omapeleki Brandberg Quartz ~ NEW ARRIVALS!

 "If you haven’t got a negative, the Omapelekis are literally unbelievable, you could pick one online here, I recently bought this years find. It was like Christmas ... but better." ~ Stephen Wells

Here's another beautiful Omapeleki. This picture (below) shows the refined internal layers of a skeletal face. Bottom right of the shaft contains a negative manifestation enhydro ~ a perfect DT crystal water pocket. This "inside-out" nature of the formation is why the photographic term "negative" was used.

Omapeleki healing crystal from Kacha Stones

Omapeleki healing crystal from Kacha Stones

Water Crystals Another interesting feature of the Negative Manifestation formation is that the internal "crystals" (crystal shaped hollows full of water) always have angles parallel to the parent crystal, indicating their resonance with the whole. The water they contain is easily programmed, acting like a re-writable liquid hard disc. More Negative Manifestation Enhydros can be seen on this page.

Negative Manifestation Crystals ~ Omapeleki Brandbergs by Kacha Stones

Negative Manifestation Crystals ~ Omapeleki Brandbergs by Kacha Stones

Negative Manifestation Enhydros Photo from Kacha Stones

Negative Manifestation Enhydros Photo from Kacha Stones

Good for Scrying ~ Enhydro Quartz Smoky Flame Brandberg Crystal We have seen a lot of the rare negative manifestation enhydros, but in the vast majority of cases, the water pockets are irregular and curved like in the picture (see below). The thinness of this hollow causes the bubble to sit at the bottom. One of the reasons crystals are used for scrying is that quartz naturally lends itself as a blackboard for our subconscious to scribble on. This smoky flame Brandberg is a good example.

Brandberg Amethyst from Kacha Stones

Brandberg Amethyst from Kacha Stones

Stonehenge Inner Circle ~ Preseli BluestonePreseli Bluestone is famous for its use in the original inner rings of Stonehenge. Approximately 80 of these bluestone columns, each one harder than granite and weighing about four tons, were transported over 240 miles (385 km) to Salisbury Plain. They originated, as do these, in the Preseli Hills of West Wales. Kacha Stones is within view of these ancient hills, giving us a special connection with this magical stone.

Bluestone was taken over 240 miles for a reason. There is archaeological evidence that small pieces were given to pilgrims visiting Stonehenge over 4000 years ago by the priests. Ancient Welsh folklore also attributes magical and healing powers to this unique stone.

Geoffrey of Monmouth, The History of the Kings of Britain, 12th centuryIn Monmouth's story, when planning Stonehenge Merlin suggests to Aurelius that he ought to send an expedition to the far West of Britain to fetch the stones. The King begins to laugh and asks: "How can such large stones be moved from so far-distant a country?" he asked. "It is hardly as if Britain itself is lacking in stones big enough for the job!" "Try not to laugh in a foolish way, your Majesty," answered Merlin. "What I am suggesting has nothing ludicrous about it. These stones are connected with certain secret religious rites and they have various properties which are medicinally important. Their [giants] plan was that, whenever they felt ill, baths should be prepared at the foot of the stones; for they used to pour water over them and to run this water into baths in which their sick were cured. What is more, they mixed the water with herbal concoctions and so healed their wounds. There is not a single stone among them which hasn't some medicinal value."

preseli bluestone-a Pendant from Kacha Stones

preseli bluestone-a Pendant from Kacha Stones

Kacha Stones*

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Ethically mined healing crystals and jewellery. We specialize in rare crystals including Brandbergs, Himalayan and Tibetan. Online for over 15 years. Worldwide Shipping.


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Kathy Crabbe Bio Pic

Kathy Crabbe Bio Pic

About Kathy

Kathy Crabbe has been an artist forever and a soul reader since awakening her intuitive gifts at age forty after five years painting with her non-dominant left hand. This awoke her intuition in a big way. In 2008 she created a Lefty Oracle deck and started giving intuitive soul readings that have touched many lives in profound and playful ways. Kathy lives in sunny Southern California with her pet muses and architect husband in an adobe home they built themselves.


Conscious Creating with Crystals

Spessartine Garnet Encrusted Smokey Quartz I am a huge supporter of  Kacha Stones because I believe in the integrity of their products and the philosophy behind them. For fifteen years, Kacha Stones in Wales has only been selling ethically hand mined healing crystals. They also buy directly from ethical miners overseas to provide customers with beautiful crystals and stones for crystal healing.

Kacha Stone's Philosophy: Crystal healing is most effective when the healing stones are ethically mined, natural and untreated. From mining to shipping, preserving the natural energies of our crystals and gemstones is our first priority. This unique approach makes us a premier outlet for crystal healing enthusiasts worldwide. Destroying the planet with explosives cannot provide the necessary quality of crystal and gemstones for crystal healing.

An Interview with Stephen Wells, Owner of Kacha Stones

Shop: Kacha-Stones.com Location: Wales, UK

What first ignited your passion for the stones and crystals?

As a kid I would catch a bus out of the city to a village called Castleton to run around the hills looking for a fluorite unique to that area called "Blue John". Huge caves there had various minerals and I wondered "Why have all these colours and patterns been put underground where no one can see them?" It was and is a magical thing. A glimpse into another world.

What is your favorite stone and why?

Welsh Gold Included Channelling Pinnacle DT Bridge Cluster

Quartz. It may be so common it makes up 12% of the earths crust by volume, but it can be rarer than the most precious stones. The secret lies in the huge variety and partnerships it forms. If money were no object, you could have 10,000 perfect diamonds delivered within the day, but you could only ever buy 33 quartz crystals containing flakes of pure Welsh gold, because that is all that was ever found.

More significantly, quartz has a unique and easily accessible resonance with the human mind and is a perfect natural tuning fork. It is stamped with the ultimate hallmark of natural perfection, the golden proportion.

How do you feel when around your favorite stones and how do you communicate with them?

I feel at home around my favourite stones because I am amongst friends. Though far from expert, I communicate by calming my mind to the state in which it can receive impressions and then just listen.

What advice do you have for people just beginning to discover and explore the amazing metaphysical and magickal properties of stones and crystals?

Don't read lists of properties to try and understand crystals. Crystals cannot be isolated from an understanding of theistic philosophy, number, form, colour and geometry. Whichever of these interests you most, study it as deeply as possible and relate this knowledge to crystals.

A favourite quote to make me look brighter than I am:

"For the true knowledge of music is nothing other than this: to know the order of all separate things and how the Divine Reason has distributed them: for this ordering of all separate things into one, achieved by skillful reason, makes the sweetest and truest harmony with the Divine Song." ~ Hermes Trismegistus

If you could be reincarnated as a stone/crystal, what kind would it be and why?

In the Sanskrit Vedas there is a section describing the effect that "hearing" the flute of God has on stones. It describes how they melt in the ecstasy of love and reform in a different shape. I want to be one of those.

Sacred Geometry by Stephen Wells

Earlier this week someone emailed listing health ailments from consistent head pain to breast cancer. The range, seriousness and length of time of these issues indicated that "normal" crystal healing might be a long process and perhaps not exactly what she was looking for at this point. Neither should I kid myself I have the diagnostic skills to begin to understand the underlying physiology of these conditions, let alone from an email, other than to note their varied nature meant, in an holistic sense, it was probably something deeply seated manifesting externally in various ways.

Manifestation Crystal from Kacha Stones

As she had recently bought a beautiful manifestation crystal (a quartz crystal with crystals completely encased in it), I wondered why someone's very first crystal had been such an uncommon and relatively expensive one. The crystal she had already bought was exactly the right tool for the job, but getting her to understand that meant trying to communicate some of the most esoteric principles involved in "crystal healing" to someone completely new to crystals.

The step from positive thinking to conscious creation is not a big one and its benefits are easily understood even in the most basic terms of "positive thinking sometimes works, negative thinking never works". This is one principle that underpins the use of manifestation crystals in this most magical area of crystal use. Although any quartz crystal will help in this process, there is a wonderful and little known parallel between the "high magic" of old and use of this formation for manifestation. Understanding this parallel gives a clear insight into how this often ridiculed area of crystal use is rooted in the deep and realized wisdom of the ancient magi.

In a nutshell and with an admittedly tentative grasp of the subject, the magi would situate themselves at the centre of "a world". From cosmography to physics to martial arts, the centre is the point of most influence. So the magi placed themselves at the centre this world by creating it as a geometric shape drawn on the floor which was then taken possession of ritually to act influentially by various means. This was actually a very risky business, but that's not important to the parallel thankfully.

"Geometry is knowledge of the eternally existent." ~ Plato.

In geometric and metaphysical terms, manifestation crystals are quite literally worlds within worlds, perfect geometric form within a greater perfect geometric form. In the case of quartz, the geometry is always naturally and mathematically perfect. The inner crystals, themselves geometric "worlds", represent the planes in which thinking, feeling and willing, take seed to manifest in the world we see around us. This causal plane has been accepted by many great cultures and is elaborately explained in the very oldest, the Sanskrit texts of India. So instead of creating a world to step into like the magi, we focus our imagination, into the perfect geometry of the inner crystal. Quartz naturally structures, stores, amplifies and resonates those ideas and feelings to flow through the greater world of the outer crystal. Not only is quartz constitutionally perfectly suited to this, the crystal gives us a solid, perfect picture of the intangible causal plane to help us more easily concentrate.

"Human ingenuity may make various inventions - but it will never devise any inventions more beautiful, nor more simple, nor more to the purpose than Nature does, because in her inventions, nothing is wanting and nothing superfluous." ~ Leonardo da Vinci.

Concentrating our brightest, most positive, loving and spiritual ideals within an inner crystal as a daily meditation works wonderfully on many levels. Build this picture clearly, in detail and over time. Create a clear image of what you desire... and be careful what you wish for, because sooner or later, you will certainly get it.

Stephen Wells of Kacha Stones

About Stephen Wells: Stephen created Kacha Stones nearly 20 years ago to make ethically, hand mined crystals available to those who appreciate the difference this non-violent approach makes.

Crystals are more than just another natural resource to be ruthlessly exploited. They are one of the many living beings beyond the understanding of modern science, but widely appreciated by many ancient societies. The cultures of the Celts, Aztecs, Mayans, Native Americans and Vedic India are richly interwoven with the Mineral kacha stonesKingdom Receive a Free Crystal! Mention "Kathy Crabbe" at checkout to receive a FREE hand mined Welsh crystal.